Purification, Renewal + Growth at Beltane–Come Grow with Me

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Happy Beltane! Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!


If you haven’t come to this conclusion already, this is a pretty intense weekend! Anything having to do with Scorpio (the sign of death, rebirth, debt, taxes, transformation) is pretty intense, but this one is especially so because it is in a tight aspect to Jupiter (the planet that e-x-p-a-n-d-s everything it touches) and a harmonious angle to Pluto, the planet that is the modern ruler of Scorpio: the God/Goddess of the Underworld, oligarchic power, and deep mysteries. The Full Moon is exact overnight tonight.


maypole with ribbonsThis weekend is also Beltane, the Celtic festival of spring and fertility. It’s a cross-quarter holy-day (holiday): the big markers form a + on the year with the solstices and equinoxes. The cross-quarter days celebrate the mid-point between those 4 markers to make an x over the +. Eight holidays to mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year.


Beltane (“bright fire”) is the official opening of the summer season, traditionally celebrated with dancing around Maypoles to weave your intention for the season of growth as you weave your ribbon in with the others. In days of old, great fires were lit and couples would lie down to have sex in the fields to lend fertility to their land. Farm animals and people would run through or jump over the fires for protection and to clear out/burn away any old, stale, stagnant energies left over from the long winter.


Are you due for a purification of energies right about now? If so, light a fire (even a candle) and request that purification and renewal come to you—the Scorpio FM is the perfect moment for that!


Speaking of perfect moments, rebirth, renewal, expanding powers, growth, and transformation…


I was in my Records on Tuesday. It’s always a supremely transformational time. One of the things I asked about was Rock Your Intuition: I had a sense that something was going to be different about it this time, and I was right.


There were actually 2 things to know: first of all that this was likely going to be the only time this year that I would teach it (my plan was to teach it again in December, as it was a HUGE success last time then—taking us right up to the Winter solstice). So the most likely scenario is that this is your last opportunity to take Rock Your Intuition until mid-2016.


The second thing to know about RYI is that I’ll be switching things up a bit this time out, and I can already feel that happening. What was channeled for me was that a small group of 5-7 within the program was going to evolve their intuitive powers more quickly than everyone else, so that I’d be teaching 2 tracks by the end. (Those who don’t grow their intuitions as quickly don’t miss out though—because students have access to the classes forever, they can come back to those and learn the next level when they’re ready.)


Are you one of those who will break away from the pack and really grow wings?


If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have noticed that I don’t “market” my programs.


I offer them.


And I know that the right people always show up.


I’m not interested in cajoling or pushing or twisting arms. I frankly don’t want to have people in my programs who resent being there! Yuck!


What I do want is for people all over the world to be using their intuitions to make their lives and businesses easier, more fun, more profitable. Your life. Your business.


As I mentioned in a previous post, in April, all of humanity got a huge dose of extra intuitive powers, and it needs to be used NOW or those new muscles will atrophy. (Plus, it’s not a very respectful way to receive a gift: to ignore it and throw it away…)


So, I’m offering you the perfect chance to work those newly-acquired intuitive muscles so that you can get the greatest benefit now with Rock Your Intuition, which won’t come around again for another year.


We just started the daily emails on Friday, and the first class isn’t until Tuesday, so you haven’t missed anything yet—I’ll be sure to forward you the first few days of emails.


And, it’s an intensive. We’ll be done before Memorial Day weekend. Can you imagine boosting your intuition that much in just 3 weeks? It’s possible, and in my experience that’s the only way it really happens: in a kind of intense incubator.


You’ll get daily emails every day from now to the 21st, with homework that takes about 20 minutes a day to complete, according to those who’ve completed the program. What you focus on grows, and concentrating your energy in a light way for 3 weeks is an excellent way to do this work.


You’ll also have bi-weekly classes, on Tuesday and Thursdays. They include teaching and Q+A. One of them is a live channeling of the Records of Intuition—ask anything you like! You’ll get answers straight from Source.


There’s more support with a 1:1 call with me and a community of awesome people who are working to rock their intuitions, too. I’m on that page every day of the program, answering questions, celebrating your wins with you, and offering solutions if you run into a snag.


We’re talking TOTAL SUPPORT. And a chance to work closely with me for a low investment.


So, here’s something you might not have considered. Yes, this is a time for you to get to know me, but it’s also your opportunity for me to get to know you.


–>> Be seen by the seer. <<–


If you think you might have something really special to offer the world, or if you think we might have some kind of karmic connection, you’ll want to get closer to me, and this is an easy way to do it.


Getting on my short list of people whose gifts I want to personally foster is actually a pretty big deal.


You may think I’m an egomaniac to say something like that, but those who’ve worked closely with me know it’s true.


In my very first consultation of my Records exactly 7 years ago this month, the first thing my Keepers told me was that I was a Truth Teller who set imprisoned angels free with my Truth Song. And the second thing was that when I focus my attention on someone, their gifts grow and expand beyond all expectation. Even the gifts they didn’t know they had.




If expanding your gifts effortlessly appeals to you, I welcome you to join me in Rock Your Intuition.


If you’re feeling prickly right now, I welcome you to join me in Rock Your Intuition.


If you desire to step into your Power more at this Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Beltane, and capture all the Magicke and potency of this day, I welcome you to join me in Rock Your Intuition.


Until tomorrow, you can even use the $50 off coupon “ROCKIN50” (all caps, no spaces) when you click the button at the bottom of the information page (click here).



Here’s where you can listen to my Next Level Intuition Training—it will give you a good idea of how the class with run: http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=68674188


And this is a link to the live Q+A call from Tuesday: http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=68981187


Also, because it’s best to learn to rock your intuition with a friend, I’m giving everyone the opportunity to enroll a friend at over half off. It’s just like any other exercise program: when you first get started, the motivation and accountability of going with a friend is often make-or-break, except that you’ve got me as your personal trainer in this instance.


Finally, if you’ve ever taken Rock Your Intuition or the Intuitive Entrepreneur program before, contact me for a very special alumni rate.


Again, the special savings code expires at the end of the day on Monday.


I invite you to join me now walk into the summer in a few short weeks as a much more powerful person: more aligned with your purpose and the Universe, better able to connect with your own desires and the needs of others, finding it easier to make every decision instantaneously, thus staying out of overwhelm, seeing the myriad gifts in every day, being in the right place at the right time, and creating your own “luck.”


Let me leave you with one final thought: If you’re thinking “my intuition is already great,” I congratulate you on having a fine intuition—that’s awesome. (I actually expect that pretty much everybody following me would be intuitive; that feels like a baseline minimum for my tribe, frankly.)


I invite you to consider the possibility that it might be even more awesome to grow it more, especially right now. Everything that isn’t growing is dying, after all.


Come grow with me, and the rest of my awesome Rock Your Intuition crowd—most of which are graduates doing it again because it was so amazing the first time around! Hey, I always offer a money-back guarantee, though no one has ever asked for money back.

fire flame and full moon isolated

Wishing you a bright and fiery Beltane, and a Scorpio Full Moon replete with insights and transformation. Be the phoenix rising from the flames of the Beltane fires!


Blowing You + Your Gifts Massive Kisses,


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