Potent Sagittarius New Moon to choose LOVE over fear

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Oh, Boy! It’s been quite a week over here in Loceyland. Before I get into what’s been going on for me since just before Thanksgiving, let me wish you a Happy Sagittarius New Moon.

We’re coming out of Scorpio season, which mostly happens underground (its themes are sex, death-and-rebirth, taxes, other people’s money, shared resources). We also saw a very acrimonious US presidential election with a surprise outcome unfold during this time. It would be an understatement to say that a lot of shadow material was thrown around during the campaign. Fear has been at an all-time high for most people in the West who are not old enough to recall World War II.

Fortunately, we’re in for a break; and an opportunity. You might have felt a shift about a week ago—I certainly did—when the Sun moved into optimistic Sagittarius. It’s time now to bring all that shadow work out into the open!

Last time I wrote, it was about the presidential election, and you can find it here if you missed it or would like to read it again. My general take on the election is that it’s the quickest way possible for Patriarchy to fall, though the next few years will likely not be very fun.

Also, that it’s a HUGE wake-up call to all humans everywhere who stand for Love to actually stand up and make some noise. We need to get up off of our meditation pillows, leave our high-vibe sanctuaries, and start some conversations. We need to all speak up, stand up, and be counted embodying Love. That’s the only real way to combat fear.

Show up as who you are, exactly where you are, and you’ll make a bigger difference than you think.

New Moons are the most powerful time to set intentions. Today is the first New Moon since the US elections, and I invite everyone from all parts of this crazy and beautiful world to set your intentions today: intentions for how you’ll show up in all your Mythic Glory.

Set your intentions today to walk the planet As Love.

BE the God/Goddess that lives within you.

In every interaction—be it at work, in your family, or in the grocery store check-out line—allow your gorgeous heart to crack itself wide open and let its Light + joy pour forth.

Slow down. Be fully present. Look people in the eye for a 3-count. It will feel uncomfortably long at first (count it out!), but the rewards are incredible.

Revel in the wonder and the glory of it.

As a bonus, you’ll be inspiring others to do the same, simply through your words and actions.

If you desire some help in really catalyzing your intentions at this most critical time, I invite you to join me for a crystal-pulling event. It starts now (New Moon was exact at 7:18 am Eastern today) and goes through 11 pm ET tomorrow, the last day of November. As always, set (state) your intentions as soon as possible after the New Moon is exact.

As long as you get your intention request in during this window, they will be grounded, alchemized, and galvanized by the crystal pull, even if it takes me a few days to get through all of the requests. Look for this post on my FB page. If you’ve registered before and are reading this now, you can go ahead and post your request; no need to re-register unless you need the key again, or want the guide. Be sure you’re posting on the proper thread!

I’m thrilled to be able to help you reclaim and live as your Mythic Self. The time for hiding is past. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

A few quick notes on this Sagittarius New Moon. Sag is ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck, optimism, and expansion. It’s a fire sign, so it’s asking you to take spiritually aligned action.

After traveling through the Scorpionic underworld, we have arrived back out in the sunlight as a Mythic Being: a centaur. This magickal creature is a chimera: a merging of the higher mind (human torso and arms carrying a bow and arrow to shoot ever higher into the stratosphere) and the wilder, instinct-driven animal (the body and legs of a horse).

Sagittarius themes to consider when setting your powerful intentions today are: expansion, widening your horizons through higher education or travel, optimism, philosophy, belief systems, religion and spirituality, publishing, promoting, broadcasting, luck, generosity, pushing beyond your comfort zone, and TRUTH.

According to my friend Emily Trinkaus, this is the perfect New Moon for taking a risky step forward. Walk your edge and broadcast your Truth. There’s immense support—and need—for that right now!

It’s important also to consider the shadow qualities of Sagittarius. It’s not all Sag-timistic all the time. Shadow Sag patterns around overindulgence or excess can be released now, as well as any limiting beliefs that have got you hanging on a meathook or crucified, stuck in victim mentality.

Finally, because belief systems and excess are the domain of Sagittarius, one of the biggest pitfalls of shadow Sag is judgment and self-righteousness. Especially now in these divided and divisive days, it’s easy to see things in back + white. It’s easy to think, “I’m right and you’re wrong,” whichever side of an issue you’re on.

Integrity check: I’ve been having trouble with this myself, in the wake of the election, and in light of what’s been happening at Standing Rock. I find it hard not to be outraged. I struggle to stay in that place of Love + Trust, even though I know that that’s the only solution.

So today as I set my own intentions, one that I’ll be focusing on is melting through the back-and-white-ness that apparently exists out there with the pink ray of Love + connection. I encourage you to do the same, or to set an intention around healing the perceived gap between people with Love and Oneness consciousness.

The Sag New Moon is all about planting a seed of hope in the future—shooting our arrow of faith into the heavens. And, it’s in a challenging square to the nodal axis (North and South nodes) and Neptune, which has been hanging out with the South Node in Pisces for a few months now.

If you don’t know, the North Node is your evolutionary edge; it’s what you’re learning to do in this incarnation. The South Node is a default position, old habits that aren’t good for you, and the opposite of a growth edge.

The South Node brings out the shadow qualities of whatever sign it’s in, and right now it’s in Pisces, the sign of dreams, Oneness, collective consciousness. Shadow Pisces is victim consciousness, hopelessness, and the illusion of powerlessness. Because Neptune is an outer planet, it represents collective energies. It continues to be super easy to fall into the collective nightmare of “everything sucks and there’s no way out.”

When things get too South-node-y, it’s best to find your True North by looking to the North Node. Right now it’s in Virgo, the sign of the priestess. Think: discernment, daily practices or rituals, practical steps. If you’re feeling sucked in to that mass delusion, take one, and then another, small, practical step to mitigate your own suffering; and, by extension, the suffering of others. Because what is done for one is done for all.

The promise of Chiron the wounded healer (another centaur!), also in Pisces, is that humanity can be healed through Oneness consciousness: all the human, animal, vegetable, and mineral hearts connected in a single, powerful grid. Neptune is right behind him, holding potent space for this opportunity.

The stars are literally aligned for this. For US. Yet it’s up to us to claim connection over division. We have to choose the collective dream of Oneness over the nightmare of “we’re all doomed!” And we can do that in our intentions today and tomorrow. Do it with me (and my crystal bowl), or do it on your own, but I implore you to do it. Deep bow of gratitude on behalf of Gaia and every living creature that inhabits our world.

Speaking of Gratitude, last Thursday was Thanksgiving in the United States, a holiday dedicated to giving thanks for abundant harvests and, the first settlers, having beaten the odds and survived illness, exposure, and famine the first year they arrived on these shores.

I love the idea of a holiday dedicated to opening one’s heart (Valentine’s Day is not that), but as a long-term vegetarian, with Cherokee heritage and now some intense food allergies so that even the gastronomic pleasures of the meal are mitigated, Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday.

This year, however, I had a big thing to be grateful for. On my way to pick up some yummy vegan cauliflower-crust pizza to snazz up my Thanksgiving dinner, I got rear-ended on the highway. The whole experience was surreal. By rights, that crash should have been fatal for me and my doggie who was accompanying me. It was a HUGE shock to the system for us both, but there were no major visible injuries, just crazy whiplash and lots of very sore muscles and a few scrapes and bruises only.

I am eternally grateful for airbags and all the beings who protected us from further harm.

As painful and traumatic as the experience was, as a spiritual teacher I would be remiss if I didn’t share a divine perspective or silver lining. This crash, two weeks to the day after my return from Hawaii where I re-birthed my Mythic Self, offers a powerful before-and-after thumbtack on the timeline of my life.

Retrieving all of my personal items from it was a trip, too. Very illuminating, like an archeological dig of the past decade + of my life. I’m currently composing a prose poem about it that I’ll share on FB and maybe here, too. The first lines are: “A pirate hat/ A yoga mat” and I’ll leave you hanging there.

Finally (yes, I know I’ve had a LOT to say today; it’s to keep from stuffing your inbox with email after email), here are two things that you might be interested in; file under “healing salves.” One is an emotional release and channeled divine answers call that I did back on the 18th for anyone having trouble with election results. You can register for it here and either listen or download right away.

Please share the link with anyone you know who might be heartbroken or in fear as well. The more we as lightworkers can stand in the energy of LOVE, the better it will be for the planet.

And this is a reminder that I’ll be live on the Awaken to Happiness Now summit next Wednesday, talking about owning your magick and living a mythic life. Registration is free and I’m one of many potent speakers with wisdom, gifts and offerings to share. I hope you’ll join me! More details coming Tuesday.

Please enjoy the gifts of this beautiful reset-button Sagittaruis New Moon, and don’t forget to set your intentions for LOVE and standing as your Mythic Self going forward into this Brave New World that we’ve created for ourselves and our evolution as a species.

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: The crystal-pulling party is on now and you can post your intentions for activation until 11 pm tomorrow (Wednesday 30 November) on the official thread on my FB page. You can register here if you haven’t in the past.

P.P.S.: I invite you to the emotional clearing and channeling call on election results. Please share the registration page with family and friends who might need hope or healing around this topic. Thank you!