Why I Do What I Do

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For the past several weeks I’ve been going nonstop. Three interviews. Two live intensives. Two sponsorships. And of course all the preparation and follow-up that go with it.

My gorgeous 7-year-old barely sees me anymore, so I spend as much time with her when she’s not asleep as I can.

What will YOUR Fortune Be?

What will YOUR Fortune Be?

I wouldn’t do all of this if there weren’t some intense fire pushing me to go out and talk wherever I can about being an Intuitive Entrepreneur and stepping into the Abundance Zone.

The flames of my passion about this are fuelled by a couple of things.

One is that I see a lot of room for improvement in the world: in the environment, in health, in the way we treat others, in the way our government works. As a seer, I can see that it’s possible to change lots of things, and quickly, if the right people were in place.

Another is that I see all the right people, perfectly poised to make these big changes, but who are a little stumped about how to move forward in their business. Women, especially, who share my dream of making the world a much better place. And they’re trying—they really are. But somehow, they end up short of cash, frustrated, or depressed at the end of every month because they’re struggling with overwhelm, self-doubt, or indecision.

Finally, I know—and I mean in my BONES—that business doesn’t have to be hard.

It does have to be aligned, and you do have to do stuff, but it doesn’t need to be a struggle. In fact, if there’s a struggle in your business, something is out of alignment, and I want to help you fix it so that you can get on with making the world a more loving, connected, peaceful and fair place.

I just can’t stop talking about all the simple ways to make it so that you can get out of struggle and on with the business of healing this big blue planet we inhabit.

Right now you may be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but how am I going to get from Struggle Ave. to Easy St.?”

Of course, I do teach this in my Clarity Blast Intensives like the ones I did last month and last week. And I do teach it at speaking engagements like the 2 sponsorships and the 3 radio shows. But what if you can’t make it to Phoenix this weekend, and you missed the interviews?

No worries. Starting in early November, I am teaching for the first time in a year, my Intuitive Entrepreneur class. It’s an easy way to dip a toe into working with me and becoming someone for whom business runs and flows more smoothly. Just 5 weeks to really get you going. I’ll be unveiling all the details soon, but since I’ve been spreading this message all over, I didn’t want to leave you out!

Remember, four years ago I had no IDEA that I would ever be anything but a university professor.

Quitting my tenured position was a big surprise. But an even bigger one was how quickly and easily someone with zero business experience could make it big.

Just 2 years in business armed with the right mentor and my formidable guidance system was all it took me to create a thriving, international 6-figure practice.

And I want that for you, too.

The question is: Do YOU?

(Reply below if you want more details or to set up a time to talk.)