I have a Dream… (Solar Eclipse 13 Sept 2015)

Elizabeth Crystals, The Stars Speak

I have a dream…


I have a dream that one day I won’t see people in the throes of self-sabotage, resisting exactly that thing which will make everything better—smoother, easier, effortless—with all their might.


I talked to a number of people this week about joining my Crystal Crush program, because it’s just about to start. Lots of them said yes, but many also said no. As a rock-star intuitive, I can tell, even if I’m not officially in a person’s records, if their no is a legitimate no, or if it’s a resistance-based no.


Some of these women said “not this time” because they had other, very big or difficult projects going on, including completing certifications, getting a website built, etc.


Actually, all the work that I do—be it teaching people to rock their intuitions or to use crystals to support their lives and businesses, or when I channel their Soul’s Truth for them as an Oracle—all of this work is meant to be done now SO THAT the other big projects happen faster and easier. Or sometimes it’s so they can happen at all. (This one really breaks my heart.)


Just like I feel sorry for people who say “I’ll be happy when I’ve lost 20 lbs.” or “I’ll have fun when this big project is done,” or “I’ll travel the world when I retire,” I felt sorry for these women who can’t see what I can see. This is what I see:


If you wait to have fun, or to be happy, or to fall in love (maybe with yourself), or to stop running into walls, you’re going to KEEP running into walls and being unhappy and stressed out. Because, really, there’s no end in sight to that kind of thing, even if you tell yourself otherwise. (If you recognize yourself in this mirror, look back at your life and see if it’s true.) Inertia is a LAW of physics: a body at rest remains at rest, and a body in motion remains in motion. Either way it’s just more of the same, unless you make a decision.


What it takes is stepping through a door into a new reality. WHILE you’re doing the other stuff.  (That’s the key. The SECRET.)


The secret is choosing to embrace a different reality, right here, right now. SO THAT whatever it is that you’re currently doing is filled to overflowing with brilliance and support and unheard-of opportunities.


You don’t have to do what I did over 5 years ago: explode your career while you’re at the height of your game! (Though honestly, this might be exactly what’s called for: the only place to go when you’re operating at the top of your zone of excellence is to move into your zone of genius. I’d need to get into your Records to determine that.)


It could be something much more gentle: a simple pivot into that new reality. (Just so we’re clear: using crystals is the gentlest pivot out there. Just sayin…)

The only things you “lose” are the things holding you back: limiting beliefs, thoughts or behaviors you’ve outgrown, relationships or habits that are weighing you down, and struggle.


Incidentally, struggle is another word for resistance: you’re resisting exactly that thing that your Higher Self has brought to you on a silver salver.


If you’re following me, you know (or at least suspect) that nothing is random. We are not accidentally connected.


If you’ve been looking for the door into a different reality, here it is. I am that door. I’m not everyone’s door, but if you’re reading this right now, I’m very likely set up by your Guides and Higher Self as that door. YOUR door into a new reality.


(This is funny: I’ve known this is true all along, but 4 months ago I wouldn’t have been bold enough to actually SAY it. I did my own pivot, and stepped into my new reality of embracing self-care at a DEEP level, deciding that I needed to have a strong body to be able to hold space for the thousands who turn to me for support. It hasn’t always been easy but here’s the thing: it’s only hard when I RESIST my choice to be more powerful.)


So if you’ve been resisting your awesomeness or your different reality, I invite you to join me today. This is not only a New Moon (perfect for setting intentions for the next “moonth”) but overnight last night—at least in the Americas—was a partial solar eclipse.


This means that intention-setting today means setting energy in motion not just for the next 30 days, but until the next solar eclipse in 6 months. And, because there will be another solar eclipse at the exact same degree of the zodiac (20 degrees 10 Virgo) in September of 2034 (!) what you set in motion TODAY will be in play for the next 19 years as well.


I’m inviting you to activate your intentions with me over on my FB page with a crystal pull. The Earth magick of the crystals will combine powerfully with the Earth magick of the Virgo eclipse. I’ll be taking requests until 10:08 pm ET TONIGHT only. After that, the time for working magick is past. (If you haven’t already registered for the pulling parties, this is a sine qua non: do it here, and invite your friends if you want to give them a leg up.)


Solar eclipses represent an ego-death. Historically, these meant “the King must die.”


At this eclipse, what part of you is asking to die?


In my natal chart, 20 Virgo is at the tail end of the 8th house (about transformation: death and rebirth) but is within 2 degrees of Pluto (also about transformation, death + rebirth) at the beginning of my 9th house, which represents spiritual integration and broadening horizons, publishing, etc.


This is my public announcement:

The part of me that I’m releasing today is being small (pretending I’m something I’m not.) My intention is to really EMBODY the Divine Feminine on the Earth plane.

The 6 stones I got in support of this:

Dumortierite for order (I call it the connect-the-dots stone)

Citrine to help me be in my full Power (it’s for manifestation and abundance)

Carnelian to bring me the energy to be fully present and do what needs to be done even when I don’t feel like it

Amazonite to help me speak my Personal Truth, and for it to be heard

Labradorite for Magick (perfect confirmation) and 

Petrified Wood for New Beginnings and Grounding (necessary for the embodying part).


Woo hoo! I’m on my way to 2034 armed with amazing tools. Are you going to join me?


Own Your Magick,

P.S.: This is only good through TONIGHT at 10:08 ET! That’s just about 7 hours from now. Register here if you haven’t already, or send the link to a friend: https://www.elizabethlocey.com/earth-magick-essentials/