Live Channeling on Surrender

Elizabeth Live Channelings of the Akashic Records

This week we did a special live channeling from the records of Surrender.

Surrender, as you know if you’ve been following me for a while, is an energy located deep in the Abundance Zone, and is the sine qua non of an Enlightened life. (And, incidentally, of a thriving business that flows easily and without struggle.)

Surrender is that essential element of co-creation of your life and business with the Divine Universe.

Surrender, then, is The Goods. But it’s also hard for some of us humans to want–or even be able–to go there.

Surrender requires a huge leap of faith. And that’s why it’s located at the door of Enlightenment: if you can get there, you’re golden. And, it’s a process. Just because you manage to surrender beautifully one moment, day, or week, does not guarantee you’ll be able to surrender in the next moment, day or week.

Surrender means TOTALLY giving up listening to the voices in your head that have lead you for most of your life; probably all the life you can remember. Those voices of “reason” that have guided you to what you think is a pretty good life, except for a few glaring exceptions.

Guess what: what you’ve been telling yourself about the Good Life you’ve created for yourself is pure illusion.

That’s right: when you let go and allow the Universe to bring you what IT has planned, you’ll be knocked on your patootie at the amazing brilliance that comes your way!