Live Channeling on Spiritual Tools

Elizabeth From the Akashic Records, Live Channelings of the Akashic Records

Last week in my “Shine Your Light to Kick Butt in Your Business” program, we did another bi-monthly live channeling from the Akashic Records. The program participants agreed to share some of the channeling with you, so here it is:

“Shine Your Light” is a 6-month rolling group program (i.e., new people can jump in at any time), and this was the final channeling–and class–of the first 6 months. In July we start again with discussions of energy and how to stay in the Abundance Zone.

In this channeling, we asked for new information in spiritual tools: what they are, how best to use them in business, etc. We got a couple of surprises! You may be using a whole handful of spiritual tools without even being aware of it.

Spiritual Tools are needed, not only in business, but also in areas like education, government, social policy, parenting, healthcare, environmental policy, interpersonal relationships, etc.

The panoply of spiritual tools includes all the things we think of (meditation, prayer, intuition, gratitude, chanting, etc.) as well as what I call the “Abundance Zone,” tools like fun and tolerance and trust and surrender, plus connecting to nature, song, dance, inhabiting the Present Moment, etc.: these are all spiritual tools! Heart-to-heart connection–with other humans or with land or sea animals–is one of the most powerful spiritual tools out there, that you can use everywhere, and all the time.

This is a very “full” channeling: the information came so fast and furious that at times I was hard pressed to keep up with it! And it’s nearly an hour long. We learn more about the Present Moment, the difference between meditation and prayer (it tends to be less evolved than meditation), the truth behind struggle, and a whole lot more.

There’s even information on the human brain and how the parts that are currently not in use will begin to rev up over the next 500 years.

Listen in to hear more, and then leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing your ah-ha’s and how this channeling helped you!