Right Now. Today. Is a Very. Big. Deal.

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I know that I don’t have to tell you that the cosmic energies are unbelievable these days: you know it, I know it, your pets know it, the planet knows it. On a personal scale and on a global scale, a lot of things are feeling disorienting right now. But disorienting doesn’t need to be scary. It’s actually super empowering!


cocoonsBirth of an Era


I’ll get straight to the point: right now, today, we are birthing a new era of experience on Planet Earth. The old paradigm, at work for thousands of years, is falling down in front of our very eyes, and the new paradigm (some of us have been working with it for about 7 or 8 years) is becoming visible to everyone now. My good friend and fellow Oracle Jen Duchene calls this moment “being in the birth canal.” Whoa.


Some say this is a new Age of Light, others call it the new Age of Enlightenment, still others are calling it a new Age of the Goddess, and all of those are true. I want to add a label to the list: the Age of the Sacred Dance. It’s a time when the old, separating, paradigm of Patriarchy and everything it spawned (organized religion, capitalism and other interesting “isms” like sexism, racism, classism are just a few) either falls down or is transformed in some way. . .


Let me hit the pause button here: that is a LOT of our daily structure that’s about to be profoundly shifted. Not all of it will happen at once—it looks like it will be slightly less radical than the caterpillar entering the chrysalis, being broken down completely, and then reborn as a butterfly—but the shifts will continue to come fast and furious.


Dear one, we have just entered the chrysalis: we are protected, but it might feel scary. It is critically important that you give yourself what you need now, whether that be more stillness, more connection with like-minded people, less contact with negativity, proper nutrition, plenty of rest, or something else I can’t even fathom right now. Let your body tell you. Here’s a hint: you’ll know you’re on the right track if someone accuses you of being selfish.


. . . so that the TRUE face of the Sacred Masculine dances on equal footing with the Divine Feminine. It’s a pure celebration, with no one leading or following: just Joy and Light and Love and Harmony and Truth fueling the embrace.


I’ve got a lot to say about Patriarchy (I was a Women’s Studies scholar after all), but I’ll save that for another day. Suffice it to say here that Patriarchy wounds men as much as women, but in very, very different ways.


The Good, The Bad, and the Awesome


To recap: the not-so-great news is that what you’ve been feeling is going to get worse before it gets better. (Sorry.) In other words, it is going to get more powerful until you surrender your desire to control it, at which point it will feel much, much better. I promise.


The key is to keep on surrendering—several times per day if need be—follow your intuition, and to stay clear of news outlets. I’ve been playing with this for a few months now and it works like gangbusters. There’s a lot of drama swirling around out there right now, so in order to maintain your own balance, stay centered in the present moment. Keep asking yourself: “What’s here now? What’s true for me in this moment?” Your intuition will tell you, if you’re in your body.


The good news is that you don’t have to try to hold the world together with sheer force of will. It’s meant to shift, so let it. (It’s not like you could stop it, anyway.) It will eventually be over, and we’ll all be living in a much different—much better—world.


Stay away from the news. As much as you might want to help, don’t let your compassionate heart get dragged into something that isn’t “yours,” something that you can’t fix. If you need to know about it, the Universe will get the message to you one way or another! Trust that, and stay tucked safely inside your chrysalis/birth canal until the time comes for you to participate. Your intuition is your most reliable tool, here. Use it!


If the situation is yours: do what you can, then let it go. Over and over if need be. Use all your tools: grounding, meditation, and crystals are some of my favorites, but for you they might include affirmations, creating art, or pulling cards. Note that most of these include an intuitive element. Again, intuition is your best friend for the next few years!


The AWESOME news is that when it’s over (most likely in 2017—which is really, really soon in an eon sense, remember), everything will start coming up roses if you’re aligned with the new energies. That is, if you’re using your intuition (Divine Feminine) to drive your actions (Sacred Masculine) rather than trying to use your brain to control other people and yourself. At least, that’s what the Record Keepers are telling me.


My version of the wild energies includes amazing adrenal fatigue right now, a consequence of having tried to control outcomes in the past (I’m so adorable), and also a gift from the Universe to keep me from teaching my second level of Crystal Crush last month, as I really, really, wanted to. I see now that it’s been a time to turn inward and transform on all levels, rather than exhausting myself on a project that wasn’t ready to be hatched.


What’s up right now


Right now in the night sky, we have a super-duper example of the Sacred Dance. Since last week through Friday the 31st, Venus, representing the Divine Feminine, is at zero degrees Virgo (the sign of the priestess or independent woman). Also at zero Virgo is a very special star: Regulus, the Heart of the Lion in the Leo constellation. Regulus represents the King, the Sacred Masculine.


Now, you need to know that Regulus is a “fixed star;” he barely moves. He’d been in Leo for over 21 centuries. But as of the end of 2012, he eased over into the sign of the Priestess, inaugurating a new era of not just equality, but of merged energies. Cooperation rather than competition. The harmony of the Sacred Dance rather than hierarchy that separates and oppresses.


Yes, this is a Very. Big. Deal.


You may be asking yourself why it’s taking so long to get the party started, when Regulus arrived in Virgo nearly 3 years ago. Well, you might recall that the spiritual community was all atwitter in 2012 because of the birth of a new age, and then when the world didn’t turn on a dime, lots of people wrote off the shift to a new age.


However, because Venus, the yin to Regulus’s yang, is currently stopped at zero Virgo—for about a week—to start her retrograde motion (much more rare than other retrogrades, like Mercury that we see 3 times per year, and therefore WAY more powerful) this is serving as the catalyst or activator of the Sacred Dance, which puts us into the birth canal, the chrysalis.





What you can do right now to ease this transition


These are big, big energies. And I haven’t even talked about Venus’s retrograde beyond her meeting with Regulus, OR the Uranus retrograde cycle that started the following day OR the Blue Moon on Friday (it’s the last time a single calendar month will see 2 Full Moons until 2018) on the same day that Saturn stops to begin forward motion again. See Emily Trinkaus’s post for more info and inspiration:  http://virgomagic.com/2015/07/aquarius-full-moon-2015/


In a nutshell, you’re being invited to be still and let things GO. Release, release, and release some more. Friday’s Full Moon in Aquarius is supporting letting go of everything inside you that’s holding you back (think: your amazing abundance of caterpillar legs) so that you can become the shining star that you are (a gorgeous monarch butterfly with wings that can carry you thousands of miles over land and sea to lay your eggs).


I’m sure every caterpillar loves its many pairs of legs, and in the context of its experience—hanging out on a tree branch or milkweed plant, munching on leaves—that’s all it needs. It is perfectly adapted to its world.


But then it’s chrysalis time, and its whole world changes. With its new wings, the born-again insect has a different perspective. Its horizons are broadened by a factor of… I don’t even know! An unthinkable number, anyway. The caterpillar was unable to fathom life beyond the end of the branch, but once it’s a butterfly, it travels across continents. Perhaps not with ease, but most often with success.


I think that’s how it’s going to be for a lot of humans. It’s scary and dark to enter the chrysalis, the transition zone, the re-birthing canal. And yet, nothing we can do is going to stop the changes from occurring. And that’s a good thing! A butterfly is much more majestic and inspiring than a caterpillar, after all.


We can’t stop the shifts from coming, but what we can do is use the tools available to us to make the transition less bumpy.


My contribution to this is offering to pull crystals for all comers, no charge, starting on my Facebook page at noon on Friday, the day of the Blue Moon. The only thing you have to do to join me is to register here.


Friday’s Blue Moon is really going to be cranking up all the wild energies in the air, so I designed this event to be an oasis of self-care and soothing support from the Divine AND Earth planes in the midst of what might be feeling like chaos.


bowl of crystals

In the past, I’ve I’ve spent a lot of time and energy pulling crystals and interpreting them—for free—whenever I offered this. I absolutely love doing it. And, my adrenals are telling me that I just can’t spend all that energy honoring requests for assistance from others without honoring my own needs first. The prime directive of this new era is not to kill yourself being of service, but to put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others.


So that’s what I did.


A month ago, when I hatched my plan of doing crystal pulls at the Blue Moon (it’s my wedding anniversary, too), my body told me that it couldn’t play the same way we always had.


Cover Image Earth Magick EssentialsThe solution: to write a very comprehensive guide to interpreting your own crystal pulls. It has pages of tables with info about all 28 stones in my famous bowl, my step-by-step signature process for interpreting the pulls, and even a sample reading to get you started. It’s available on the event registration page for $9.99 until just before the pulling party starts, at which point it pops up to its forever rate of $17.


Of course, you don’t have to buy the guide unless it speaks to you. When you register for the event, you’ll receive a brief key to reading your pull via email.


The time has come to put the meaning-making tools in your hands. You get to choose if you want the less-precise tools or more precise ones, and in fact you can start with the no-cost ones and buy the guide later if you feel like that’s what’s calling to you.


This guide is designed to be a long-time companion, used over and over, every time you get crystals pulled by me. There’s also a major savings code included with your purchase that gives you $100 off my signature Crystal Crush program in September.


Whether you know nothing or quite a bit about crystals, you may find that this guide connects a lot of dots for you about these brilliant spiritual tools. It doesn’t cost a thing to click the link and check it out.


Even if you don’t get the guide, I’m still happy to pull for you on Friday, but you have to register in order to be eligible to participate. https://www.elizabethlocey.com/earth-magick-essentials/


The Earth Magick Essentials guide, with its 14 very full pages of information about crystals, including their properties, messages, and elemental and chakra associations is worth a look. I even teach you to set up your own bowl if you want.


I hope to see you on FB on Friday for the crystal pulls, and in the meantime, after you register: take it easy, feel your feelings as they come up to move them out of your body, and know that you are safe and loved.