My FREEDOM Anniversary!

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Today is May 15th, 2013, and I have a thriving international practice as a business coach and Akashic Records channel for change-agent entrepreneurs. On May 15th, 2010, I stepped out of what I had thought would be a lifetime career as a French + Women’s Studies professor.


And I don’t regret it. Not for a single second.


When I’d stepped onto the path to become a French professor, everything had lined up. I’d always known I’d have a Ph.D., but that it wouldn’t be in French, because I had lived that life vicariously through my parents. Then I turned around one day to find myself enrolled in a Masters-PhD program at the university where my scholarly heroine was teaching, with a full-ride fellowship no less.


Okay, that hadn’t been my plan, but I was extremely happy, so I went with it. (The lesson here: don’t over-think. Go with the flow and follow your bliss to get out of your own way.)


The years went by, and I won awards. I published my book. I became department chair at 35. I held a top elected position in my international professional organization.


It really looked like I had it going on! And I did… for a while.


Then, on May 18th, 2008, I consulted my Akashic Record for the first time.


Wow…! What an experience. With my very first question, my life changed forever.


Not in that moment—it actually took about 7 months for the first effects to show up, but on that day my life opened up in untold ways.


If you haven’t heard me tell this story, that first question was: “Who am I on a soul level?” The answer blew me away:


“You are a Truth Teller, with capital T’s. And when you sing your Truth Song, imprisoned angels are set free.”


It brought me to tears, but I had no idea what to do with that information. How was I supposed to integrate being a Truth Teller with being a scholar, professor, and department chair?!


By the following January, I stepped down as chair as of the end of my contract in June, and the January after that—January 1, 2010—I tendered my resignation, effective at the end of that contract: May 15th.


I won’t lie—those months were not a piece of cake. I suffered a lot, actually, because I was trying to hold onto something that I loved: my dream of changing people’s lives for the better.


Well, I still do that, and on a MUCH grander scale (I can change more lives in a week than I could back then in an entire semester), but at the time, I couldn’t see that that was possible. All I knew was that something I cherished and had worked hard for was slipping away.


And, as soon as I made the decision to go—as soon as I dropped my arms and stopped fighting—everything felt delicious and perfect again. I no longer cared that my department, my university was going to hell in a hand-basket, because I was choosing to put my energy elsewhere. I had fought the good fight for years. My colleagues and friends saw it as giving up, but I knew it was surrender.


Surrender, incidentally, carries a VERY high vibration. It’s not at all like giving up, which implies losing all hope and trust. Surrender means giving up the ego’s fight against the Universe, and letting your Higher Self drive for a while.


Which took me where I am now: sitting on top of the world, helping people across the globe to connect with their Power and their genius, so that they can help others reach their full potential.


Stepping onto your True Path takes courage and alignment. Alignment is easier to come by when you’re not trying. Alignment comes when you surrender and say “I don’t know.”


And the thing about courage is that the easiest kind is more like blind faith. It’s the inner knowing that everyone who is tapped into their Sacred Feminine energy has available to them at any moment.


Some people said to me as I left the guaranteed salary for life in the middle of the worst economic downturn in 75 years, that it took a lot of courage. (The others thought I should have my head examined. Seriously.)


I didn’t experience it that way at all. What I experienced was a KNOWING. When my husband said “why don’t you just quit?” his words hit my body like a mallet hits a gong. It was the unthinkable thought for a professor, and yet those words were clearly true: they resonated in a way I couldn’t ignore.


In that moment, I knew that not only could I quit, I also knew that it was be best if I did. So I marched right over to my computer and emailed Provost, dean, and acting chair to declare my independence before the ego-chatter could take over and start instilling fear.


From that moment on, I’ve never been afraid of big steps in my business. I simply let my body tell me what’s right.


And it never leads me astray.


After all, the root word of “courage” is heart. Let your heart speak to you, and you will always be fearless and effortlessly walk your Brilliant Path.


Are you walking your Brilliant Path? If not, it may be time for you to open your Records—and the door to a thousand glittering possibilities—too. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


P.S.: If you just got goosebumps, I’m talking to you. And so is your body. It wants you to pay attention.