Oracles Aren’t Coaches

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It’s springtime in my part of the world. All the fruit trees are in full bloom; daffodils, redbuds, forsythia, camellias, pink magnolias are all trumpeting the glory of the new season.

It’s a time for renewal. For growth. For new beginnings.

It’s a time to sweep away the old to make room for the new. To examine what doesn’t fit anymore, and to release it.

Your assignment this week: Go deep. Really look into your metaphorical closet. What habits/thought patterns/limiting beliefs/relationships have you outgrown?  Thank them for helping you along your path, then release them, using the power of Green Aventurine to help you. GreenAventurineOwl Know that I’m doing this work right alongside you.

February and March have been huge transformational months for me. I’m letting go of a lot of things, including my identity as a coach, which I held dear for 3 years.

And to be perfectly transparent, it let go of me before I let go of it.

Here’s how it went down:   All through 2013 I had a full slate of private mastermind clients. Then, within the space of about 3 weeks in January, each and every one of them said something to the tune of “You know I love you, but I need to be doing something else right now.”

Really?! All of them, all at once? It was the first time since I became a coach in April of 2011 that I didn’t have any private coaching clients. All of my guaranteed monthly income: poof! Gone, just like that. And it wasn’t just the money that I was going to miss. It was also the sense of sisterhood I had with my Masterminders.

Whoa. It was clearly a sign, but of what I wasn’t sure. So I got into my Records to find out.

What I heard didn’t sit well with me. I was told I had 2 options: One was to operate my business in a “sheltering in place” model (battening down the hatches, eliminating all excess, not starting any new programs, only doing things that “ran themselves”); essentially, going into survival mode for the foreseeable future.   The other option was to put my business to bed, maybe for as many as a few years! Just get a job, and maybe send out one newsletter or do one webinar per quarter.

I can tell you, the idea of putting my business down for a long nap like a misbehaving toddler left me pretty emotionally raw. And my Keepers pointed out that the rawness I was feeling was proof that it was good for me to radically change how I operate. If it wasn’t right for me, I’d be bored with the idea, not brokenhearted over it!

About 2 weeks later, I got into my Records again, with one of my former clients, who’s an amazing channel (because it was going to be another month before my next session with my mentor). Now that I’d been able to process—and more importantly: release—I had more pointed questions, and the Keepers had slightly different things to say to me.

One was that it wasn’t my business that was tired—it was my body. This corroborated everything about having a dead battery and burned-out starter from the previous consultation.   In order to take care of myself, I was going to have to put something to bed permanently, and that something was my identity as a coach.

Not because I wasn’t a good coach. Rather because at my core, I’m an Oracle. “The Voice of the Soul.” So seeing myself as a coach was out of alignment and burning me out.  

Oracles aren’t coaches. Oracles are advisors. Oracles don’t negotiate, suggest, or encourage. There’s no wiggle-room in the Truth. It just IS. Period. (tweet it out!)

And you know what? As I was letting go of my resistance to putting my business down for a l-o-o-o-o-n-g nap, some massive Oracle work came my way.   Yep, the Universe always has my back.

So, I’ve been restructuring this month. The entire architecture of my business is shifting right now, and it kind of fun to watch.

What does this mean to you? A couple of things:  

One, I’m no longer coaching, per se.   This is huge. I loved, loved, loved my Masterminders (they would fly in, and one even flew in from Spain, quarterly, to meet in my vortex). I of course loved all my pre-MM private clients, but it really got kicked it up a notch when I started bringing them together in a circle. It was truly magickal, and that was hard to let go of. As my Keepers noted last April, I was “gathering my coven.”

Where I am still coaching, is around your questions for your Records, and also at the integration call the next day. This hasn’t changed and never will.

Two, I’m doing fewer things/offering very few programs.   So, my plan for the year included teaching Rock Your Intuition at least 2 more times, a new 4-month “Entrepreneur’s Intuitive Edge” mid-level group program, a live one-day event (a huge production held in a fancy hotel with a video campaign and people flying in from around the country) in late summer/early fall, and quarterly Clarity Blast Intensives in my home (intimate 2 ½-day business incubators that are truly intense and call people to step into their powers).  Plus marketing a Spiritual Retreat in sacred places that I love in France for March 2015, and a fun month-long class on crystals called “Crystal Crush,” where I send you a bunch of crystals (over 2 dozen) from my own collection—the ones I use the most—and we talk about how to use them as a group.

Well, out of all that, the only thing that’s still on the plan is Crystal Crush, ‘cause I want to do it. It’ll be fun, so that will feed me. My plan was to launch it a few weeks from now, but I’m going to push it back just a little. (Hey, if you already know you’re in, let me know pronto and I’ll send the crystals for you to crush on right away—no need to wait for class to start. Spots are, of course, quite limited; my collection can only accommodate 30.)

Three, I’m starting a membership program, which is where you’ll be able to get the most access to me.   It’s called the Business Oracle Circle ( is currently being built; I’ll do a big unveiling when it’s done). I’ve actually been talking about doing this for years but was too busy with the coaching gig to get it organized. Find out more here.

So those are the big shifts that are going on in my life. Letting go of the old to be able to welcome the new.

And I have to say, since truly letting go of my old identity, my energy level is through the ROOF! Letting go of the struggle—that btw didn’t even feel like struggle, because it was my “new normal” since starting this entrepreneurial adventure 3 years ago—letting go of the struggle has opened up space for so much more energy I hardly know what to do with it!

This is really big for me: for about the past 4 years, my body has been attacking my thyroid—where metabolism and therefore energy levels are regulated—as though it were a foreign invader, so I’ve had to be really careful what I spent my precious daily supply of energy on. The fact that since this shift I’m no longer shutting down at 7 pm is practically miraculous. I’m telling ya, to still be zipping around with my mind and body totally alive late into the night was an experience I had completely forgotten about until this week!   I had begun to believe that I would never again in this lifetime experience boundless energy, the kind I used to take for granted.  I seriously didn’t even know it could BE this way, since the auto-immune issues started before I left my university position.

Glory be! All this time it felt “easy” (doing work I love, with people I love, creating massive change which I love, while making great money, which I also love). But I didn’t know what “easy” was, apparently. Now that I am in FULL alignment, doing exactly the right thing—well, now I get it.

Easy is when you feel more alive than you can remember ever feeling. Easy is when you have plenty of energy for yourself and your family after the work is done. Easy is when you realize that you’ve been in second gear the whole time, and have been pushing the engine hard to get up to top speeds—baby, when you find that perfect position, you can FLY!

680floweringtree It’s perfect Divine Timing, of course, and coincides with this Sunday’s Aries New Moon—the most potent New Moon of the year because of all the other stars lining up with it.   So, wishing you a happy, energetic, and joy-filled spring (or fall, if you’re reading this from below the belt of Mother Earth)! Be sure to take full advantage by letting go of all those things that you have outgrown.

Blowing Kisses to You and Your Brilliance,





P.S.: In case no one has told you this today: You are gorgeous, divine, and perfect in every way. Don’t let anyone (including yourself) try to convince you otherwise! Take it from someone who can truly see you. You are surrounded by Love and you are Love. Feel the vibration of that in your heart (repeat it out loud until you can), then tell at least 3 others and watch their energy shift.


Please comment below if this resonated–you know that I LOVE to hear from you!