The Awesome Power of Confirmation

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I work with a lot of intuitive people: I’m highly intuitive, so that’s what I attract. I get that.


When these intuitives work with me in their Akashic Records to get straight-up Truth direct from their Soul, they often will say that it confirms what they’d already heard or felt.


I’m going to admit something: it was a little bit of a let-down for me to hear that their channeled answers were confirmations. Like they were a little disappointed that nothing more whiz-bang had come through to knock their socks off.


Well, I’m here to tell you that those times are behind me.


Now I realize that I was projecting my own disappointment on them, because I didn’t really know the true power of confirmation. I do now!


Last month I had the privilege to get my hands analyzed by Cecelia Dawe-Gillis. (Find her here. You’ll be glad you did.) I had been flirting with the idea of hand analysis for over a year: it just kept showing up around me and nudging me toward it. But I always felt that I could take it or leave it, given that what I understood was that it could give me the same KIND of information as that which comes out of my Records.


When Cecelia was at our mentor’s big business event with her inking kit, I decided to seize the day. It felt like perfect timing, and it was. I knew that I was on the verge of a big upleveling,  and (or: because) this biz event was sandwiched between 2 events that I was hosting, and which I loved.


I was right, of course, but had no idea as I was inking my hands how right-on my choice was to go through with the analysis at that moment. And it was ALL about confirmation.


At the end of those 12 days of unadulterated “on” energy—my Clarity Blast Weekend Intensive, then Money 2.0 with a main-stage “spotlight appearance,” then my Mastermind Intensive—I expected to be wiped out. I was going to take the rest of the week off. But, curiously, I was more energized than ever. What was THAT all about?


I got the answer a few weeks later when the results of my hand analysis came in. Cecelia sent me the results the night before our consultation, and I barely slept all night because I was busy researching all the gift markings that were in my hands. It was like a fever!


And it was all about confirmation.


The formula for my life purpose according to my handprints—from the fingerprints I was born with to the gift markings that can come and go—was this: “successful spiritual teacher, mentor, and coach in the spotlight.”


I have to giggle when I think of how I would have responded to this news, say, 5 years ago. “What the —–???!?” But today, it fits me like hand in glove. And I love it. I know I’m successful: with a global 6-figure business in under 2 years, there’s no nay-saying that one. Spiritual teacher, mentor, and coach: check, check, and check. But “in the spotlight?”


Here’s where the gift markings come in.


Turns out my hands are covered in stars. Three Stars of Apollo, one Star of Jupiter and one Star of Venus. And the first 2 sets have a “public requirement.” (I didn’t know what this meant until a few weeks ago either, so here’s the scoop: if you’ve got public requirement marks on your hands and you hide out + play small, it’s not going to be pretty.)


Right Handprint (analysis)I wasn’t showing up as powerfully as I could be—i.e. stepping onto stages—nearly enough, and it was literally showing up in the lines of my hands.


Did I mention there’s a penalty if you don’t meet the public requirement? Yeah.


This, coupled with the fact that I am completely energized, invigorated, and feel like a total GODDESS when I’m in the spotlight, made me consider upping my game.


So a few days later, as I’m at the bank pulling out cash for my NYC Mastermind trip, I asked the teller to transfer a large chunk into savings, earmarked “sponsorships.”


I kid you not, within 90 minutes I was on the phone with Angella Johnson, negotiating a sponsorship for THRIVE 2013. It simply landed in my lap. Just. Like. That.


That, my friends, is the power of confirmation.


I had an inkling that, in spite of my natural shyness, I liked the spotlight. I’ve actually known it since the 3rd grade when I was cast (late in production) as the Cowardly Lion. I loved hamming it up to the K-crowd in the front row. And I feel kind of bad for my friend Carol who played Dorothy: I sort of stole what should’ve been her show.


But, you see, an inkling doesn’t get the job done. Confirmation does.


So the next time someone tells me after a Clarity Injection that it confirmed a lot of things for her, I’m going to celebrate with them. AND set up a list of action steps so that they can stop fiddling around and get on with stepping into their life purpose and their Power.


I ask you: where are you not stepping into action because you’re not “sure” or it’s just a hunch or an inkling or a feeling or a sense? Put your answers in the comments section below.


If you want to play a bigger game, and get to that place of massive success FASTER, I invite you to set up a call to discuss how the Akashic Records can change your life and your business in nothing flat.