Akashic Records Channeling on the March 2013 Equinox

Elizabeth From the Akashic Records, Newsletters

You’re in for a special treat! Today’s post is a channeling of the Akashic Records of the March 2013 Equinox (the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere).

Wow! I was not expecting so much good stuff! The Keepers spoke of the seasons and how important it is to connect with them (there’s a nifty exercise that will keep you out of “emotional jet lag” if you do it every day) especially for women entrepreneurs.

They also spoke of the year in terms of a day, and the March equinox is like 6 am–time to wake up and get going after the processing we’ve done “overnight” (since the Solstice in December, which represents midnight). We are awakening to a new world, with so much more that’s available.

One thing that’s more available is intuition, whether we want it or not. (Take it from me–you definitely want it!) So is struggle. And before you get all uptight about this point, the Keepers were quick to say that struggle is a tool or an instrument, designed to point us in the right direction.

What this means is that if you’re struggling–with anything–you can know that either you’re not doing the right thing, or it’s not the right time. Either way, the best thing to do is to drop it and do something else!

Find that and a whole lot more in today’s special channeling. Listen here to find out for yourself:

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