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I had two copperheads show up on my doorstep last week. The first one was at my back door, right next to my desk. I have to admit that it triggered some panic in me when it kept coming right toward me, even when I moved. It ended up cuddling up against the base of the closed door so that all I could see were the last 2 inches of its tail.

The second one was at the front door, and was discovered by my partner, who wasn’t as willing as I was to let the snakes be. It freaked him out, too, clearly. This is the photo he snapped of it after he opened the door to greet a friend who was arriving, then slammed it shut! It was apparently just sunning itself on the warm metal doormat.


It wasn’t lost on me that it was a message more than a menace. I needed to pay attention.


“Coincidences” are no such thing. They’re MESSAGES. Your job is to find out what they mean.


So what do copperheads mean, anyway?


Copperheads are about seers, prophets, visionaries. They represent not just the Divine Feminine, but Women’s Power. Snakes and powerful women go way back: priestesses of old (and I was one many times over) used them in their sacred rituals. Hell, priestesses and their sacred snakes were so powerful that Judeo-Christian authorities had to paint them as the epitome of evil in the Eden story. The message to step into my womanly priestess power came loud and clear–it even tried to come in both doors to my house!


All this harkens back to what I shared last time from the Records of the True Meaning of Leadership, in which the new paradigm is very much informed by women’s wisdom: power among rather than the patriarchal and long-standing power over. Check it out here if you missed it.


In my own Records too, this week, this same theme is showing up. I’m a sunflower: in order to grow to my full height and beauty, I need to have the perfect combination of nutrients in my planting bed. In other words, I’ve been too lackadasical, and not insisting on getting what I need. As soon as I heard that, I took steps to shift it, revving up my Solar Plexus chakra. That felt really good.


Sunflowers, of course, are not only the state flower of Kansas–where I was born, spent many summers, and my entire life as a professor; my mother used to sing me lots of sunfower songs as I was growing up–they also represent, and even follow, the sun’s movement in the sky. The French name for sunflowers is tournesol : tourner means to turn, sol (soleil)=sun. It even looks like the sun with its bright flowers like solar waves radiating from a central orb.


The Solar plexus chakra is, no coincidence, your personal sun. It’s where your personal power emmanates from. Your self-confidence.The Light that you shine. A well-balanced solar plexus indicates a happy person who’s the creator of her own destiny.


The best crystal I know to support this chakra is Citrine. It’s a bright yellow, with a strong, sunshiney energy to it. It’ll make you happy like the sun showing up on a cloudy day will brighten your mood. In fact, it can’t help but to make you happy.


In addition to being a stone of abundance (called the “Merchant’s Stone” because merchants of old kept it in their cash boxes to increase revenue), it also transmutes negativity to joy + Light, making it the perfect stone to have around the house to brighten up the place.


CitrineAnd because it doesn’t ever need to be cleared (it transmutes negatitivty, so never absorbs it), it’s a set-and-forget happiness tool! For years I’ve been socking these away behind books in bookcases, on high shelves in my daughter’s room when she might’ve swallowed them if found, even over doorways! Lots of them turned up when we moved (from Kansas) 3 years ago, and the housekeeper turned up a bunch when she would dust the door frames. (Yep–it’s true. I don’t really care if there’s dust where I can’t see it. Don’t judge me, ’cause I sure don’t!)


I’ve actually been playing with Citrine a lot this week, preparing Crystal Kits for people already enrolled in my Crystal Crush progam that starts in a few weeks. My original plan was not to run a preview call for it, but my friend Sarah Dew convinced me that it would be fun. So here’s the link to join the crystal party. The call will be live on Tuesday 5 August at 4 ET. When you register you can apply to get a mini crystal reading on the call, but you MUST be live and on the phone (not the webcast) to be selected.


Ten days feels like too long to wait? No worries, the class is filling up already. I was all set to offer my first 7 people an extra 15 minutes 1:1 with me on the phone to dig deeper and go into exactly which stones to use to support them when, but I only have ONE SPOT REMAINING. Seriously. And I thought I’d sold the last 2 a few days ago, but only one completed the process. The Facebook group is already active, so come join us!



All of these things: sun, sunflower, leader, seer, citrine, flow right into today’s New Moon in Leo. You might recall that last time I mentioned that things were starting to pick up for everyone. They sure are for me! In the run-up to my Crystal Seduction preview call on the 5th, I’m hosting another Group Oracle Consultation (what I used to call Live Channelings) on the Year 2014. Register here to ask your questions about what’s here now, what’s coming at you, or why the first half of 2014 was the way it was: a BIG change from previous years for most people!


Oh, and did I mention that I’ve been asked to teach Crystals and Intuition for the New School of Intuition opening here in Atlanta in September? If you’re local, check it out here. I’m excited to be teaching face to face again.


So–today’s New Moon. It’s all about your deep desires. Here’s what my friend and astro-guru Emily Trinkaus says about today’s happenings:


The Leo New Moon – Saturday at 3:42 pm Pacific – sparks a new cycle of creativity, love and passion. Giant Jupiter, who just recently moved into Leo, joins with the Sun and Moon, amplifying the call to be BIG and BRIGHT.


Adding to the momentum, action planet Mars moves into Scorpio tonight, saying: it’s time to commit to your passion, desire and vitality.

Here’s a link to the rest of the post so you can read the whole thing (it’s short).


WHEW! That was a lot of info coming at you right there. (Probably not as scary as a copperhead, though, right?)


To recap upcoming events:


Next Friday is an Oracle Call on 2014–register to ask your questions, and get access to the replay. There’s no charge. (Someone asked me how much it was the other day, and it tickled me so much! It never occurs to me to charge for spreading Light + Truth this way.


The following Tuesday is the Crystal Seduction call: register and apply for a mini-reading here! It’s a no-cost training on how to use crystals to support your business and life. Not as much info as the program, of course, but good for a freebie starter.


The Crystal Crush program starts August 18th and runs 3 weeks. It’s going to be EPIC!!! If you’re feeling a tingle, you owe it to yourself to look at the page, because there’s lots of great info and juicy eye candy here. You can even purchase the crystals if you want (sold separately in case you don’t).


Two classes, on crystals and intuition at the new Atlanta School of Intuition, every Friday in September. These are face to face, not virtual! (They’re also different in depth and scope than those I offer online.) Check it out here.


Yep, Leo’s been calling me to step into my spotlight! How about you?


Blowing Kisses to You + Your Brilliance,



P.S.: Hope you’re joining me Friday for answers about 2014. Have a friend with questions, too? Send her or him to the registration page here.





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