Sometimes, Human Are Like Cell Phones

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Hey there, Rockstar!


Can I just take a moment to celebrate that as of today’s New moon in Aries, we are officially out of eclipse season? It’s been the perfect set of circumstances to bring me to my edgy edge, but boy, am I looking forward to a little relief!

New Moon

So, if you’re anything like me, this eclipse season (starting at the “eclinox” on March 20th) knocked you a little sideways. Actually, it was the Lunar Eclipse earlier this month on the 4th that hit me upside the head and brought aĀ slewĀ of issues to the surface. I’m grateful for that, because when they surface, they canĀ be healed. (If you and I are connected on Facebook, you can find my daily vulnerability postsĀ here.)


One of the really amazing things about the biannual eclipse season (the next one is Sept-Oct) is that it opens a series of portals. These portals ratchet up every human’s intuitive powers! Woo hoo! Already I’m no intuitive slouch, but every time these portals hit, I can feel myself getting even more powerful: my gifts expand, becomeĀ more refined, and new ones get added. Amazing!


What I’ve also been noticing is that for some people, these ever-increasing intuitive powers are uncomfortable. I’m not just talking intellectually not comfy (denial, confusion and anxiety haveĀ been the case for years for many of these intuitive nay-sayers). I’m talkingĀ physically.Ā The disconnect between who they are called to be and who they insist that they are–still smaller, still unsupported, still a victim–is showing up as nausea and dizziness!

That’s probably not you; if you’re following me, you’re all about rocking your intuition. AND, it’s important to keep pace with your ever-increasing intuitive powers so that you don’t get woosey at the next time these portals hit in September.


What I find fascinating about the whole process is that typically when humans learn a new skill or refine an existing one, it takes theirĀ intention.Ā TheyĀ intentionallyĀ seek the learning or the additional practice. In this case, since humanityĀ as a wholeĀ is being called to step into increasing degrees of personal power, we don’t have to opt in. (In fact, thereĀ ISĀ no opting out–this is for the highest good of all.)


This ever-stronger access to our intuitions is GIVEN to us, and it’s up to us to keep pace.


If you’re looking to strengthen your intuitive muscle–so that you can always be guided to be in the right place at the right time, to know what to say “yes!” to and when to say “no, thanks” as well as for preparing you for the next set of intuition-boosting downloads–I’ve got you covered.

Next Level Intuitive Training Call

Tuesday, 21 April 4 pm ET

(There’s also an encore on Saturday at 2 ET; when you register you’ll get the call-in details for both.)


Here’s something you might not know about me: yes, as a true Aquarius, I’m an early adopter of technology–while my family got one of the first Macs to roll off the line in 1984, I took my own 512K to college a few years later; I was one of the first students at my university to get an email address in 1992 (at the time email was reserved to faculty only; I had to apply for it with a letter from my dissertation director, noting that I needed to be in contact with other Leduc researchers in France and England!!); I had one of the first next-gen iPhones in 2008, and the list goes on.


And,Ā sometimes my Capricorn ascendant (respecting the old ways, or, if you prefer: being stuck in the mud) trumps the “hooray for technology” Aquarian sun, and I get wary of newness. My natal chart is 50% earth, so I like things the way I like things. (Yes, just like everyone else, I’m a confusing knot of contradictions.) So when an update for an iOS comes out, I’m not likely to jump on board right away, first waiting for the bugs to get worked out, and then just waiting. Because I like things the way I’m used to them; I don’t want to look at a new interface for the weather, thank you very much.


But here’s the thing: when you wait too long to update your operating system, things start to go haywire. (To be clear: when I say “you,” I really mean “me.” This is just a manner of speaking that my poor ego uses to avoid thinking about my foibles. Thanks for bearing with me.)

Applications get buggy or just plain stop working. It takes more energy to make things happen in that less-than-optimal state, so the battery life is diminished. Pretty soon you’re so frustrated that you’re finally ready to upgrade, but by then a new system has come out and you can’t… because you can only upgrade from one system to the next.


Yep, sometimes humans are like cell phones. We need to update our operating systems in order to optimize the intuition upgradesĀ we’re experiencing twice a year in the eclipse seasons–which incidentally will continue for the foreseeable future–and to avoid getting buggy. If we don’t start operating according to the new system in place, before too long another upgrade will come along and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to catch up. I don’t want that for you, or anyone you know.


So I invite you to join me this Tuesday (or Saturday if your Tuesday dance card is full) for the Next-Level Intuition Training Call. We’ll be testing out some of my favorite exercises in a group setting, and giving you the bare bones of all the ways I know to help people boost their intuitions. It’s a free call, so come for the fun, and bring a friend, too (send ’em to this page so that they can get their own reminders and replay links, please).


If you don’t know this for yourself yet (and I’m betting you do), intuition is that thing that SAVES us from our own stupid mistakes.

It saves us time, energy, money, embarrassment, and even self-judgment. And it keeps us from being in a state of overwhelm or anxiety. When we’re rocking our intuitions, we KNOW that everything’s on the right track.


So, if you’re wanting a little more of creating your own “luck” and a little less of the unease, wasting precious resources, or embarrassment, register here to join us for the fun and the learning:

–>>Ā <<– Register here


Looking forward to “seeing” you on the call next week!

Blowing Massive Kisses to You + Your Brilliance,

P.S.: Even though eclipse season is officially over, like me, you may still need some recovery time. Things like extra hydration and enough sleep or down time are needed to help you integrate the new energies, but alas the energies are keeping some of us awake! If you’re having trouble sleeping, try Howlite: this crystal is a rockstar {ahem!} at combatting insomnia. Also try very salty epsom salt baths to help your body let go of whatever needs to be let go of right now.

And of course, one of the best ways to handle your increased intuitive powers is to start rocking your intuition more and more each day. So why not join me for the calls I’m doing this week–pho phree–to see what your new chops are like? I’d love to see you there.