Live Channeling on Internet Marketing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs!

Elizabeth Uncategorized

Wow! Today I did a live channeling with my Mastermind-level clients on the Akashic Truth of Online Marketing for heart-centered entrepreneurs, especially women. You’ll never guess what they had to say! Amazing stuff. Listen in here:


Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Why the culture of instant gratification is not bad + what it has to do with a sacred process you’re probably a big fan of already
  • Why the Internet is a very, very spiritual tool
  • The 2 very different energies of marketing
  • The best ways to use stories in the Online Marketing world
  • Why you should stop judging yourself for not getting as many tweets or FB posts out as you think you “should”
  • The role of Co-Creation in your online business success
  • The Truth about list size
  • The special way to market to women online
  • Best Practices for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Enjoy, and please leave your comments below!