Today’s Once-In-A-Lifetime Reset-Button Eclipse + International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day AND 2016’s first eclipse. It’s a total solar eclipse (just about the most powerful New Moon you could ask for—New Moons are all about new beginnings) and there are powerful things afoot in the sky.

The Sun and Moon are together at 18 degrees Pisces (the final house of the Zodiac, all about spirituality, dissolving, spirituality and higher consciousness) sitting with the South Node (indicative of old patterns) and Chiron (the Wounded Healer). Pisces’ ruler Neptune (god/goddess of the ocean, and also all about dissolving, transcendence, dreams, and the ethereal) and Mercury (messenger of the gods, associated with the mental plane) are also in Pisces at the moment. I’m not done, but let me pause here to unpack this.

Essentially, this New Moon is all about releasing the old—old thought patterns, old behaviors, old wounds, old ways of being and thinking that are no longer serving you. Let them dissolve. Transcend them. Allow them to be released, so that you can start the new astrological year at this month’s equinox with a clean slate. All it takes is a firm intention, which includes attention.

Directly opposite this cluster of Sun-Moon-South Node-Chiron in Pisces we have Jupiter at 18 degrees Virgo. Jupiter of course in Roman mythology is the king of the gods. In astrology, this planet is all about expansion, luck, and abundance. (It can also be expansion of the negative if you choose to focus on this, so I suggest you don’t, but trust and surrender instead.)

If you have been looking for a massive Reset Button in your life, THIS IS IT.


This is your opportunity to dissolve, release, heal, and transcend those things that no longer serve you so that you can step up your service to the world, not to mention enjoy your life a whole lot more.


The South Node cuddled up to this eclipse tells us that all those old, outdated default patterns can be eclipsed, overturned, shuffled to the back of the pile. These patterns are the things that we do without thinking, like putting something in our mouths not because we’re hungry, but because we feel bad. Or reaching for a cigarette/glass of wine/the TV remote when stressed out. Or putting our own needs last, even when we’re already depleted, just because that’s what we always do.
This is our most amazing and magickal opportunity to STOP doing those things.


If you want to take full advantage of the clean energetic slate that is available this week, I invite you to consider joining me on FB for my Crystal-Pulling Party. Find the Official Thread on my page and list what mental or behavioral pattern you intend to release. I’ll pull stones for you that will help you to trust that the patterns are indeed being alchemized.


Some people ask what they need to do with the crystals that I pull for them: do they need to acquire the stones in question, for example. My response always is: relax and trust that the stones are doing the work. All you need to do is to clear away any roadblocks to receiving their divine help. And with intention-setting, if you have at least one of the stones that I pull for you in your crystal or jewelry collection, you might consider wearing it, to re-affirm your intention every time you notice that it’s with you.


Here’s how to participate:


If you signed up for these pulling parties in the summer or fall, you’re good to go: proceed straight to the official post on my FB page.


If you haven’t signed up yet, you’ll need to register here first. (There’s no charge unless you’d like my Earth Magick Essentials guide, which was written to support these crystal pulls and is chock-a-bloc with information that will deepen your understanding of the pulls I do for you from here on out). Prepare to be blown away at uncanny wisdom of the stones—exactly the energy that you needed will always show up for you.

I’ll be launching the party at about the time this email reaches your inbox. I’ll put the intention-setting (requests) on hold between 8:54 pm Tuesday and 2:40 pm Wednesday because that’s a slack moment for intentions (they’re not energizable then) and we’ll pick it up and continue accepting requests through 1 pm ET on Friday.

The same day as this powerful eclipse portal, we also are celebrating (or, in the US, NOT celebrating) International Women’s Day.


This is a day to celebrate women’s contributions to the world, and not just the ones that appear in textbooks, like Marie Curie’s contributions to science and health, or Jane Austen’s contributions to literature. I’m talking about taking a few minutes to consider how the (typically unrecognized and unpaid) efforts of the women around you have made your life better.


If you were fed, clothed, or taught anything as a child, it was most likely a woman who did it. If someone remembered your birthday or significant anniversary, it was probably a woman. If you felt seen and heard, chances are it was a woman who was witnessing you.


In most households, women are the floor-sweepers, the nose-wipers, the bedtime-story-tellers. They are the ones who know which child likes crunchy peanut butter and which child likes creamy, and knows how much of each is available at home so that no school lunch is ever left unpacked. They guarantee that there are always clean underwear and socks available, and that those pesky grass stains don’t permanently ruin your favorite trousers.

International Women’s Day is a time to say thank-you to those people who have helped your day or life be better, and also a day to consider the importance accorded to women in the world (especially if you happen to be one).


Yes, we have a viable female candidate for the White House. (For the record, I voted Bernie on Super Tuesday.) Yes, there are women justices on SCOTUS. Lots of progress has been made—at least on the surface—in lots of areas.


But if you’re in the US, did you even know it was International Women’s Day? I’m guessing not, unless you live on a college campus. In countries over the world, schools, banks, and government offices are closed. There are parades,  demonstrations, special news reports. The US likes to pat itself on the back for its progressive values, but in the area of women’s rights, we’re woefully behind lots of developing nations. It’s true that a woman doesn’t need authorization from her father, husband, or brother to open a bank or credit card account anymore (this hasn’t been true for about 45 years), but she’ll still be paid 20% less for the same work.

Because of the cosmic juxtaposition of these two events—International Women’s Day and the Pisces Total Solar Eclipse (and where it’s happening in my chart)—I’m putting my releasing resolutions and my honoring of Women and women’s struggles together. I hope my demonstration of how I’m applying this helps you:

This Eclipse activates one of the two big features of my natal chart: the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo of the late 1960’s (which I recently learned is a trauma signature for Burning Times) opposite a Mars-Chiron conjunction in Pisces. Yes, this huge eclipse is sitting right on top of what was once referred to as a “cluster-bomb” (actually, she used the less-polite form) in my natal chart.


In other words, in this lifetime (right now—today) I’m healing my own wounds and those of others around abandonment, betrayal, and having been burned at the stake for owning our magickal gifts in the past. Mars in Pisces is the Spiritual Warrior, linking arms with the Teacher-Healer.


Today I choose to eclipse all of those stories of woe and being a victim, and stride forward proudly in full sovereignty, my crystal crown glittering, armed with the Truth and my Queenly Outrage.


Are you coming with me?


Yes, that cluster-bomb is going to go off somewhere! But it won’t be in my house or under my people. Not in my realm.


This bomb of Truth—there are 3 parts to it—has already started to go off, though so subtly that no one has noticed. It’s blowing up and slicing through all of our tangled-up feelings and stories about having money.


In the Live Oracle Transmission I did 10 days ago on MONEY, we spent over 3 hours getting the story straight, healing those wounds, and creating powerful containers for changing the disempowering narratives into empowering ones. In the special FB group that I’ve set up for subscribers, I’ve told them that thanks to perfect Divine Timing,today’s eclipse is coming in to wipe away our old thought and behavior patterns around money, energizing our new intentions. There’s still time to get in on that action, if you subscribe and listen to the call by mid-day Friday.


I’ll send something out later in the week, because we’re doing another live call on the same topic—this time specifically oriented towards releasing the old, low-vibrating stories and patterns—this coming Saturday. In the meantime, know that there is powerful healing (not to mention some incredible answers) available on the replay of the first call. If you choose to register, don’t forget to whisper the magick word TRIBE into the special box at check-out.

So this is it: I am encouraging you with every fiber of my being to use today as that powerful reset button. No matter where you are in your life, aren’t there some things you’d like to be eclipsing? Old stories, self-sabotaging behaviors, relationships that either need to go or be re-forged with new stain-free materials?

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve eclipsed, Love.

Own your Magick!