Equinox’s New Frequency of Joy + Possibility

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Happy Equinox!!

Do you feel the shift?! My goodness, I sure do! It’s unbelievably visceral. New, new frequency of optimism and joy available today. Read on:

Today is the beginning of a new cycle, the new astrological year as the Sun crossed from the last sign of the zodiac (Pisces) into Aries, the first sign, this morning. In the Northern Hemisphere, today is the first official day of Spring, but traditionally (before Julius Caesar imposed his calendar with a random January 1st new year, and even well beyond that for the agrarian people who were more connected to the cycles of the Earth) this was celebrated as the new year. In modern Iran, it is still the New Year, the Persian calendar having its roots in Zoroastrianism.

Today is a High Holy Day, one of the 8 spokes in the Wheel of the Year, made up of the 2 equinoxes, the 2 solstices, and 4 cross-quarter days. If you are located in the Northern Hemisphere, I encourage you to take some time today to go outside to commune with the Earth, and celebrate Spring. Look for shoots of new growth in nature, and let your heart overflow with gratitude at the bounty that is provided to us. Remember that we always have everything we need, if we only look hard enough and connect to Gaia’s infinite energy.

Here in Atlanta we’ve been enjoying spring-like weather since Imbolc, the last cross-quarter day at the beginning of February, but if you live in a place where there is still snow on the ground, why not try to sprout your own seeds to celebrate the rebirth of life and plenty on the planet? If you have dry lentils in your pantry, put a few of them in a shallow dish with a little water and soon you’ll see them sprouting. (Sprouting lentils also makes them easier to digest, so you can eat them sprouted to really celebrate the cycle of life.)

And because this is an entirely new cycle, today is a fabulous day to set intentions. Day and night are equal, so it’s a clean-slate kind of day. What do you want to create this year? What are you magnetizing? Plant those seeds—literally or metaphorically—today to get the most out of the energy that is available today.

Ahead of today’s new beginning, you may have felt lots of “dying” energy, like parts of you were dying off. This was to help make room for the new happening today. Boy, did I feel it! Took me out for the better part of a week!! So much emotional processing to let go of what was no longer serving me…

Last week’s Full Moon in Virgo with its aspects to Saturn asked you if you consider yourself an empowered Sovereign Being, or if you’re giving your power away to a perceived authority outside of yourself.

I invite you to take a moment to sit with this question in emptiness or meditation. What are the places where you’re still giving your power away? (Hint: it’s wherever you feel fear or are not present.)

Then there was the peak of a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square on Friday that redoubled that death-and-rebirth energy which is always present at a New Year. Pluto is a real task-master: this god/goddess of the Underworld will kidnap you, drag you down into the Realm of the Dead, compost the parts that no longer serve, and give you new seeds that will grow as you return to your life.

Of course, the ancient Greek Demeter and Persephone myth explaining why there is a winter followed by spring is precisely about Pluto kidnapping the Earth Goddess Demeter’s daughter Persephone and taking her to Hades. She was returned to her mother, who in her joy created springtime, but before leaving Persephone ate some pomegranate seeds, which guaranteed that she would have to return to the Underworld regularly—thus winter when the Earth is in mourning.

One of the seeds I am planting for this year is all around being mythic and helping people live into their Legendary Selves.

Now, I realize that I actually have been doing this work for years, but didn’t have the powerful words or the specific focus before. Now that I do, the energy and potency of the work has quadrupled! The Legendary Self exploration, which is an initiatory gateway into Being Mythic but which can also stand alone, is a journey to discover who you truly are on the mythic plane.

I am CALLED, at the deepest possible level, to bring this work to everyone who needs it. I even had that debilitating car accident in November because I heard the call but was dragging my feet! [It was so clearly a message: the car that shredded my Buick from behind was an Envoy—messenger—driven by a guy whose first name means messenger, and whose last name is the same as mine if you reverse 2 letters! You really can’t make this stuff up.]

If you are feeling called by the words legendary or mythic—if they pluck some chords in your body, or create a sense of longing or pull—I invite you to come to a no-cost Q + A call on the Aries New Moon. As the first (initiatory) New Moon (initiating the first lunar cycle of the annual cycle) it’s the perfect time to step into a new energetic frequency.

On the call we’ll do some exercises to connect you to the You of the Mythic Realm, and answer questions live on the call. If you can’t be there in real time, just register early and send me your queries by email reply to the call-in information.

I always love doing live Q + A—lots of healing and solutions find their way into the answers somehow—so if you’re feeling called by the topic of living as your Legendary Self, please do come. And if you know people who also might feel called, please send them to the registration page as well: it’s gratis!

You can sign up here, Beloved http://bit.ly/2mJchIq

Brightest Blessings on the new cycle that opens today.

Own Your Magick + Your Legendary Self