2017: the Year of Love-Warrior Mustering

Live Call 10 January 12 noon EST

Do you feel it?

There’s a crackle and newness to the air. It’s the beginning of a new 9-year cycle.

Five years ago I channeled that this was the year the “show” was to begin. Back then I presumed that meant that we would be settling down and enjoying the show, Bwahahaha! I can hardly believe–from today’s vantage point–that that’s how I interpreted the images coming through from the Keepers.

Yes, the show is indeed about to start, but we are NOT passively waiting in our seats. Instead, we ARE the show.

The show is about the birth of the ancient future.

It’s about a merging of different dimensions. Mythic creatures like DRAGONS are back. To know this is true, just look at the hit movie roster or popular childrens’ jammies. Dragons are everywhere, and they are our friends.

We are now calling in our mythic companions to help us in the epic contest between Love (compassion, justice, freedom, empowerment, connection) and fear (judgment, virtual or literal imprisonment, oppression, separation) that is going down starting THIS YEAR.

This is the year of mustering the troops. of gathering the Love-Warriors (formerly known as Lightworkers, before the energetic upgrades to the planet and the cosmic demands of circumstances).

In other words, this is the year of BEING mustered; that is, called to stand up and assemble, to be seen by your fellow Love-team champions. You’re even called to be seen by the other side as well.

Come to this call not only to find out what to expect from the year, but to release what needs to go in order to truly stand as the Love-team Champion that you are. Discover how best to navigate and leverage the new energies available in this cycle to hoist you to new levels of consciousness and influence. Explore how standing in your authentic, mythic truth can both heal you of feelings of not-enoughness, but also create magnificent opportunities for serving others in ways you never expected.

This call will be live on 10 January at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time. However, if you are registered and know you can’t make it, send in your question ahead of time and it will be asked via proxy and answered by the Keepers–get your answer on the replay, delivered just following the end of the live call.

Energy cannot be bound by space or time, so if the live call is over, you will still benefit enormously from registering for this event. The healing and release portion will bring you closer to who you authentically are–you’re invited to listen to this part as many times as necessary over the coming months. The questions and answers will likely reveal something new every time you listen, so don’t stint on the replays.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. + Oracle, Mythic Midwife, and Slayer of Limiting Beliefs. I help Love-team Champions to undo all the ways in which they’ve clipped their own MASSIVE wings and to tear down all the stiffling boxes they’ve built around their greatness just to get along and be loved by the muggles. It’s time to stand up and be counted. To make THE difference in the world. And I’m here to help birth the authentic, LEGENDARY you–the one that stands 12 storeys high and shines brighter than 1000 suns–into the world. It’s what I was born to do. Were you born to BE that? If so, let’s talk. In the meantime, join this call which will no doubt be full of juicy revelations for you.

Here’s what some participants in last year’s January call had to say:

“I may curse so you might want to hide your eyes if you’re of a delicate nature… but holy fucking shit balls! That releasing was so powerful, every time something bubbled up that I needed to release, someone else stepped up to say exactly what I was feeling. There were a few moments where the emotion was so thick and heavy I had to actually claw it away from my throat. Then, when you opened the Records, each question was exactly what I needed to hear. “you are being deployed”!? “Interval Energy”!? “Holding Space”!? “Procrastination”!? “Desire is a compass”!? Holy fucking shit balls.”

“Elizabeth Locey, I love being on any call you facilitate – and we know I’ve been on a few – this one to me is priceless, with the letting go ceremony at the beginning to how much more energy and fun was at the end of the call – Priceless -and I will listen to it over and over – too many hidden gems, and key nuggets to just listen to once.”

GET ACCESS to this year’s call and start the year off right. And by that I mean: as a more grounded, empowered, and expanded you.

Click below to step into the vortex with me for just $35. You can listen to the replay over and over and receive the healing release and empowerment as often as is called for.

Let’s make the world a better, more just, and loving place in 2017. Join me for this Mythic Mustering Experience.

January 2017 Mythic Mustering Experience