Eclipse the ho-hum + Embrace the LEGENDARY

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We are living in interesting times.

Never before have we been faced—as a nation for those living in the US, but also as a global human population—with a moment in history such as this.

Before, the atrocities were hidden behind closed doors, behind an iron curtain, drawn under a shroud of silence.

Today, they are gleefully tweeted out.

It’s easy to feel powerless as we watch dumbfounding executive order after executive order being issued. It’s easy to want to retreat into our caves/under the covers/into pools of distractions like TV or internet surfing just to get away from the stream of messages that tell us that nothing is what we thought it was.

And yet…

I submit that we are NOT powerless! That’s why, a week ago, I sent out that email with the wings. I heard from so many of you about which wings you chose that my heart expanded. I trust that you took those wings to heart, and are now using them to catalyze and strengthen your intentions!

As of the Aquarius New Moon (as of that email with the wings) we have entered into Eclipse Season.

Eclipse season is a time of intensity and potency. Of the old and outdated being eclipsed. Of the new coming to stand in its stead.

There are 2 eclipses this month—a Leo Lunar eclipse (visible from the US but only penumbral so not as impressive as a total eclipse) on this coming Friday, and the last of a series of Pisces eclipses (Solar eclipse this time) on the 26th.

Let me repeat: eclipses are powerful. In days of old, the blotting out of the Sun was so terrifying that nations demanded a major sacrifice to appease the gods and bring back the life-giving Light. “The king must die.”

Apply this to your life, now. What metaphorical king has to go? What part of you (your beliefs, your habits, your behaviors, your relationships, your perceived obligations) must be eclipsed?? If you desire sacred witnessing on this, I invite you to write me back with a list of what it is you are releasing this eclipse season.

And be sure to let me know what it is that will be coming in to take its place. This is almost more important than the letting go.

I hope that it’s a bigger, stronger, more powerful, less apologetic version of yourself. Willing to take more risks to stand up for the things you believe in. With or without wings.

Because, here’s the thing. We are SO much more than we appear to be. We appear to be normal humans, with above-average intelligence and a streak of luck a mile wide, but over all, not too different from our fellows.

The TRUTH is that we are Mythic Beings. If you are here reading this now, I’m betting it’s because you are being called, on a soul level, to discover your Legendary, Mythic, Epic self.

This calling could be due to your sense of wanting to right injustices you see in the world, or because you’ve got to shift your energy qualitatively in order to keep growing your business, or simply because you’ve started to really FEEL that you have wings, and you want to get to know them. Or maybe you have a certain sacred weapon (could be a sword, staff, bow + arrow, shield, mace, etc.) or mythic companions calling to you: Dragon, Faerie, Unicorn, Elf… These are all clues that your LEGENDARY SELF is coming to the fore.

Chances are that if you aren’t already in intimate relationship with your Mythic Self, it’s because you need some assistance. That’s what I’m here for. I specialize in Midwifing extraordinary people’s Mythic Selves, and untying the persistent knots of self-sabotage that hold us in a non-mythic existence.

Because guess what? WE are the ones keeping ourselves from living as the Heroes and Heroines that we know we could be. We clipped our own wings in order to not be too different as kids. In order to be loved by our families and accepted at school. We bound, gagged, and over time mummified our Mythic selves to please others–especially authorities like parents, teachers, and religious leaders. It was in bad form to show them that we were more powerful than they! So we spurned our Legendary parts, and tried to fit in.

If today you have a story about being less than or not enough, actually comes from having been seen/seeing yourself as TOO MUCH.

Well, the energetic tide of Planet Earth has turned. After thousands of years of status quo, the age is shifting again. There NEEDS to be a new generation of Legendary Heroes out there doing powerful work to uplift humanity and be the defenders of peace, justice, and freedom.

The world is crying out for legendary heroes right now. Are you one?

This isn’t a question I’m just tossing out there, just because. This for me is serious business. I was injured and my car totaled in November because I didn’t get this information out there fast enough. If you are called to stand up for—as—the force of Light, I want to hear from you.

I’ve even put together a new offering to help you explore your Legendary Self. If you’ve done channeling work with me in the past, this will be similar, but it takes you into territory beyond the Akashic Records.

In this session, we’ll be channeling answers about why you haven’t been able to step into your Legendary self yet (what’s holding you back) and starting to untie those pieces with cord cutting, emotional transmutation, inside-the-Records healing, visualization, and more.

And because of the need that we all see out there for Mythic Heroes, combined with the call for action implicit in eclipse season, I’m offering my Legendary Self discovery package (main session + integration call the following day) at an investment level you’ll never see again, through the month of February. Reply to this email or shoot me a message if you want more info.

If you already KNOW that you’re in, let me know that too. It will get you on my schedule earlier, so that you can spend more of Eclipse Season in intimate relationship with your Legendary Self.

The Legendary Self isn’t for people who are comfortable with their lives or businesses as they are, because this session WILL change you. Legendary Self is a crucible for deep transformation, so if you’re only in the market for small, surface-level shifts, please look elsewhere.

Legendary Self is where the rubber meets the road.

Are you in? Send me a message if you are.