Live Channeling on Spirit Guides

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According to the Akashic Records as channeled by my mentor Jen Eramith, this week the veil between the material world and the Spirit world is thinner than usual, so expect lots of intuitive hits, “coincidences” and the like. It’s also a great time to be paying close attention to the subtle messages that the Universe is sending you.

In light of this special time, my Mastermind clients decided t do a live channeling of the Akashic Records of Spirit Guides, and to explore how best to understand and use their guidance, both in general and in business. They’ve generously agreed to let me share the recording with you here.

Listen in to learn about different kinds of Guides, all sorts of ways they can be profitably used, how best to get in touch with them, how you can get to know them, best business tasks they can help you with, and a whole lot more.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

One final note: Whenever you participate in or listen to a live channeling of the Akashic Records, be SURE to ground yourself afterwards! This is essential. You won’t feel altered, but you will be. Touching the Godhead for an hour can do that, ya know.

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