Trifecta (Choose Your Wings)

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We are here, beloved.

We have stepped across the threshold into a new Age.

Let me take this moment to wish you a Happy New Moon in Aquarius. As well as a Happy Year of the Fire Rooster. (This Fire Rooster looks a lot like a phoenix to me. Let’s talk if you think so, too.)


We sit at this New Moon in a very interesting place.


A decisive moment in the history of the planet.


We are about to be divided, not between whether we are on the right or the left politically, but between choosing to fight (against) what we don’t like, or standing FOR what we believe in.


It’s a tricky edge to walk. And it’s also an empowering one.


It’s the difference between feeling like a victim (of someone else’s choices) or like the creator of your own experience.


Now, there are a lot of things that I could’ve done like organize a women’s strike or file a lawsuit. But I did do two things in November to help me (and others) feel more empowered and less imprisoned in victim-hood.



First, I downloaded a new program while in Hawaii called “Being Mythic.” Two weeks exactly after I got back home, when I hadn’t started refining it and putting it out there, I got rear-ended on the highway as I was sitting still in traffic. I haven’t shared the scary photos because they are just that: scary. But I knew, in my bones knew as I was standing there at the side of the road next to my mangled car and holding my freaked-out dog, that this was a message. No one had been “seriously” hurt (no broken bones or collapsed lungs or anything) because this was my Clarion Call to get busy.


The second thing I did, before I took action on Being Mythic, was to do a channeling about the Trump presidency. It was quite clear from the wisdom that came through, that the Trump presidency would hasten the downfall of the Patriarchal Order by at least 20 years over a Hillary Clinton presidency, because she was a more business-as-usual person. “Great!” I thought at the time. And of course, to the Keepers all things are ultimately good, so I didn’t dig a whole lot deeper.


Well, here we are, 10 weeks later, and it’s very clear that what the Keepers meant by hastening the downfall of the Patriarchy.


Trump is someone who divides. One of the way he does this is by gaslighting, which is to say: insisting that what is patently true is in fact NOT true, and also insisting on the veracity of his own version of events. (This is classic narcissist behavior.)


It’s a really savvy strategy, I’ll give him that. Anger 2/3 of the population with “alternative facts” starting on Day 2, so that we feel that we HAVE to respond. (How can we let such bald untruths stand?!?) But over time, being constantly galled simply leads to emotional exhaustion. It ruins the adrenals, and engenders a deep-seated sense of defeatism.


I say: let’s not let him have his cake and eat it too.


In other words, let’s not give him the satisfaction of wearing us down to nothing.


I’m going to stop protesting the lies and start documenting the Truth.


I’m going to stop railing against (something that isn’t going to stop for years) and shine an even stronger light on what I stand for.


I stand for the basic goodness of humanity. All humanity. Deep down, in a place I’ll admit isn’t very accessible in this moment, I know that on a soul level, Donald Trump is lion-hearted hero willing to be reviled by billions in order to draw humanity forward, out of the muck + mire of Patriarchy. And I thank him for that.


I stand for integrity. In other words: for seeing the Divinity in every other person alive. This means knowing that there is no such thing as “an illegal”: no human can be illegal! It also means knowing that every person, no matter her gender, social status, citizenship, income level or anything else, has just as much right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of whatever creates joy in her life as any other. Oh, and this applies in equal measure to every animal, plant, and geological feature of Gaia’s Green Earth from the deepest sea down to the smallest grain of sand.


I stand for LOVE. I actually could have started AND ended here, because Love is everything. The building blocks of our Multi-verse. Truth. Wisdom. Compassion. Connection. Peace. Joy. Abundance. Understanding. Non judgment. Oneness. Freedom. Expansion. Flow. And so much more of what I want for myself and everyone else.


Honestly, it feels sooooooo much better to stand FOR something than to flail AGAINST.


This brings me back to Being Mythic.


Being Mythic is about embodying your Legendary Self.


It’s about fully owning your divine giftswithout excuses and without apologies

(Let that sink in for a minute. I know, right?) 

It’s about standing shoulder to shoulder with others who have graduated from Light-worker to Love-Champion as a wall of illumination against those forces that do NOT see the divinity in all people and things, and who seek to control them for their own purposes.


It’s about being a defender of LOVE. Standing FOR all things Love, come what may.


It’s about unspooling the painful stories from this and previous lifetimes that have kept you small, apologizing for your gifts, wanting to hide the fact that you are the stuff of Legend.


Legendary Times call for Legendary Heroes.


Today, at the Aquarius New Moon, the beginning of the Lunar New Year (year of the Fire Rooster), it’s time to decide if you are a Guardian of Truth. A Champion of Love. An Advocate for Integrity.


It’s the perfect moment. This New Moon is ruled by Uranus: future-looking, lightning bolt, revolution. Uranus rules electricity and the power of ideas. Feel the crackle of potential. NOW is the time to make a sudden, unforeseen shift!


The dark of the moon (today at 7:07 pm EST) is a magickal time to set intentions for the month to come. And because it’s the start of the lunar year, your intentions will reverberate through the entire Year of the Fire Rooster.


Aquarius is the sign of the optimist, the humanitarian, the rebel WITH a cause. This New Moon is asking you: what are you going to stand for this year?


And, because this IS a legendary time, the turning of the age not seen in thousands of years, the stars are literally lined up to help us. A few hours after the New Moon is exact, Mars—the Warrior God and Action Planet—sweeps into fiery Aries. Not only is Mars the ruler of Aries, but there is SO much support for initiating action here because of the trifecta of New Moon, Lunar New Year, and fiery Mars bursting through into the first sign of the Western zodiac. And that’s not even counting the fact that we’re still in the first month of a One year.


If you are being called, choose your wings and send me your potent intentions for this fiery new moon/year. It will be my honor to empower them even further by acting as a sacred witness. Just hit “reply” with the number corresponding to the set of wings below that calls to you. No fair thinking about it! This is a gut-level judgment.


Choose your wings and tell me what you stand FOR right now. I can’t wait to hear from you, so please shoot me a message right back.