Libra New Moon Opportunities

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New Moon Blessings upon you!


Wow, this one’s a BIGGIE! We’re had a whole slew of biggies over the past few months, haven’t we? It’s possible that this one feels bigger than it is because we’ve been in this high-intensity series of lunation’s for a while, now, but my sense is that it feels big because it IS big. Big changes are afoot, and today is the first day to step onto a new path!

Las night’s New Moon in Libra marked the closing of eclipse season. (Whew—it was great, and opened a huge portal for everyone which both vacuumed out what we had each outgrown, and then upgraded us energetically—but also a little overwhelming; I feel like I could sleep for about 48 hours straight right about now!)


This Eclipse season, which started 6 weeks ago, was also marked by Mercury retrograde in Libra, which perhaps added fuel to the fire of overwhelm for some. I find that Merc Rx is a more peaceful moment for me—I simply expect things to go sideways, and then don’t ascribe the sideways movement to my own failings, as I might otherwise.


Venus was also retrograde for the first part of Eclipse Season, so the past 6 transformative weeks have marked by her influence as well. Right now is the perfect time to dig into what has shifted for you since the summer around relationships and partnerships, art, beauty, or finances. Grab a journal, set a timer, and write continuously for at least 10 minutes, or sit in stillness to see what comes to the surface for you. It might also show up for you in dreams, so pay attention.

This information is a gift from the Universe, so don’t let it slide by, like an unopened present left under the tree. Aren’t you curious to see what new opportunities are available for you now?

You may be surprised at how short this email is (not the tome that is typical of my missives), but I wanted to quickly announce a couple of act-on-them-now opportunities:


The first invitation is that right now (yes, I meant to get this note out earlier, but the last few days have been what they’ve been, so it’s late and I’m okay with that—more or less) I’m doing a middle-of-the-week Crystal Pulling party on the occasion of the New Moon! The best time to have your intentions illuminated and activated by crystals is from right now until about 9 pm ET tomorrow (Wednesday 14 Oct).


If you’re registered, go straight to the ***OFFICIAL THREAD*** on my FB page to post your intention, request, or question. If you have yet to register, do it now(there’s no charge unless you want the amazing guide which will deepen every crystal reading you do with me from now on). Look for this image on my FB page:

Do this before 8:58 pm ET tomorrow or I won’t be able to honor your request. Trust that the Magick is good as long as your request is in by then. It might take me a little while to get to everyone, but I will honor every request posted if it gets in under the wire.

I’ve been doing these pulling parties at each Full and New Moon since July because there was so much “up” with the Blue Moon and then Eclipse Season, but I think I’ll slow it down to once per month rather than twice for the time being. There’s no scarcity, really, but you just won’t see it happening quite as often as before, so join in now if this speaks to you.


What it is, basically, is a message from the Divine Plane that speaks DIRECTLY to your situation today. And it not only speaks to it, but brings you the exact support that you need. (I know, right?!) If you’ve been uneasy lately, or wrestling with a problem of any kind, bring it to the Magick Crystal Bowl, and get immediate support.

Be warned, however: this kind of mind-blowing support and spot-on information does become addictive! Once you step up to the bowl, you’ll never go back to the crystal-free lifestyle.


The second event, which is happening around when my crystal party is ending, is a no-cost call all about Venus’s influence (read—the influence of the Divine/Solar Feminine) over the next 17 months presented by my good friend Emily Trinkaus.


I’m super-excited, because I learned so much from her Venus Revolution classes last spring and summer. The title for tomorrow evening’s call is: “Venus in Virgo: Underworld Descent to Unearth and Reclaim the Sacredly Sexual Priestess


This is what Emily has to say about it:


For thousands of years, Venus in her various guises – Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite… – was worshipped in temples staffed by priestesses who participated in sacred sexuality with members of the community. People came to the temple to honor the Goddess, to ask for blessings of fertility for themselves, their crops and their animals, and for healing.

“It was during this earliest time of the worship of the Goddess of Love that sexuality was considered to be sacred and its joyful expression was available to everyone and it lay at the core of the Goddess’ mysteries and religious rites.” – Demetra George

Now, as the patriarchal paradigm has reached its endgame, the Sacredly Sexual Priestess is returning to re-wed spirit and matter, and re-divinize the body, sexuality and the Earth.

On the call you will:
* learn about the ancient association between Virgo, the Goddess and the Sacredly Sexual Priestess
* get an overview of Venus’ Underworld Descent and how to work with Venus at the 2nd Gate – the Gate of Perception
* sample the magic we’re brewing in the Temple of Venus Revolution
After I give my Venus transmission, Celebrity Witch Heather Bleasdell  – my brilliant collaborator for the next Venus Revolution Immersion – will tell you a story about magic and how your art can take you places, inviting you to remember something about what TURNS YOU ON.

And of course we’ll also tell you about the upcoming Immersion: Descent into the Underworld: A 6-Month Journey to Unleash Your Wild Feminine Creative Brilliance & Liberate Your Fierce Feminine Leadership.

Everyone is welcome to the preview call, and no previous astrology experience is needed! You can participate by phone or online, or you can listen to the recording at your leisure, but you must register to access the call.


There it is: a set of 2 ways to celebrate the moment and really energize your intentions for the next month/17 months, as the case may be.


I hope you’ll join me for both!


Own Your Magick,

P.S.: Aren’t you glad that crossbow-style tension is over? I sure am!!