Revelations from the Live Channeling on Commitment!

Elizabeth From the Akashic Records, Live Channelings of the Akashic Records


Don’t miss this amazing channeling from the Akashic Records of Commitment. OMBuddha. This channeling knocked my private clients OUT. And the info was so needed that you’ll hear that I’m talking faster than I naturally could at the beginning: it’s like the Keepers wouldn’t let me take a breath or slow down lest I’d lose some of it!

Now, this is not a short channeling; in fact it’s about 50 minutes long, but you don’t have to listen all at once. In fact, I got from the Keepers afterwards (yes, I was still channeling on the back end, which is VERY unusual) that most people would do well to listen at least 10 times.

Not an auditory learner? (Yeah, me neither.)Never fear, I’ve transcribed most of it for you below. I left out a lot of the info on Leonardo da Vinci and also the bit about clowns carrying water, but most everything else is there.

Listen here:

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Here’s the transcription:

The Divine Definition of Commitment is LOVE. Just Love.


If you have fully committed to something (i.e.: your dream), you’ve fallen fully in love with it! So if you are not feeling totally in love with a certain goal, dream, project, or person, it means that you’ve moved on and are no longer aligned with it. It’s actually quite a gift to discover this early on, so that you don’t waste time.


As in a relationship: if you have evolved and moved on, you can no longer be in love with the dream of creating a life with that person.


The signs of commitment to a business dream are the same as being in love in any other way. If you’re in love with a person, you might get all excited and feel flushed in your body as you see or think about that person. Many people are afraid to feel that kind of feeling about their business dream, but the TRULY successful people are “in love with” their business dream.


If you are experiencing blockages or barriers to commitment, it’s not that you’re lacking commitment, but that your dream has fallen out of alignment with who you are right now. They appear to HELP you to fray a new path or to reframe your dream, not to hurt you. Just like water flowing through a pipe or a hose, if there’s a kink, it doesn’t flow right. Barriers to commitment show up to help you find those kinks.


Humans (especially Lightworkers who have a mission to help the world in a really big way) tend to confuse commitment and discipline: the idea of no pain, no gain. This is really only true of athletes. As a group, Lightworkers (i.e. anyone reading this article or listening to the channeling) really ARE committed to making a big change. But often EFFORT (discipline) gums up the works, so it gets in your way.


The BEST way to be committed is to be COMPLETELY connected to the Universe, not putting forth big effort! Surrender/co-creation are key here.


When you ask the legions of Guides, Angels, and helpers who are standing by waiting to bring you what you need to do you big mission, they scatter across the Universe to do just that. When you are committed and aligned AND connected to the Universe (this is the sine qua non), this is when everything can happen.


Lightworkers are really what most humans call magicians: you create things where theyre was nothing before, or shift stuff. That’s magic. Magic is NEVER created by effort. It’s created by Trust and asking the Universe and the other dimensions to share your dream. When a million committed entities who are not constrained by the space-time continuum also fall in love with your dream, this is when magic really happens!


It used to be true, until about 20 or 30 years ago, for most people, effort meant results, but that’s no longer true. Quantum Physics shows us this, which is why as a field it blows most people’s minds.


Lots of people think that if you lack discipline (self-discipline), then that shows that you’re not committed to your dream.




Discipline is punishment, and that’s the opposite energy of what you want to bring to your dream. Punishment is NOT Love, and it’s Love that makes the magic happen. (Love=surrender, trust, connection to the Universe, right?)


Yes, you DO have to do the work


Getting out of your own way is trusting that the Universe makes it happen. Discipline makes you feel guilty and bad about who you are and what you’re doing. The best thing to do is to check in with your BODY (not your ego-brain), to see if what you’re doing to get out of your own way fells good.


Discipline is nearly 100% antithetical to getting out of your own way.


It’s about allowing.


Would you want your romantic partner to whip you for not showing up in the way you expect? No—that wouldn’t be very loving! So stop trying and start letting!


Leonardo da Vinci was great at this—his spirit could travel all over the Universe and human timeline that he could then sketch out and unpack! His genius mostly came from allowing. That’s also why he was such a great artist—he could unplug his brain from his hand. (The best artistic hand is FLOWING with artistic genius; a tight hand isn’t a brilliant artist’s hand.) This is what ultimately made him such a luminary and touchstone for the rest of Humanity.


The best thing to do when getting caught up in self-sabotage and feeling guilty about “wasting time” is to stop what you’re doing, sit down, take a breath, connect to the Universe, and VISUALIZE all of the helpers out there who are waiting to help you: they’re all lined up ready to go out and bring you what you need—all you have to do is tell them what it is, and then reach out to take it when it comes.


Stop buying into the human notion that it has to be hard. Commitment is LOVE, and Love doesn’t have to be hard!


Try not to TRY. Just allow. If you are being led to something, so NOT let yourself be sidetracked by a SHOULD. Humans almost never know best, because of your very limited perspective: you can only see what’s right in front of you and what happened in the past, which itself is a deformed version. Not reliable!


All you need to do is to ask for help. Asking and commitment are linked. When you’re committed to something, the smart thing to do is to ask for help from the Universe. Once you ask, the Universe will get in line, essentially falling in love with your dream.


Example: If someone wants to be elected to an office, that candidate has to ask voters to fall in love with his or her dream.


Now, most Lightworkers are surrounded by people who are still living in a 3-D reality, so they judge. They are afraid and pissed off, so they’re thowing their angetr around a lot. The best way to respond to them is to respond as though they were a frightened child. You may be tempted to call them idiots, but it’s best to engage compassion. You wouldn’t let yourself get triggered by a child, right? On your end, you need to trust that everything will happen in the best way, and reach out and take it. When the Universe brings you what you ask for, you have to get up and go answer the door when the delivery truck comes, but you may not hear the dorrbell in the 3rd dimension. Then reassure them that it’s being handled


Be a ninja! They’ll be throwing stuff at you all the time, but you CAN slow down space and time to move out of the way so their sh*t doesn’t hit you.


Know that if you’re running into blocks to your dream, it’s probably that you were dreaming too small, and that’s why there’s a kink in the pipe. You were asking for the 2 oz. version and the Universe wants you to have the 100 oz. version! Allow your love to grow!


It’s easy, but it takes holding the SPACE for it to be easy. To trust that the old rules don’t play anymore, and you actually have the new secret rulebook.


Yes, this is likely to cause shakeup—and that’s GOOD, right? Whatever you think the outcome is, it’s almost never the final outcome. Humans can’t see what’s coming in 2 days or 5 weeks or 10 years.


The final message from the Keepers on Commitment: Humans have the idea that commitment is really hard and that it HURTS (whipping yourself or being whipped). But Love is never hard—it’s the easiest thing there is.


Ask for ALL your guides to vote for you and your dream. They’re not going to judge you! So Let. It . Be. Easy.


Expect miracles, and listen for that delivery truck, every day.


That’s how you create a million-dollar business in no time at all.