Fill Up Your Batteries for the Rest of the Year

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Solstice YinYanEarlier this week I got a hit that an Oracle consultation regarding this weekend’s Solstice (summer for most of you, but winter for those down under). Shazzammm! It had some rockin’, timely info that I’m excited to share with you right now about how to maximize its potent, potent energy:


  • Solstices are all about celebration, so make sure to make merry in some way that is at least partially related to the Solstice this weekend
  • Solstices are like Full and New Moons all wrapped into one, so it’s a powerful time to set intentions
  • The Solstices are like a yin-yan image. Within the white masculine solar energy is the black eye of the feminine lunar energy, and in the black lunar energy is a white eye of the masculine, solar energy because that energy is going to be building; the masculine energy starts to build on the winter solstice and the feminine energy starts to build (because is at its lowest point) on the summer solstice.
  • In the past 3000 (yes, that’s thousand) years, the December 2012 Solstice was the most important + potent, bringing with it the biggest shifts

o   AND this one we’re in right now is the #3 most potent!! It’s opening a huge portal over Planet Earth, and bringing in lots of new Light and Wisdom

  • Each person on the planet will be 20% (!) more intuitive next week than he or she was last week, whether s/he wants to be or not
  • There’s so much energy being funneled to Planet Earth this weekend, that if humanity could figure out how to use it in combustion engines, we wouldn’t need gasoline anymore*
  • Lots of people are needing more sleep or having detox symptoms, so if that’s what you’re experiencing, it’s totally normal
  • Use this massive regenerative portal to fill all your batteries, including some reserves to use later in the year

o   How? Lie on the Earth, let the sun’s rays (and the moon’s rays) hit your body

  • There are powerful messages available to you at this time: you’ll get them through your meditation practice, or if you don’t meditate, perhaps through vivid dreams



Expect this portal to show up in some way for you and it will!


Now go out and connect with some rays.


*The energy of this Oracle message was so strong that it drained my iPhone in no time, so much so that it wouldn’t even turn back on for 10 whole minutes! The only other time that that’s ever happened is when I did my most powerful personal channeling just before Mother’s Day 3 years ago. I helped a mother, whose son had died in a boating accident 5 months before to recover his body, which was found 3 days later. Be prepared to move big stuff!