Welcome to the Solar Feminine Age!

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Hello and beautiful Saturday to you! I’m in what can only be described as a radiant mood.


You see, today Venus and the Sun (and Moon, though she’s moving away since yesterday’s New Moon Solar/Lunar conjunction) are together in the sky, lighting each other up. And while it’s not completely simultaneous, within a few days from now, we’ll be seeing Venus at her closest point to the Earth.


What does this mean? That means that Venus—the planet of The Goddess in all her abundant, nourishing, gorgeous, and sexy brilliance—will have even more sway on our home planet. To unpack this some more: because the Divine Feminine is illuminated and extra-powerful, you’ll be feeling more intuitive, more creative, more beautiful, more plugged in, and more turned on, in all senses of the word. Woo Hoo! This is a gorgeous energy, and you don’t want to miss out.


If you’ve had your eye on a certain special someone for a while, get in front of him or her, virtually or physically, right now—today or tomorrow. You’re sure to make an excellent impression if you breathe in that Goddessly radiance! (I’m not just talking to women here—guys, you can put this magnetism to work for yourself, too.) This will work even better if you’ve been in each others’ orbits for a while: now is the perfect time to strike, as the iron is definitely hot!


The same is true for projects—if you started something a while back but it foundered in some way, you can use the creativity and the heat generated by this heavenly configuration to revitalize whatever it is that you’ve been working on.


And if you’re a business owner looking to garner more attention from potential peeps, get out in front of people: if you have a workshop scheduled, that’s awesome, people will fall in love with you even more. If you don’t have a public appearance scheduled, no worries: this is the perfect time to publish a new blog or video, or host a virtual event that might attract attention. Don’t put this off! This special magnetic energy won’t stick around, so use it now or forever hold your peace.


Wait! Don’t run off to write your blog just yet: there are a few more things it would be good for you to know first.


So, yesterday was the New Moon, which is the perfect seed-planting time for the coming month (set your intentions and watch them come to fruition at the Full Moon).


TODAY is the perfect time for seed-planting for the next 18 months.


Why? Well, because today’s meeting between the Sun and Venus (she’s so close that she’s not visible in the glare) is a radical activation of the new 584-day Leonine cycle that she’s about to start. The seeds for the coming cycle are being planted today.


{Cue trumpets’ blare}


To help you activate and illuminate your intentions—not just for the month for the next year and a half—I’m hosting another Crystal Pulling Party over on my Facebook page. When you declare publicly what your wish or intention is for the coming period, and the stones come in to answer or support it, there’s really nothing that can stop you. This is Divine Co-Creation at its best!

bowl of crystals

If you haven’t signed up yet this summer for the crystal pulls, you’ll need to register first here. If you have, you’re good to go—head straight to my fb page. If you’ve bought the Earth Magick Essentials guide, you’re automatically registered. Do that, then come back here to read the rest (the combination of energies available to support us right now is really unbelievable).



To pick up the thread of the Divine Feminine/Venus story again:


Right now Venus is “backstage” changing costumes from the Crone to the Queen. Since January 2104 she’s been helping us to learn about power, and when she rises again as the morning star in a week for her 18-month cycle in Leo, it will be more fun. The Divine Feminine comes into full consciousness. Whoosh!


–>> If you’re a man who’s an empath or a woman who’s been calling on her intuitive wisdom as a healer or a channel, you’ve likely felt like a fish out of water.


For your whole life, right? Believe me, I know all about it!


Well, those days are over.


All hail the New Queen—the Solar Feminine who combines the radiance and the surface consciousness of the Sun (heretofore claimed by the Masculine) with the Intuitive Brilliance of the Feminine.


From now on they are merged. No more separation.


Yes, this does spell the end of Patriarchy, which is A Good Thing.



[I dare you to skip this next part.]


I know most women are rejoicing at this (except for those like Hilary Clinton who have embraced the Patriarchal system—sigh), because you’ve felt the oppressive nature of Patriarchy your whole life (all your lifetimes, really, and if you’re reading this, you were probably literally burned by Patriarchy in at least one): glass ceilings, living in a culture where if you’re raped it’s your own damned fault, earning 78 cents to the man’s dollar for doing the same work, even medical treatments for things like heart disease that don’t work/kill you because they’ve only been tested on men.


If you’re a man, you may be a little conflicted about the end of Patriarchy, but if you think about it, you’ll agree that the trade-offs for the illusion of having more social, political and financial power under this system have been significant. It’s cost you your emotions (“boys don’t cry”), conscripted you into armies where you have to live with PTSD for the rest of your life because of the atrocities you witnessed and perpetrated, told you that you’re not a man if you love your kids “too much,” and questioned your virility if you ever questioned the system.


And, frankly, it’s not a system that benefits you unless you are one of the wealthiest and most connected men on Earth—a stakeholder. Most men (privileged white men included) are just cannon fodder in the war to keep Patriarchy in place.


Patriarchy is a system, and it’s behind all the “isms” you can think of (besides optimism): sexism, racism, classism, ageism, colonialism, consumerism, capitalism, communism, pessimism, and even environmentalism, because without Patriarchy we wouldn’t have done our damnedest to ruin our planet in the first place.


Patriarchy’s main goal has been to perpetuate itself—in favor of a few stakeholders—by telling men that they could benefit if they did, and it’s done a bang-up job: been around the planet for close to 15 thousand years. It’s behind every notion of separation and scarcity out there, and created the very structure of hierarchy.


Anywhere in the world where you see a system of hierarchy—in which one person has authority over another—that’s Patriarchy just doing its thang:


  • Corporate structure which stifles creativity and keeps all the good ideas from rising to the surface
  • Government structure which, even in a democracy like the US which holds itself above others, is most often working at cross-purposes with the good of the whole
  • Academic structure, which says you can’t be smart unless you can sit in a chair for 8 hours per day and spout back answers that you learned by rote
  • Class structure, which, again, even in the US only offers upward mobility if you already have money or an expensive education
  • Family structure in which we’ve been taught that the parent’s (read: father’s) ideas prevail and kids don’t have anything to teach their elders (don’t get me started on this one—it’s getting more and more true all the time!).


I could keep going, but you get the idea.


So, this is what’s about to happen: these structures are going to be coming down, though probably both less quickly than we think we’d like, and more quickly than is comfortable.


When I look at this question in the Records: I see a structure: a house. The house looks great and desirable inside and out, until one day you try to hang a picture on the wall and it falls down! It looks solid, but in fact it’s swarming with termites that have eaten all the supports away…


This is what’s been underway vis-à-vis Patriarchy for a while now. Universal energies have been eating away at the structures that everyone has “always” thought were solid, immutable. In fact, even the visionaries are having a hard seeing what the world might looks like sans Patriarchy. It appears to be so central to everything, and yet it’s merely a construct built of fear and oppression that no longer serves us.


This is the new age of the Solar Feminine.


Crystal WorkstationI’m pleased to announce that in honor of the Leo New Moon on Friday and the Solar Feminine Activation on Satirday, I’ll be pulling crystals for everyone!  Look for the post on my FB page with the link to the Earth Magick Essentials guide/photo of my crystal-pulling workstation, and post your request there.


N.B.: To get your stones pulled, you DO have to make your request in the proper post.


I’d love to be able to find your message anywhere–in my email, on my fan page, off-thread on my personal page, in a FB/Messenger message–and go from there, but with all the time and energy I put in pulling for people and responding to their responses, I feel I must ask you to follow this one simple rule. Thanks for understanding.


There is now a thread on my FB page that opens like this:




Read all the way through the instructions, and then post your request. And feel free to tag people whom you love, and who would be open to/in need of receiving this kind of support. The more, the merrier! They can click on the link right on the thread.Cover Image Earth Magick Essentials


If you really + truly LOVED the previous pulling parties I’ve offered, you might seriously consider procuring your own copy of Earth Magick Essentials, the guide to my crystal pulls. I’ve gotten SO much great feedback about it.


Here’s what a past client, who incidentally happens to be a crystal jewelry designer, had to say:




“I just received your book Earth Magick Essentials and all I can say is THANK YOU for this amazing guide!

This book is incredibly full of valuable information, delivered with a true understanding of crystals, their energy, and their purpose.

It is worth ten times what you are asking for this little book of Earth Magick!

Thank you, Elizabeth”



Peek Inside the Earth Magick Essentials

It can’t get much better than that! I also had a former client in Canada send me the name of a stone shop in Montreal that might be interested in selling it. A new client sent me a FB message the other day to apologize that she hadn’t told me sooner how great the guide was. (!) It is pretty damned good, if I do say so myself. {grin} I’ve had so many people ask me for a hard copy, that I’m now considering publishing it that way.



In addition to getting a richer understanding of each of the messages every time I pull crystals for you–I plan to do it once a month, probably around Full Moon or New Moon times–this little gem of a book {ahem!} teaches you a whole lot about crystals. And, if you want to go even deeper, until the end of this month purchasers get a $100 savings code good toward my very popular #CrystalCrush class (level one).


Back when I first set up my bowl and had a table at the local Farmer’s Market, every week people would come to pull crystals. Most people’s crystals changed from one week to the next, but the husband of a colleague and beloved friend ALWAYS pulled the same stones. Week after week it would be Labradorite. Then, week after week it would be Bloodstone.


Like I said, I’m planning on doing a pulling party about once per month for… well, I don’t have any clear plans for stopping, so it will likely be a while. Come see what message of support the stones have for you, and then watch how the messages shift (or don’t!) over time.



The New Moon is THE time of the month to set new energetic intentions. It’s a great time for crystals–they can either guide or support your intentions, or both. I hope you’ll join me for more pulling. And since right now is also seed-planting time for the foreseeable future, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to activate and illuminate your intentions.


(If you want to know more about the astrological underpinnings of what I’m saying, please check out this short video by my friend Emily Trinkaus.)


I plan to be pulling through Sunday evening. Be sure to post your request BEFORE 10 pm ET on Sunday to participate!


And, as always, I encourage you to invite your friends to join the party. All they need do is register at the link.


Blowing You Massive Kisses!