The Abundance Zone, Baby!

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moneyheartAre you living in the Abundance Zone? It’s probably easy for you to answer that one: a quick check of your bank balance would do it. I’m guessing that you wouldn’t even have to look.

But this isn’t exactly what I’m talking about. If you’ve been following me for a while and sat in on a free teleclass or two, you know that I talk a lot about how everything is energy (we know this thanks to my man Al Einstein) and how all energy—every thought, emotion, word, action, vibration, intention, everything—is located somewhere on the Love-to-fear spectrum.

(Note: the Keepers of the Akashic Records are very keen to let you know that the spectrum is horizontal, not vertical. Verticality implies hierarchy, and hierarchy is a human, and indeed somewhat fear-based, notion.)

The Love end of the spectrum is what I call the Abundance Zone.

Why? Simply because when your energy is here, this is when All Good Things come to you.

What are some of the key energies of the Abundance Zone, you ask? Here are a few, though it’s by no means an exhaustive list:

Generosity. Being of service. Gratitude. Tolerance. Connection. Trust. Surrender. Joy. Grace. Ease. Flow. Knowing. Understanding. Freedom. Laughter. Beauty. Allowing. Co-creation. Appreciation. Intuition. Manifestation. The Divine part of you. Or generally any open, relaxed energy: open heart, open mind, open hand.

Conversely, when your energy is in the fear end of the spectrum, that’s the Scarcity Zone. Uh-oh.

If you’re trying to make money, or just be the best person you can be, you’ll want your energy to be in the Abundance Zone. Unfortunately, there are lots of ways entrepreneurs can set themselves up for failure due to their energy.

Here are some of the energies of the fear end, the dreaded Scarcity Zone:

Doubt. Self-doubt. Fear. Frustration. Judgment. Self-judgment. Worry. Overwhelm. Depression. Stress. Pain. Jealousy. Blame. Hatred. Greed. Intolerance. Struggle. Control. Complexity. Going it alone. Giving up. The more human part of you. Or generally any closed or tight energy.

Have you been feeling any of these recently? If so, I’ll bet you’re feeling the hit in the bankbook.

The kicker? It doesn’t even need to be related to your business. You might think you’re a very tolerant, open-hearted person, who would never judge anyone. But it could be that you’re being intolerant of the weather—too cold, too much rain, snow’s been around too long and looks dirty. That counts.

Here’s the thing: it’s hard for entrepreneurs—new and seasoned—to get out of doubt, or overwhelm, or self-judgment, or struggle, if things aren’t going swimmingly in their business. In fact, they seem to feed each other.

Now, here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. Just as it’s easy to slip into a fearful energy, it’s also really easy to move into a space of Love. The Abundance Zone.

All you have to do to get out of Scarcity and into Abundance is to move your energy.



Some of my favorite tools to get (back) into the Aundance Zone are laughter, breathing, gratitude, surrender, intuition, being of service, and co-creation with the Universe.


Last week I mentioned that the Abundance Zone was characterized by openness and connection: open heart, open mind, open hand, non-judgment, generosity. By the same token, Scarcity is characterized by a closed or tight energy: stress, anger, worry, judgment, isolation, struggle.


To get out of stress, or worry, or doubt, use one of the “Light tools” above.

  • Be intentionally grateful for something. Go straight into your gratitude and feel it until your heart is a golden and melty-feeling. This will totally get you out of the tight feelings.
  • Laugh! I’m always telling clients to make a swipe file of things (videos are particularly good) that make you laugh instantaneously. If YouTube did only this (and I know it does much more) it would still be worth its weight in gold. Laughter breaks up negative energy like nobody’s business; I don’t know the biology behind it, but there are serious hormones that are released when you laugh, and documented cases of cancer cured just by laughing. Whoa! Catch my call on “Laughing all the way to the bank” here.
  • Breathe! I recommend taking 4 deep breaths (two will shift your energy, three will make you happy, and the fourth one anchors the energy shift). Use this mantra with breath: “I am” on the inbreath; “the Light” on the outbreath. Notice that your breaths get deeper with each subsequent one. I also use a Mindfulness bell to remind me to breathe, and when I’m deep into my work, I need reminding!
  • This four-breath exercise is mini-meditation. Meditation of any length–20 seconds to two hours–is a great way to put yourself back into the Abundance Zone. It connects you to the Universe, and therefore to Surrender (the opposite of struggle and control), Trust, and Peace. It gives you answers, and takes you away from the spinning “monkey mind” that will take you into fear in no time flat. Meditation also takes you immediately to the Present Moment, which is the space/time-out-of-space/time of Enlightenment. Bonus!! You thought you were on your way, and all of a sudden you’re already there!
  • Be of service. This is what I teach people about the art of selling. Because, let’s face it, if you’re in business, you have to be selling something, right? Otherwise, your biz is a very expensive hobby. So when you are selling, get out of thinking about YOU–this will repel people; remember what I said about the expensive hobby?–and get into focusing exclusively on the person you are serving. Being of service is generously sharing your gifts with no thought of what might come back to you, and this, my dear friend, is the very best way to get stuff coming back in!
  • Use the Divine Love Bubble meditation to get you into the space of love–you can find an audio version in my current free gift on this website. Until it deflates (and it naturally will, so no fair judging yourself on this–you knew it was gonna happen) you will be transmitting Love on all stations, and therefore super-magnetic. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost a single red cent.
  • Sign up for my Shine Your Light to Kick Butt in Your Business program. We cover all these tools in greater detail and support you with ongoing coaching calls, a great group of entrepreneurs already participating from all over the world. Did I mention it starts off with a Clarity Injection to kick off the program with divine answers to pull you out of doubt? Oh, yeah! If you know you want to change the way business works for you, set up a time to chat, and we’ll see if you’re a good fit for the program.
Be sure to tell us what YOUR favorite tools are for getting back into the Abundance Zone. I have a special prize to award my favorite answers!