Happy 2015! Keeper Suggestions for the Best, Most Joyful + Profitable Year

Elizabeth From the Akashic Records, Intuition + Your Inner Guidance

Poster or greeting card for New Year 2015.

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Happy 2015! My wish for you is that the coming year be as safe, fun, and prosperous as possible.


Back at the end of November, with my Oracle Circle, I channeled about the Year 2015. The very best ways to take advantage of the new energies of the year is to let go of a number of things you’ve likely been holding onto all your life.


Some important things to let go of for 2015 are:


  • Rules. If you’ve been clinging to a rigid set of rules about how to live, what to think, who’s right or wrong or any other kind of black-and-white thinking, this is the year to let that go, the sooner the better. If you’ve been thinking your rules for living are what have been keeping your head above water, like a life preserver, you’re mistaken. It’s actually that thing which is pulling you down. Rules are The enlightened path is the one where you don’t jump to quick judgment of a person or situation (including yourself), but allow yourself to be constantly surprised.
  • Relying on your ego-brain for decision-making. This is actually a sub-point of point one, but one which the Keepers wanted to point out separately because so many people forget that following your brain is a rule many people live by. And we mean to let go of rigid adherence to “reason” in favor of flowing with your intuition. We’re not suggesting that you stop doing math or start ignoring traffic signals; but whenever you have a clear decision to make, we strongly suggest weighing the “reasonable” suggestions that your brain will offer against the divine inspiration of your intuition. The analogy here is the Titanic: it was thought to be unsinkable, and yet… Your brain will tell you that it’s infallible, but it can’t see the icebergs and likes to go full steam ahead. Instead, when you use your intuition, you’re in a hovercraft, gracefully avoiding hidden traps and obstacles.
  • Expectations. This is a biggie for everyone, and is also linked to the first 2. All humans create their personal rulebooks for living based on what has happened before. The logical, reasonable brain tells you that what has happened in the past is what you can reasonably expect to happen in the future. And yet, that’s no longer true. It hasn’t been true for the past 2 years, but it REALLY isn’t true anymore. Every human alive today is like a pioneer: at no point in recorded human history (since the advent of writing in different civilizations of humans) has there ever been this kind of opening up of a new frontier of energy. The landscape has completely changed. Think of it as a quantum landscape. It used to be that to get from A to Z you first had to go to B, then C, then D, then E, then F, then G, and so on. Now, you might simply be able to jump from A to D straight to Z! (Your intuition will tell you which steps to take, so don’t throw it under the bus by blindly following reason, rules, or expectations.)
  • Attachments. This is sort of the same thing as expectations, but some of the people reading this need to see the word, so here it is. Here’s the thing: attachments feel like Love (right? we’re attached), but they’re actually fear disguised as Love: neediness, filling a void, needing to be in control, etc. Here’s a useful exercise: if things aren’t going your way, ask yourself what you’re attached to! By definition, if you’re disappointed or feel things are “going your way” it’s because you have expectations. Which leads us to our next thing to drop:
  • Victim Thinking. This is a The goal is to stay out of Victim mode and stay in Creator mode as much as possible, without judging yourself when you slip back into Victim. If you feel you’ve been dealt a bad hand, you’re in Victim mode, because the truth is, there are no bad cards! And YOU chose them, anyway. Please note that victim thinking is very much linked to the ego-brain, and “reason.” You can’t feel like a victim when you’re using your intuition (the Divine speaking through you), and you can’t be intuitive or divinely guided if you’re feeling like a victim.
  • Your Mask. It’s likely that there are certain things about yourself that you’d rather no one else see, especially if you are a public persona. You have certain “blemishes” that you’ve been working hard to cover up. (Me, too.) Well, this is the perfect time to drop your mask. Success (financial, emotional, social, etc.) lies behind the mask, and as long as it’s in place—as long as you’re hiding—success will be elusive. Chances are that you’re the only one who can see your “warts” anyway, and that blocking/hiding/I’m-not-good-enough energy is like pure lead weight.



So… that was a long list of what to let go of! The list of things to embrace is much shorter:


  • Your intuition. Operating from a divine place in favor of a “reasonable” rule-based, expectation-laden frame of mind is the way to get things done this year: faster and easier than you ever thought possible! Even if you’re already highly intuitive, there’s more available out there for you—this is an unlimited source, so go for more.
  • Surrender, aka Trust. Give up expectations, attachments, judgments, fear, rules, and logic all in favor of not knowing, but trusting. When you trust things to come out better than your wildest expectations, they will! (Incidentally, when you expect things to go poorly, they will too, so that’s why we suggest no expectations; either way you’re cheating yourself.) Blind faith is not foolish, but turning away from it is.
  • The shifting energies/landscape. We noted above that every human is like a pioneer: not since “civilization” hit humanity has there been a time of so much light and potential. However, the fast pace of these changes can feel very uncomfortable, like you’re sliding down a hill, There are 2 ways to deal with this energy, and only one is recommended:
    • Gleefully. As you’re sliding down the hill, don’t resist, but enjoy! “Wheeeee!!!” Approach the slide with enchanted curiosity. The less you resist, the more fun you’ll have, and the better things will go for you. This is a “being” not “doing” energy, incidentally.
    • With resistance. We don’t recommend this one. If you’re trying to find something to hang onto to keep you from sliding, you’re in resistance (fear). If you’re resisting, you’ll get tired, frustrated, and poor very quickly. Remember, life on Earth is a big game, one you chose to play! And if you no longer want to play, then that’s what Ebola is for, frankly: a quick and easy way off the Earth. Imagine you’re playing a board game where there’s a big payoff when you reach the goal, but in the middle you decide you don’t want to move forward anymore. Resisting your life and the changes that are offered as a way to move forward and collect major prizes is the same thing. If you’re trying to desperately hold onto a job, a relationship, or a form of self-sabotage that is no longer serving you, you’re not gleefully embracing the new, enchanted landscape of quantum possibility.



Wishing you a gleeful, enchanted, and intuition-filled 2015! xoxo


P.S.: Hovercraft vs. Titanic can be THE metaphor for the entire year. Whenever you’re about the make a decision, you can ask yourself if you’re choosing hovercraft (the spirit-driven way to go) or Titanic (the ego-driven way). If you like, you can intend to decide based on hovercraft v. Titanic for a day or a week, and see how that works. I’d love to hear your results! Please  let me know your results in the comments section below!