Moonstone Magic + Happy Friday the 13th!

Elizabeth Crystals, Intuition + Your Inner Guidance

(oops! This didn’t get posted last night…)

Can you believe it’s June already? My daughter’s been out of school for a few weeks, and we went for a visit to my parents’ place for 5 days of cousin-palooza, since it was timed for when my sister + her crew were there.

I know it’s summer and we’re all feeling a little lazy, so I thought I’d make this short. (Yes, I still owe you the second half of the story of Anne-Charlotte’s birth for Mother’s Day; my birth as an intuitive–I’ll post that later in the week, cross my heart.)

Overnight we’ll be experiencing the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Gemini-Sag opposition that is this Full Moon combines the logical mind of Gemini with the higher mind/intuition of Sagittarius, creating a channel to higher truth. (That’s cool, right? If you’ve been feeling challenged in some area, it can help you find resolution.)

That’s not all: overnight Venus is also goig to be sextiling Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This positive aspect will likely make tonight’s Full Moon even more healing.

And in case you’re not getting enough of the Divine Feminine/Full Moon energy, here’s some Moonstone from my personal collection to gaze upon. Moonstone helps to connect you more with that Divine Feminine wisdom (that both men and women have access to, if they’re open to it), and also to the rhythms of Mother Nature, intuition, and the unconscious.

They run the gamut from nearly black to peachy orange to milky white, and all have that lovely under-the-surface shimmer called chatoyance of the feldspars. Mmmmmm. I took this photo as part of my preparation for the Crystal Crush class coming later this summer.


The Moon governs the movement of the tides, the cycles in women’s bodies, and the “moonths” in our seasons. Luna (the Moon) is at the origin of the word “looney,” which people tend to become around the Full Moon. She may be the smallest of the “planets” we see in the sky, but outside the Sun, she’s definitely the most powerful.

Moonstone’s relationship with cycles also teaches you that “to every thing, there is a season.” Don’t try to rush things. Honor and respect time. If you’ve just planted something (started or created a new project, like a website, business, program or product), don’t expect to harvest it right away. Give it time to grow, take root, and bear fruit.

Likewise, if you’ve just completed a major project–like a launch, an event, a program, a telesummit, or anything else that has occupied your mind and energy for a while–Moonstone reminds you to rest. Smart farmers let their fields lie fallow for a while so that the soil can replenish itself, otherwise it wears itself out after just a few plantings.

As entrepreneurs, even spiritual entrepreneurs, our tendency is often to keep hustling, even if our bodies want us to slow down, sleep more, lie on the Earth to soak up her healing energy, or to take a short vacation.

Maybe you don’t have this issue–maybe it’s just been mine over the past few years! I’m finally reconnecting with my gorgeous Moonstones, and they’re teaching me that constant hustle (and the stress and lurking illness that come with it)–as a business owner, and as a mom–just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Over the past few months, I’ve been taking my time, letting my field lie fearlessly fallow for a little while, in order to step into the bigger and better place that I am now occupying in both business and life. I won’t be rushed anymore. I am serene and resplendent like the Moon, and the Moonstone…

… and I wish the same for you.

If you can get outside tonight and gaze upon the full glory of the Moon–do it. Especially if you want to open that channel to your intuition even wider. And, if the sky is cloudy where you are, trust that you’ll get exactly what you need anyway. That’s always true.

Blowing Kisses to You + Your Brilliance,





P.S.: Enjoy your Friday the 13th tomorrow! It’s always a holiday in my family, and 13 is my special number–it’s all over my numerological profile.

P.P.S.: If you’re feeling captivated by the Moonstones, or are feeling called to join my Crystal Crush class, let me know. I’ve already packed up and shipped off my first set of crystals (nearly 30!) so that she can start benefitting from their healing and empowering energies right away. If you have a crush on crystals and their energies, let’s talk. It’s a crash-course in the properties and best practices for use of over 2 dozen stones that I personally use all the time. You don’t need to purchase the crystals in the package when you take the class, but I recommend it, because I’m including lots of rare, juicy, healing pieces for w-a-a-a-a-y under retail: I’m not making money on the stones, just spreading the love! Click here to set up a time.