Claim Your Authority for the Capricorn Full Moon (Oracle Message on True Nature of Leadership)

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Last month with my Oracle Circle, we did a Group Oracle Consultation (aka live channeling) on the True Nature of Leadership. Wow! The whole message was 98 minutes long (that’s right, over one and a half hours), but I’ve pulled out the initial message for you, which captures the gist of the while thing, plus added some other gems that I pulled out from the rest below.

What’s true is that Leadership, which has meant the same thing for eons, literally. has generally been reserved for men (with the exception of priestesses in goddess temples and the Oracle at Delphi), and this long-serving paradigm for leadership has been upheld by, as well as upholds, patriarchy masquerading as the Masculine Divine.

What’s also true is that the face of human leadership is changing–radically. For one thing, it’s now more informed by the Divine Feminine with values such as wisdom, community, compassion, and sharing, and inspiration. Instead of the old triangle, with one leader at the top and everyone under him (yep, I didn’t say him or her this time), the new shape of leadership is a circle with the leader in the middle. It’s a tribe, not a flock.

The old form of leadership was all about obligation, allegiance, and power over.

The new form is about inspiration and power to.

Old-style leaders want to be feared, they want to control. New-style leaders want to be adored. They want to empower–not control or oppress–their tribe.

The old paradigm was about being chosen: named to, elected to, or born into a position. The new paradigm is about choosing leadership by stepping into your own Truth. Easy-peasy.

Under the old ways, there were always leaders-in-waiting; they were never in control of the timetable, unless it was an inherited position and they poisoned a relative (not pretty or recommended!). You had to move up the ranks, and this is still true in most corporations and governments.

The new leadership model–leading from the middle–can happen on your schedule, not someone else’s. You can decide today that you’re a leader, and if you’re reading this, you probably already are one. If you don’t consider yourself a leader, look around. Do you have followers in the form of an email list or on social media? Do you have influence in some realm, even your family? Do you inspire others? If so, you’re a leader.

Under the old, dying model, you absolutely knew what you were a leader of, and had to work hard to get there, typically. In the new model, because you’re probably influencing people you’ve never met or heard of around the world via the internet, and because you probably never set out specifically to be a leader, only to do what you’re passionate about, you probably will never know exactly who it is that you’re leading, or how big your tribe is.

If “tribe” is the new term for followers, “flock” is a term that fits only the old form. Tribe implies a group with shared something–values, mission, or experience. Flock implies blindness or groupthink, and also implies that followers are somewhat stupid.

The old model of leadership is heavy, precisely because it was a lot of responsibility to shoulder, and typically involved oppression or suppression of people or ideas. This is why revolutions occur..

Today’s emerging leadership model is just the opposite: it’s uplifting, both to you and to those whom you inspire.

We mentioned that the old form was dying. It’s actually on the endangered species list now, and will be totally extinct by the dawn of the next century, which is actually pretty quickly if you think about how wide and deeply it’s rooted everywhere among human communities on Planet Earth.

Finally, because you’re leading from the middle, from a place of your own Divinity, recognizing your own Divinity is a MAJOR part of being this new form of leader. You claim your own authority and ultimate accountability for your thoughts, feelings, and actions when you do so. It’s the perfect example of co-creating your own reality. You cannot believe that you’re anyone’s victim–even a victim of circumstance–if you want to be this new kind of leader. That belongs to the leadership model that’s on its way out.

And–here’s the rub–if you recognize your own Divinity, you MUST recognize the Divinity of all other inhabitants of Planet Earth: other humans, plants, animals, the environment, etc. Including the “bad guys.”

Here’s the opening statement from the Keepers for you to listen to:

 Enjoy, and please leave your comments below!