LGBT = Lightworker

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LGBT=Lightworker LOCEY

LGBT = Lightworker

(whether they identify as such or not)

It has become clear to me in the 2 days since the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, that the LGBT community, whether they identify as such or not, is a community of Lightworkers.


Everyone who lives his or her gender differently from the so-called “norm” is standing on the front lines as a Spiritual Warrior for understanding, compassion, and, ultimately, Love.


I can’t think of a better definition of Lightworker.



Every member of the LGBT community brings more Light and spaciousness to the question of gender, and breaks up the duality that has long been considered inherent to gender itself.


Every person who stops hiding her or his authentic self and lives it loud + proud is a Lightworker.


Every person who does this can inspire others—from ten to tens of thousands of others—to do the same.


It doesn’t matter if your authentic self is LGBT, left-handed, psychic, witchy, artistic, politically active, an empath, or all of the above. As long as you are living in your TRUTH, which is also your LIGHT, you are a Lightworker.



Einstein teaches us that everything is energy. The Akashic Records teach that all energy is located on a Light-to-shadow spectrum, which can also be seen as a Love-to-fear or Co-Creator-to victim spectrum.


On the Light/Love/Co-creator end are the energies of trust, connection, gratitude, joy, laughter, abundance, giving/receiving, surrender, and acceptance. These energies are open and relaxed.


On the shadow/fear/victim end are the energies of hatred, jealousy, anger, mistrust, competition, separation, pain, stress, depression, hoarding, and judgment of self and others. These energies are tight and controlling.


Everyone is a mixture of Light and shadow in any given moment. It’s up to each of us to monitor our personal energy signatures, and if we don’t like what we see, to transmute that feeling instead of going into self-judgment or judgment of others.

Love is infinitely more powerful than fear, so if we can keep transmuting our shadows as they show up, the balance of power will inexorably shift toward Love and harmony.


Together, we are raising the vibration of Planet Earth.


Lightworkers of the world, Unite!