Whoa! That Seemed Too Easy…

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Have you been resisting something lately? Today I was resisting working. Which is weird, because I love my work.


I woke up at 5:30 and got out of bed with the intention of writing this newsletter, and then I didn’t. I read email, looked at Facebook, and even played a few games on my phone instead. I didn’t even meditate. That’s unusual, and I should could have seen that as a sign.


I also had extra time before my first appointment, now that school is back in session.


Yes, I’m aware that I need lots of downtime, and that too much work is not such a great thing. However, today was different: I could tell I was avoiding! My throat and chest felt tight, and my mind was skipping like a flat rock on the surface of a pond. Not grounded, and definitely not Abundance Zone energies.


When I’m not clear, too much time is typically a bad thing for me, as I don’t use it to exercise or get a head start–or even late start–on looming projects. I fritter it away doing nothing. And I say that in the most loving way possible: I just lose focus when I run into large chunks of unexpected free time. Especially when I don’t want to face something.


Today I hardly recognized myself. Sure, I’ll play a game once in a while to relax or stop thinking so that the perfect answers can arrive, but this was more like turning my whole self off. That’s not the person I want to be. I was hiding my Light rather than shining it.


To make matters worse, in the middle of the morning one of my coaching clients didn’t show for call, which gave me another large chunk of unexpected free time.




Stretching out in front of me were several hours of unstructured time, in which I could have written this article, responded to emails, or taken care of other important business prior to my big Clarity Blast this weekend.


So, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that that didn’t happen. {Grin}



No! Not Thing 1! One Thing!


As it turns out, after avoiding, resisting, and “wasting” all the precious gifts of time that I’d been given throughout the day, all of a sudden I decided to turn it around.


The decision and then the action were all it took. ONE THING.


I decided that I wanted to feel better and get clear, so went up to make myself a green smoothie. I’d had all the ingredients all week (the cucumber, organic spinach and romaine could have been on the verge of being iffy, and thankfully were not), but I hadn’t had the oomph to put it together. I got out of the smoothie routine when I went to Baltimore, and had a hard time getting back into it.


Once I had the smoothie in my hand (yum! It was TOTALLY worth the small effort to make it) things settled down, smoothed out [ahem!], and life got great.


All it took was a decision, and one action step. Deciding that I was worth taking care of, then doing the self-loving thing.


In that moment, my whole outlook changed.


I felt luminous immediately.


I started posting inspirational messages on FB, that were magnetic enough to get a far greater than usual response.


I was grinning irrepressibly.


I did an amazing channeling for an amazing client, followed immediately by a great class in my Shine Your Light to Kick Butt in Your Business program on practical uses for intuition in your business.


Then, when my sweetie got home and announced what he was clearly expecting to be devastating news, my response was “That’s interesting.” I couldn’t take it in as negative. (Turns out I was right not to—it wasn’t a real problem anywhere but in his head.)


You see, I was just in too good a mood—finally re-connected to the Universe, taking good care of myself, and creating my own reality—to be drawn into his tale of woe. Having taught for nearly 2 hours on intuition, I knew that I had my own perfect answers, and that getting pulled into the fear was neither useful nor necessary.


The take-aways here:


(1) The Universe always has my back. It offered me over an over again precious gifts of unplanned time, that I chose to ignore. And when I chose to stop avoiding and take action, it opened me up to a bunch of good stuff!

(2) I needed to be ready to give up avoiding (and beating myself up for it): no amount of forcing or effort was going to do it: believe me, I tried.

(3) It was shockingly easy! Once the decision itself was made, everything else just flowed.

(4) Just the decision was enough to change everything. When I went to the kitchen with the intention of making my smoothie, I actually pulled out what I needed to make a chai latte first (hello, caffeine!). And just like that, I left them on the counter and reached for the veggies.


The intention to shift was enough to actually shift my actions. Once I opened up to the Truth of the Universe, I no longer needed the caffeine to keep me going—I’ve been riding on good vibes ever since!



So… my question to you is: what have you been resisting lately?



When you decide to let things get better (easier, lighter, more fun, more profitable), I promise, a solid decision is all it takes.