Live Channeling on the “Star of David” Portal of 29 July 2013

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This past Monday saw an extraordinary astrological event come to pass: what is known as the “Star of David” or Merkaba formation: two Grand Trines in Water and Earth intersecting each other in harmonious aspects.

I wanted to know more, so set up a Live Channeling to get some questions answered. We had people attend this no-cost event from all over the US, plus Germany, Spain, Canada, and Australia (and maybe more–those are only the ones I know of).

What an amazing event and information! You’ll definitely want to listen in here to find out about the energetic shift that has taken place for every person, animal, plant, and mineral on Planet Earth. Wow… It was so powerful that it actually made me cry tears of joy as I was channeling. That has never happened before.

One of the big reveals of this channeling is about this event’s connection to a series of events from the last two summers in the Northern Hemisphere: the Venus Transit and the series of eclipses from 2011: it’s all about grounding a HUGE influx of Divine Feminine energy coming to knock down “brick walls in peoples’ hearts” that patriarchy built. It’s all about helping women to relish their own Power.

It’s literally blasting away the parts of you that are keeping you Human and small, so that you can discover how to live as a Divine Human.

There’s also information on sacred geometry, the best way to use this energy, the importance of feeling your feelings (and how to do that), its relation to the origin of dance (!) plus a whole lot more.

Listen in here:

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