Radical healing, SO needed since Orlando + Solstice recap

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Beautiful one–

I hope you had a gorgeous Solstice/Full Moon last week. I did, and that high point of the solar year (it was Summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) lit a fire under me.


I was in the middle of writing you a Love Note to celebrate this High Holy Day, and like a muffin popping out of a hot tin, I got shot clean across into what felt like a different, more vivid dimension. (See the second post scriptum below for my original message.)


On the Solstice itself, I gave and received an Akashic Records channeling. WOW! I was told that I was playing it too easy, and not stepping into the BIG role that I’ve carved out for myself. True, the waiting to hear about Malaysia (the potential move is still a potential, despite the Brexit) had put me into a form of energetic stasis, which I was confusing for surrender.




I wasn’t surrendered. I was asleep.


And in the midst of my suspended animation, 50 people died in Orlando.


So this week, I’ve been cooking up lots of good stuff. Really picking up the pace on creating my Sacred Grove Finishing School for Oracles ™. It was still nominally in the works, and I’ve loved teaching the curriculum privately for a while now, but I hadn’t really been inspired to move forward on the structure of it recently.

(Too much dissolving in the air, you know?)


But the bigger, more immanent news is that I have been creating a new Oracle Series. Oh, I am so excited about this that I can hardly contain myself!!  It’s called “(UN)Holy Trinity: Healing the Separation between SEX, Spirit, Love + Money.”


Our first call is tomorrow, and it’s on sex and how it dovetails with spirituality or religion.


Why this series, you ask? Let me lay it out for you:


There is so much swirling energy around spirituality, love, and money–and how sex intersects with each of them–these days, that it feels important to address it with some wisdom from the Akashic Field of Pure Truth and Love.


From the mass shooting at the Pulse night club to the elevation of Mary Magdalene to a rank equivalent to the (other) apostles by Pope Francis in the past 2 weeks, the ties between sex, money, love and spirituality have been pulled tighter into what might appear to be a knot.


Instead, this is an opportunity for radical healing.


I am offering a set of three public Oracle Transmissions to whomever feels they need some clarity or healing around how Sex intersexts with the issues of money, love, and spirituality.


This is a very holy trinity, but I know that for others considering spirituality and sex (to say nothing of sex + money) in the same breath is beyond the pale. And yet…


And yet, these are the issues facing us in our quickly-evolving world.


This series of Oracle Transmissions is meant to both wash away expired, moldering ideas about these topics and where they meet, and to anchor in new wisdom, straight from the divine plane.


What they will provide is both healing (in a very real sense of the energetic, emotional, and mental bodies) as well as something solid to hang onto as the structures in our world are falling away around us. Even if we are cheering as systems that have oppressed us for lifetimes are dissolving, it is nonetheless very disconcerting to feel the ground under our feet give way.


These topics are meant to push our edges, and personally, I am looking forward to being challenged by much of the information that will come through.


Call #1 on Spirituality + Sexuality:

We start here because this is what is most “up” in the world at this moment, and has been causing shame and complexes in the West for over 2 thousand years.


I imagine people might ask about the more explosive crossing of sexuality religious beliefs that caused the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter so much anguish and confusion. Or, what it means–for women in general, but also for the whole question of “morality”–now that Mary Magdalene’s rightful place at Jesus’s right hand has been recognized by Pope Francis.


Will the Adam + Eve story shift? Will this be the piece that undoes misogyny’s hold on our culture?? Who knows. Come with your questions to find out.


(Note: I chose this image particularly, not only because it’s from the façade of Notre Dame de Paris, but also because the serpent is CLEARLY rendered as female. In a cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this kind of iconography sends a double message. Associating the feminine with chastity on the one hand or the root of all evil on the other in basic religious texts has not been without cultural collateral.)


Lest we forget that religion and spirituality are not synonymous, I also imagine that questions regarding the rise of the Divine Feminine will come up during this call, as I personally would like to hear more divine perspective on this, Goddess culture today and in ancient times, etc. Questions regarding Mary Magdalene will surely lead us there, but I’d love to see what you have in mind. I can also see how the subject of the sacredly sexual priestess would come in here.


This first call happens tomorrow at 1 ET. There’s plenty of time to decide to come. Allow your intuition to determine whether you’d like to participate in the first one (you can always forward me your question ahead of the event if you can’t make it live and listen for the answer on the recording).

The other two calls happen on alternate Mondays, the 11th and the 27th of July.


–>>Check it out here<<—


This is what came out of the cauldron I was stewing in (most uncomfortably) after Orlando and the Solstice message to stop playing small.


I’m a healer, though I’ve been pussy-footing around that for years. I’m also a mouthpiece for the Divine Plane.


{Deep breath!}

I’ve committed to not playing small, so I’ll share the transcript of an Angel Reading that I got from Margo Mastromarchi over two years ago. This is when I finally got the go-ahead to start calling myself an Oracle (it was more of a smack down actually—I got chewed out for waiting so long).

I share this not out of self-aggrandizement, but to show you why I do this. And also, I suspect, so that I don’t try to slink back into semi-hiding or playing smaller than I need to. Incidentally, this part was not spoken in Margo’s soft voice but in a loud, choppy, mechanical, almost angry channeled voice: it was an abrupt departure from everything else that had come before.


This is super-edgy for me, because I’m sharing it verbatim, nothing cut out or toned down.


“DEAR ONE, you are now bringing in, into the physical world, in this time, in this century, you are now bringing in, into this world, the wisdom that was lost.


And that wisdom, that was lost, will go into your world, and it will change much that is going on now. Do not be concerned about how broad your work goes. We will extend it beyond anything that you could imagine. [You can already see here how nervous I was about the “assignment.”]


It is your assignment now to do what is brought to you and to allow it to come through you. [I don’t pick the topics–the come up and DEMAND to be shared.] Do not be concerned and do not judge what is happening. It is going beyond what you can see and that is the purpose now. You are allowing it to come forward. It is who you are. We have said it is who you are because it is who you are.


You have been in many lifetimes one who has given wisdom to others. It has not always been taken and used the way it can be used now. And it is needed now and that is why you are here. And we knew when you were born that you had the potential to move into this aspect of giving to the world, but it was your choice, dear one. And you have chosen, and allowed us to guide you. And so now, relax, dear one, and allow us to guide you further.


You will be a Light for many.


There is much love here, much love that you are bringing. Much love that you are allowing us now to extend, to really rush, from the Divine through you, to those who are able to receive, and that is all that you need to do, dear one: is to allow it to come through you to those who are ready to receive. Do not struggle to interpret; just allow it to BE.”


So the question is: are you one of those who is ready to receive all the Love (and wisdom) that the Divine is extending, and rushing through me?


If you’re a yes, then I invite you to join me in the (UN)Holy Trinity series. You’ll never be the same. And neither will I.


Own Your Magick,

P.S.: The (UN)Holy Trinity: Healing the Separation between Sex, Spirit, Love + Money series starts tomorrow with the call on healing the separation between Sex + Spirit. Sign up for the single call or whole series here. And feel free to share this event and invite your friends who need this healing as well. SO needed for so many of us since Orlando…


P.P.S.: As promised, here’s what I planned to send you on the Solstice:

Today is the Solstice and a Blue Moon—that’s the second Full Moon in Sagittarius in a row.


The Summer Solstice is the solar equivalent of the Full Moon—when maximum Light and energetic amplification hits is. It’s extremely rare for a Full Moon and Summer Solstice to fall on the same day (kind of like 2015’s March “eclinox”), so this officially counts as a Big Deal.


(If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, today is like a New Moon, so plant your intentions for the coming 12 months before tomorrow. If this is the first day of Summer for you, revisit your Winter Solstice intentions because they will be peaking or erupting for you now.)


Add to that the rare Blue Moon, the ultra-rare Mutable Grand Cross that makes everything feel wobbly, and the Mars retrograde that feels more potent than any of the others that we’ve felt recently (we currently have 4 planets moving backwards), and you’ve got some serious collective energy of shifting and uncertainty which on which the volume is turned way up.


But I’m betting that you don’t need me to tell you that!!


I’ve been hearing from all parts—and living it myself—that this past week is one of the most difficult people have had in years.


I pulled a card this morning from my 13Moon Oracle deck and got this message, which I think applies to more than just me: “”This unweaving of the dysfunctional patterns in your life, that attempt to maintain your smallness, is a painful gift offering the dissolution necessary for you to energetically re-cohere into another order of being.”


With Neptune (she dissolves things) in an extended tight angle with Saturn (lord of structures) this dissolution is palpable. Just try to go with the flow! Remember, this is to help us to energetically come back together at a higher level.

Self-care, self-care, self-care. Listen to your body, and let it tell you what you need right now. It might be lots more rest, or maybe more activity! Whatever else you do, increase your water intake over the next few weeks—it will help all of us to weather the current cosmic energies!