A FUN New Way to Set (or revivify) Your Intentions

Elizabeth Uncategorized

I’ve been working with my Inner Child quite a bit over the past year or more. (it’s what has helped me to birth the Legendary Self work and Being Mythic. Truly.)

And in the course of allowing myself to really PLAY I’ve been blowing lots of bubbles. I have all kinds of bubble wands, including a huge purple sword in which the blade is the long wand sheathed in the bubble solution. My 11-year-old would like to claim that for herself, but I won’t let her.

Why? Because I NEED IT.

I need it for setting incredibly powerful intentions.

When I blow into that two-foot-long shimmering mirror of soon-to-be-bubble, and if I am holding an intention firmly in my heart (even saying it aloud sometimes) I am BREATHING LIFE into it. I am making it manifest on the 3-D plane.

As I watch those intention-bubbles float away from me on the breeze, liberated from my attachments, I know that when I see them pop, their deep, powerful (because) PLAYFUL magick is released.

I started doing this last summer, when we were going to have to move out of our home. I started blowing the intention “we get to stay as long as we want” out over the hill into the forest on the property. Soon, the landlord called to suggest we could stay on a month-to-month basis as long as we agreed to show the house regularly, which we did.

I kept blowing bubbles every time there was a showing. Ultimately, we got to stay for an additional 7 months, until we found a new home we liked.


The Keepers have been recommending this practice a lot recently to clients. Do I think they were the ones to suggest it to me originally? Perhaps. I’m so connected to my Records that it’s hard to tell what is Akashic and what comes in via other guides.


So, this is my recommendation to you:

If it feels aligned, get your own bubbles and blow your intentions into them.

Much like when you made wishes when blowing on dandelion fluff as a child.

(I bought myself 3 new bottles today. There are SO many things calling for creation in my world.)


Own Your Magick!

P.S.: the Aries New Moon–the most powerful New Moon of the year because it initiates the entire year–is happening on Monday.It’s the perfect day to set intentions because those intentions can be for the entire astrological year, not simply the current lunar cycle. I encourage you to take advantage!

P.P.S.: Also on Monday I’m doing a live Q+A about Living Your Legendary Life. I hope you’ll join me. It should be a potent way to kick off the New Year.