Channeling on Boston Marathon Bombings

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Dear Reader–

bostonmarathonersat heartAs everyone now knows, 2 bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday, April 15th, causing the deaths of 3, and hundred to be maimed and injured.

It was a sad and confusing event for many, so I decided to try to shine some Diving Light on it with a channeling from the Akashic Records. I’m sharing the channeling with you now, with this caveat: if you are still feeling very raw (especially if you live in Boston and were “locked down” for much of the week), I recommend that you wait a few weeks to listen.

All of America and much of the world was touched by these horrific events, and yet from the channeling it is clear that the Divine purpose behind the bombing was not to spread fear, but Love and human connection.

If you have some distance from the events, feel free to listen now.

With all my Love and affection,

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