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I am sitting in the energy of 2015 like I sit in a salt bath. I feel warm, safe, protected, and love relaxing into the power of releasing as the gentle healing waves caress me.


I feel like a completely different person than I was in, say, October.


I am more grounded, more centered, and more surrendered. I am following the guidelines outlined for 2015, including: “throw out the rule book” and allow things to come to you. (You can refresh your memory here.)


The energy of this year is all about action. Yes. And it’s ALSO about waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Two of my most speaking totems this year are Panther and Serpent. (Remember how the copperheads kept showing up at my door last summer?) LINK


Both of these animals simply lie in wait, then pounce or strike when the moment is right. By adopting their energy (using their medicine) I have been able to use this past month to radically transform myself. Instead of DOing, DOing, DOing, DOing, DOing (and tiring myself out), I’ve been adopting this pattern: BEing (healing), BEing (transforming), BEing (trusting), BEing (knowing) and then doing. Big difference.


You see, I used to think that not-doing was procrastination. One of my old, worn-out rules was to get down on myself if I wasn’t doing what I was “supposed” to do. I thought—because I had been taught this—that not-doing was wasting time. I thought not-doing was spinning my wheels—and it WAS, when I was resisting it.


Well, that was silly. It turns out that embracing not-doing rather than resisting it is pure magick. (If you’re new to my world, you may not know that I consciously mis-spell this word to remind myself and everyone else that I’m not talking about sleight of hand, but about the miracles that the multi-verse is constantly offering us if we just look and trust.)


In other words, embracing not-doing is BEing. Before this, I would BE for short bursts (can inactivity be described as a burst, I wonder?), then I would go back into action. I’d meditate, but then I’d get busy writing copy or scheduling calls.


It was what I had been told was necessary for success.


It worked sometimes, but not very often. And I was tired. As in, completely worn out.


You know the old adage to “strike while the iron is hot?” It’s about blacksmiths in a forge hitting the metal while it’s hot and malleable (ripe for transformation) of course. Well, silly me. I spent a lot of time just flailing away at cold iron because I thought I “should,” instead of waiting for the iron to heat up.


Putting the iron in the heat and waiting for it to heat up is BEing.


Prolonged heating creates elemental changes in the metal, so that instead of being rigid and hard, it’s pliable, moldable, transformable.


So, how does this apply to me, and by extension, to you? Unless you’re 100% happy with who you are and never want to grow, consider your human self to be that hunk of iron. Put yourself in the fire, and sit there for a long time. This is the necessary precursor to transformation.


Let yourself get gooey. Let all your fears get burned away. Let the heat of Divine Wisdom have its way with you. Surrender to it. Understand that what you let go of in the process (“who you are”) will be replaced by something far greater: who you are becoming. The caterpillar in the chrysalis has to let go of being a creature that crawls in exchange for being a creature that soars.


I’ve learned to love the heat. Every day I spend time sitting in the heat of my feelings, fully present, transforming them. Slowly but surely, the things that used to hold me back are melting away, like impurities burning off. I’m getting more powerful, more expansive, and more deeply rooted. I’m owning my Divinity more and more. Fears are less powerful, and can be laughed away. They are funny: what do I have to be afraid of?


I’m telling you this in part to let you know that transformation is possible, especially right now. Also to remind you not to wear yourself out trying to make things happen when they just can’t, like an apprentice blacksmith who hammers barely-warm iron with no effect, and then decides that the problem is he’s not hitting it hard enough!


I’m giving you permission to let go of hustling, if you’ve tried and tried and it’s not working. (Hey, if it IS working, your metal must be super-hot, so keep doing what you’re doing!) Instead, embrace BEing, and the transformation that’s available there.


BEing requires Trust. It requires letting go of expectations, it requires relaxing. If you don’t trust that you’ll get what you need (like money to pay for food and shelter), you won’t be able to sit still and let the magick do its thing. Embraced by that circle of BEing-Trust, you can be transmuted. Healed. Made whole.


Of course I’m getting help with all of this. Mostly from a person who’s been trying to help me for a while, but my iron wasn’t hot enough yet. In the past month especially, I have been playing with my crystals a lot in the run-up to re-launching my Crystal Crush, Level One program.


If we’re connected on Facebook, you’ve probably seen this picture of my bowl of crystals.


bowl of crystals



Almost daily I’ve been pulling stones for people—sometimes for HUNDREDS of people. Really sinking into that crystal energy has gently heated me up enough to get to the place where I could let in the help that was waiting for me.


If you would like to gently heat up your iron, too, I invite you to join a no-cost Crystal Wisdom call this week. I’m doing 2 actually: one on Tuesday at 4 ET, the other on Valentine’s Day (Saturday) at 1 ET. It’s all about the Crystal Love!


Expect to receive lots of energy and wisdom on this call. We’ll definitely go over the 60-minute mark, and at the end I’ll be pulling crystals for people, in order of when they got on the line. If you come to the webcast, be sure to check in as soon as you join us to hold your place in line.


If you’re feeling the heat, –>>click here to register<<–


I hope to “see” you on the line.


Blowing you HUGE Kisses!






P.S.: When you register, you’ll also get to download my handy full-color guide to using crystals to heat up your life and business. Check it out:

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