Autumnal Equinox + Blood Moon–September 2015

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Blood Red Moon during Lunar eclipse. Concept photo of religion, spirituality, mysticism and faith.

Happy Equinox!!


(And easy fast if you’re celebrating Yom Kippur today.)


Six months ago at the N Hemisphere’s Vernal Equinox, we had a very rare “exclinox”—a solar eclipse just hours before the equinox was exact. Now we’re deep into eclipse season again—which I probably don’t have to tell you: I’m sure you’ve been feeling it!


Eclipses may not be “easy” to ride, but they’re here for a reason. Every eclipse is a portal. Every eclipse invites us to upgrade our lives in some way. Every eclipse increases our intuition, whether we want it to or not! (And if you’re following me, I trust you want your intuition boosted.) Eclipses bring things to the surface so that they can be healed. Better out than in, right?


So what’s a sensitive person to do?


Breathe. Stay grounded, both in your body and to the Earth. Laugh. Stretch your muscles. Engage gratitude. Reach out to someone you love whom you haven’t heard from in a while. Keep surrendering—just turn it over to your Higher Self, who’s taking care of everything anyway, truth be told.


There are powerful forces at work right now. For months I’ve been sharing about what’s going on astrologically, and the birth of the Age of Enlightenment or Age of the Goddess. (Click here if you missed my article on the Solar Feminine.) And while the past few months haven’t necessarily felt easy, they’ve been a piece of cake compared to what we’re in right now: some of us feel like we’re being stretched on a rack!

My Akashic Records mentor, Jen Eramith, in her channeled message about September (I highly recommend it—membership is super reasonable, and it’s been an indispensable compass for me for over 7 years now) says that this month’s energy is tight (it might show up as resistance, hightened emotions, or both) like pulling back on a bow or a slingshot. To me when I look at it, it’s more like a crossbow, which can be cranked even tighter than a bow and arrow. Super tight, so that when the release comes, the arrow flies great distances. That release is supposed to happen in the days around the Equinox, so any day now but frankly probably not until the Blood SuperMoon on Sunday.


Have you been feeling it, too? Maybe you’ve felt pressed for time, or like your bank account is stretched too thin. Or maybe it’s relationships that are typically easy have been going sideways, or something that you wanted to create, and which has seemed just about to arrive is still frustratingly out of reach…

I thought I’d had my release on Tuesday, but hahahahaha, silly me, things got tight again on Wednesday. So tight, in fact, that I sent my Mac to the ICU as I was writing this newsletter! (Thus the no-longer-current Yom Kippur greetings, etc.) I had to just surrender for the day and wait for the parts to arrive. Do you ever have days like that? When there’s so much electricity running through you that you fry your technology? Yeah—face palm.


Speaking of the crossbow being cranked tight, Sunday’s total lunar eclipse (aka Blood Moon) is going to be a doozey. Let’s see if I can tick off all the reasons why you might be having uncomfortably tight emotions right now, and why I fried my MacBook Pro the other day:


  • Full Moons are the emotional high point of each month
  • Lunar eclipses are like amplified Full Moons, except that something must die
  • This kicks our fear of the unknown/death-and-rebirth cycle into gear
  • Total eclipses are more emotionally potent and tricky than partial eclipses
  • This one is a SuperMoon, which heightens emotions even more—the Moon is closer to Earth so has more sway and even looks bigger
  • And, just in case that wasn’t enough, we also have Pluto, who represents death, rebirth, transformation and power, standing still in the sky, intensifying this energy even more
  • And all these things are layered on top of any grander-scale, longer-term energies like shifting of the Age, massive population shifts (think: refugees arriving by droves in Europe), war, elections, unemployment…


So there you have it: all the reasons why you might be feeling extra vulnerable, angry, tense, weepy, or just plain pooped.


This is the perfect time to reach out to someone for help if you’re not too mired in resistance to notice that help is available.


Asking for help could take many forms, including calling a friend, pulling a card from an oracular deck, snuggling your dog or cat, or simply going outside with bare feet to receive vitality from Mother Earth (this is a great way to drain off your excess “static” electricity, and what I could have done but didn’t to avoid the aforementioned temporary damage to my laptop).


If you want more sustained help—a fun, effective, non-toxic, inexpensive tool that can help literally with any issue you ever run into for the rest of your life—you might want to join Crystal Crush. We’re having a blast in there! A full quarter of the participants are alums who are back to deepen their connection and have more fun, and also to ramp up to November’s Crystal Love program (next-level, super high-vibe stones for which Crystal Crush is a pre-req). *If you’ve done Crystal Crush in the past and want to join us this time out, shoot me a message and I’ll get you signed up.


I promise you this is the easiest, lightest, most delightful spiritual tool you’ll ever work with. Sayonara, resistance; Bonjour, manifestation!


If you’re feeling called by the stones—if you’re making jewelry, if you’ve always collected rocks and crystals, or if you love the uncanny wisdom + support the stones offer in my occasional Crystal-Pulling Parties—you’re going to relish Crystal Crush. Because those pulling-parties are just flirtations, designed for you to see if you have a soul contract with crystals or not. If the stones that come in those pulls speak to you, you owe it to yourself to spend some time with your intuition exploring whether Crystal Crush is right for you right now.


Crystal Crush is a jam-packed program, featuring daily emails with full color photos outlining the properties of all 23 stones we cover, over 10 hours of classes (yours to download and keep), 1:1 time with me, a trip to the Akashic Records of crystal energies, an active FB group for more questions and answers, and a forum for sharing photos of crystal babies and love stories. At the end of the program, I also offer special deals for doing further work with me.


It’s now clear to me that it’s the tight energy of September that has encouraged people to say “nope, I can’t do this right now” to the offer of Crystal Crush. It’s so fun, and so easy, and so profoundly transformative (it actually makes everything less tight) that I’ve decided to leave the cart open for another week rather than shutting in down already. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Working closely with crystals will change your life. It will open up portals and vistas you didn’t know were possible. It will connect you to your past lives, and also to your future—an easier, more abundant future, because crystals will open you up to receiving like never before
  • If you’re a crystal lover, you may already have quite a collection of stones—that’s perfect. If you don’t (or even if you do—one of the alums who got the crystal kit last time just opted to get it again—it’s that yummy!) you might want to opt for the VIP level of Crystal Crush: it includes
    • The crystal kit, containing all 23 stones covered in the program—all from my personal collection, working together and soaking up Akashic energies in my office for years and all in marked bags and pouches AND
    • an additional special stone from my personal collection that’s calling your name
    • an in-depth reading of the mini powerhouse Arkansas Quartz point that picks you. (I’ve never seen a single stone from this collection that has had fewer than 3 superpowers, and most have 5 or 6, including Isis configuration, Transmitter or channeler configuration, time link activation windows to the past or the future, Record Keepers, hieroglyphs, rainbows, twins, steps, keys, and more.) My time and expertise alone on this one stone is worth over $100
    • a hand-written note from me, outlining all the special stone’s and features that picked you
    • the stones for a special pull from my magick bowl that I do just before sealing up the package and shipping it out priority mail, explained and sealed in a separate little bag
    • a 20-minute private call with me to kick you off with your Crystal Kit; this call alone is worth the upgrade investment, so it’s like getting the stones, pouches, and shipping for free
  • I encourage everyone to bring a friend: not only does this guarantee someone to share the experience with, but it’s a great way to spread the crystal love—friends can come for only $200, and Crystal Crush is a $1200 program
  • If it’s a money issue, there are always ways to work this out. This beautiful healing tool is so important to me to get into as many hands as could use an appreciate it, that I’ve been able to work out payment schedules, etc., with everyone who is feeling called. (Money is rarely the real issue anyway, even if it feels like it is.)
  • I’ve left open the possibility of using the $100 saving code from the purchase of my popular Earth Magick Essentials guide for the next week, and if you combine that with bringing a friend and splitting the difference, that makes $200 off the top for both of you—sweet!


So, here’s a funny story, especially if you were previously tapped by me to join us and you said no.


One of the women in Crystal Crush right now has been having me pull stones for her for a while. I asked if she’d be interested in joining the program, and she said no: she was in the middle of a divorce, had 3 jobs, is taking care of her kids by herself now, terribly busy, stressed out, and money was tight, too. “Okay, let me know if you change your mind, then.” (I didn’t tell her that I’d already seen her in the program.) The day before we started, I got a message back from her: “OK Elizabeth, I dreamt all night of this dang crystal class!!”

When I talked to her later that day, she said that morning she had awakened with no symptoms of her chronic illness. “I’m more sure of this than I’ve been of anything in a long time!” She’s now happily enrolled at the VIP level, enjoying her crystal kit, and thrilled that she followed her dreams—literally. Me, too. I typically see big transformations occurring IN class, but this was one that took place even before she got started. All she needed to do was to open the door to the possibility of saying yes to herself, and the magick was already at work.


You should know that I scheduled Crystal Crush to coincide with Eclipse season. On purpose. I know that eclipse seasons are generally difficult for people, though I frankly didn’t foresee just how tough this one was going to be! I timed it so that this program, full of delicious support from me, the stones, and the other gorgeous beings in the class, would arrive just in time to carry you through the instability and crankiness of eclipse season, so that you could sail through these portals to different realities more or less unscathed.

If you’re ready to stop being knocked around, then I invite you to join us. And if you haven’t been knocked around, I humbly bow to you, because even those whom I look up to as rock solid have been thrown off their centers by this one!


So again, if you’re needing help to navigate this time (I personally have been needing—and getting—lots) I’ve got a few ways to support you:

  • On Saturday and Sunday I’ll be taking requests for Crystal Pulls. If you’re already registered, you can head to the official thread this weekend to make your request, and if you’re not, you’ll need to sign up here:
  • I’m still offering the Mini Oracle Messages that I developed for the last Eclipse season, and (why not?) here’s a promo code for $50 off: BLOODMOON50 If you need a little boost of clarity or an energetic re-boot, this is just the ticket. You can check it out here:
  • Crystal Crush admission is still open for a few more days. If you have questions, simply reply to this email. You can check out the program here:


And don’t forget—especially if you’re in the Americas—don’t forget to go out an look at the Blood Moon on Sunday night. The show starts a few minutes after 9 ET and will peak 30-45 minutes later. This is the last time for 4 years that we’ll have one of these awesome galactic spectacles in our own backyards. Enjoy!!

Own Your Magick,