Finding Your Center in 22 Seconds Flat

Elizabeth Finding Peace in Every Day

Today is the Equinox: days and nights in perfect balance.


I wanted to pause here for a moment on this day of perfect balance to let you know that you are Loved, that you are Divine, and that everything will be okay.


Even if it sounds a little unbelievable, you are a microcosmic expression of the Universe, and the Universe is a macrocosmic expression of you. Yes, you! There is no separation. All perceived separation between you and the Divine is pure illusion.


Close your eyes, take a deep belly breath in, and feel that seamlessness and complete support.


Here’s a quick exercise if you’re not feeling it all the way yet. Close your eyes (not yet! Read all the way through the steps first), and start with your thumb on your pinky finger.


  1. Use a mantra with breath (in your mind or out loud; out loud is trickier but best as it sets the intention vibrating as the sound waves exit your body). Breathe in while saying “I AM the Universe,” and breathe out while saying “The Universe is me.”
  2. Move your thumb to your ring finger.
  3. Repeat by breathing in on “I AM the Universe,” and breathe out on “The Universe is me.”
  4. Move your thumb to your middle finger.
  5. Repeat by breathing in on “I AM the Universe,” and breathe out on “The Universe is me.”
  6. Move your thumb to your index finger.
  7. Repeat by breathing in on “I AM the Universe,” and breathe out on “The Universe is me.”


Typically, people find that the first breath is met with resistance by the ego. On the second breath the resistance fades and the truth of it starts to sink in. By the third breath people typically find themselves smiling, and the fourth breath seals in the new energy of expansive joy.


If you’re not smiling irrepressibly by the end of the third or fourth breath, simply go another round!


Alternatively, you can use “I AM” and “Divine” with every breath, especially if your brain is doubting that the Universe is a macro expression of you. Once you’re feeling expansive, you can go into the other one.


This is a super-quick meditation—you can do one round in less than 30 seconds even if taking very deep breaths—and it will change the way you operate in your world. It calms, you, centers you, grounds you in the truth.


I suggest you do it several times per day, or every time you remember. I used to set a gong alarm to go off every 30 minutes to remind me to do it. It doesn’t replace deeper-dive meditation, but certainly is useful to bring you back to a place of perfect balance, almost instantaneously.


When you operate from that place of know that you’re Divine, you’re a Love Machine. Meaning: it flows out from you to everyone and everything that crosses your path. You simply glow with it, and you are irresistible!


One more thing: don’t forget that when you accept the premise that you are Divine, and inseparable from the Universe, you must also accept that those around you who drive you batty are also Divine.


Oh! … ( breathe!)


What this means is that you must accept that there’s no such thing as a “bad” person, “bad” event, “bad” circumstance. Because you are Divine, you created everything that is in your life. No fair whining!


When you walk around in the world aglow with the certain knowledge that you are Divine and ultimately in charge of everything in your life, nothing can knock you off your center. You’ll be like those kids’ toys of the 1970’s: “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.”


Weebles are so centered and grounded that even if you touch their heads to the floor, they pop right back up into standing position; wobbling, yes, but never subject to being knocked down. (Don’t know Weebles? Check out a vintage commercial here.)

On this day of perfect balance, let’s all strive to remember that we are Divine, and that nothing can knock us down unless we let it.

Below, please share your best stories of when you could’ve been knocked down, but only wobbled a little, if at all. Inspire me! I’m looking for stories to feature in future editions. And, I always answer each comment.