Channeling on Love for Valentine’s Day 2013

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

On this day when the West celebrates romantic love, I thought it would be appropriate to share a channeling from the Akashic Records of Love on new information about Love since the Shift in December 2012.

Click here to listen. I’ve also transcribed some of the beginning to get you started, below:

As you might expect, the Keepers of the Records of Love shared that Love is everywhere, and Love is everything. That it’s all about Love.

Operating/responding from a place of Love is what everyone would ideally be doing all the time.

Here’s what that looks like:

Love is the same as trust, is the same as generosity, is the same as abundance, is the same as faith, is the same as beauty, is the same as laughter, gratitude, and openness: open hearts, open minds, open arms, and open hands.

Love is giving, but it’s also receiving. This is one thing many spiritual types tend to do wrong. They understand that Love is giving, but they often don’t get that love is receiving. You can’t keep giving all the time without receiving. If you do, that’s not Love, that’s sacrifice. This is located in the fear end of the spectrum: you’re shortchanging yourself. Hoarding and greediness is fearful. Greediness for others—giving others everything—is not a balanced way to live.

Operating from a space of Love means not judging yourself or others. It means letting gratitude infuse every word, thought and action. Wonder and amazement (awe)—taking in the beauty of the physical world,  the sounds or smells that you love—that kind of glorying in the world, that’s in the Love end of the energy spectrum we all live in. 

Seeing the world with wonderment of a small child–the curious and receiving eye—that’s operating from the Love end of the spectrum.

Lack doesn’t exist there—there is no not enough. If you’re there, everything flows and you have everything you need.