Get Out of the Driver’s Seat!

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blurred car lights in the rain
People have been asking me a lot about surrender and how you co-create with your Higher Self. Really, the answer is that you are ALWAYS co-creating with the Universe, and that when you run into struggle, it’s when you’re trying (your ego is trying) to take over when it shouldn’t.

Here’s the scenario that the Records gave me:

Think of your life as you riding in a car with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is driving the car because s/he can see the road ahead, and you can’t. (True, right? Most humans can’t see the future.) You’re basically blindfolded.

All of a sudden, your ego gets scared because it looks over and sees that no one is driving. Yikes! The car must be out of control! Danger! Warning, Will Robinson! So it decides that it must take over, and you try to climb into the driver’s seat.

Except that your Higher Self is already there, just not visible to your ego. Your Higher Self has been taking you to the exact right experiences and lessons for you all along. Your Higher Self can not only see the road, and but also that you’re driving along a winding mountain road.

So here you are, desperately trying to wrest control of the steering wheel from your invisible Higher Self. Unbeknownst to you, you keep trying to drive the car off the cliff. You THINK you’re making a safe move by taking over, but it’s really in that moment that you’re in the most danger.

So what does your Higher Self do? S/he grips the steering wheel tighter. And presses on the brakes. Hard. The car can’t go at top speed if you’re trying to send it over the edge, after all.

Until you stop trying to climb into the driver’s seat and take control of the wheel, it’s going to be a struggle. And your forward progress is going to slow down. WAY down.

Here’s the thing. Our ego-minds think that we can see and know everything, but we really can’t. We think we can (or should) control every area of our life, but fortunately for us, that’s not true. If we’re not co-creating with our Divine Selves, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot.

It would be dangerous and crazy to try to take over driving a car blindfolded, when someone who is imminently capable–and with perfect vision–is already driving, right? Lucky for us, we can’t actually do it.

Take a moment right now to look at the areas in your life where you have let go of the steering wheel—early or late in the game, happily or against your will. I’ll bet you’ll find that when you did, the situation improved pretty quickly.

Are there areas right now in your life where you feel you’re struggling? If so, give surrender a try. By the way, it’s the opposite of giving up. In fact, it’s the most empowered move you could make.

If you want to know more about this, check out my Live Channeling of the Records of Co-Creation from 2013.

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