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(Original Post Date: October 2013) Wow! A few weeks ago in my Shine Your Light to Kick Butt in Your Business, my clients and I participated in a live channeling on the topic of Co-Creation, which was what I had been teaching on for the past several weeks. FYI: it’s a central tenet of how I do business, and what the Akashic Records suggest for best business results.

Oracle Transmission on Co-CreationIt was SO amazing that everyone on the call agreed that it should be shared. However, people did pay lots of good money to learn this as part of the program, so I am only sharing part of it. The part that’s not here (about 2/3) includes awesome information on the truth about the Law of Attraction, goal setting vs. intention setting, praying for others, and getting out of your own way. Contact me to purchase the entire transmission privately. You may also wish to check out the live Oracle Transmissions on How to Flourish in 2016, the Own Your Throne: Money + Sovereignty Series, or the (UN)HOLY Trinity: Healing the Separation between SEX, Spirit, Love + Money series.

I’ll summarize what you’ll be able to listen to below. There was also an unexpected appearance–right outside my window as I was channeling–of a doe! Deer medicine is all about following your intuition, marrying gentleness and determination, the ability to turn on a dime gracefully, and trusting your instincts to get out of the trickiest situations. Perfect! (Of course).

Here, without further ado, is the channeling excerpt itself:


Let’s start with the “why” of co-creation.  All humans (and plants, animals, minerals) are simultaneously living as three-dimensional beings and multi-dimensional beings.


And before we go any further, let’s clarify that “co-creation” is a bit of a misnomer. Calling it “co-creation” implies that you are actually separate from the rest of the Universe, and that’s not true. In fact, most of who you are is located outside of your physical bodies, but because currently most humans engage in duality-based thinking, calling it “co-creation” serves for now.


To explain why co-creation exists, the Keepers show a big chess board, with players who can see the entire board but who can’t reach out to move the pieces (that’s your Higher Self), and playing pieces (i.e., you and me in our human form) who move themselves, guided by the telepathic prompts sent by the players. That’s how co-creation looks from the outside.


It’s funny, because you don’t actually realize you’re a chess piece being played to win, and that this is all a game. To the (veiled) human mind, you think you’re in charge, and also that you’re constantly under attack. You don’t realize that it’s a metaphor.


You’re constantly being directed. When you engage your intuition—when you co-create (all use of intuition is co-creation)—you WIN.


However, when your ego decides where to move, it often blindly makes a false move. Your Higher Self won’t let you get picked off before your time, however, so will constantly be blocking you from moving deeper into a “dangerous” spot on the board. This is where you experience struggle and frustration. You’re SURE that you want to go a certain place, but your Guides can see that it’s a bad move, so prevents that.


What you experience as struggle is merely protection.



The best way to use Divine co-creation is to simply follow your intuition. That’s all. Just let yourself be led.


Be in a place of surrender as much as possible, and set the daily intention to be guided to be in the right place at the right time (this is often referred to as being “lucky”—now you know better).


Here’s a reframe on “giving up control”: think of it as being chauffeured. You don’t every need to worry about the details or how to get to your destination, because all of that is taken care of for you. You just arrive at your destination as if by magic.


When you are constantly saying “yes” to your ego (and thus no to the Universe), you’re just asking for struggle, frustration, and confusion. It’s best—faster, easier, more profitable + joyful—to simply be hands-off and let yourself be guided. You have to TRUST that what looks like really bad news is merely the first phase of some really great news!


Here’s the thing: you have to un-make things to make new things. Matter doesn’t get created, it just gets shuffled around, so to bring in new goodies, you have to unmake the old stuff that is no longer serving you on your path.


The Keepers shared another example using another game: Candy Land this time.


Let’s say you’re on an orange square in Candy Land, and you want to stay on orange, because you like that color, but life deals you a purple card! Instead of struggling mentally with the purple card, or surreptitiously trying to trade your purple card in for one that’s orange, TRUST that the purple square is actually where you need to go.


There’s a feature in Candy Land called the Rainbow Bridge, and it’s totally about co-creation. When you land of the Rainbow Bridge square, it’s a shortcut allowing you to skip about ¼ of the game, putting you far ahead of everyone else.


So then you trust your Divine Self to take you to the very best place…


You skip steps.


Everything goes faster.


You can bend time + space.


“Impossible” things are not only possible but expected when you become Masters of Co-Creation.


You’ll often label an event a tragedy, but that’s not the Divine Truth of the thing. It just IS. Nothing in the Universe is good or bad—those are human labels that you ego brain decides—decides!—to assign. It’s just your perspective, and it’s flawed, because for now most humans do not have the ability to see into the future.


(And btw, some of you, more and more all the time, are starting to get this gift.)


Remember that Acceptance and Surrender are the best ways to go. It’s a muscle you build with practice, just like everything else.


When you run into something that looks bad to you, simply say to yourself: “Oh, this looks hard + nasty, but I know it just is.” Resistance really is futile. The Universe loves you AND is holding you to your goals for this lifetime. Say, “Okay, I don’t understand but I’m working on accepting it. The is just a purple square rather than an orange square, and I’m about to step onto the Rainbow Bridge.”


Remember, you are always either co-creating or fighting co-creation.


Which one are YOU going to choose?




Make sure to leave examples of when YOU stepped onto the Rainbow Bridge in the comments section.