What’s Your Pleasure? (Taurus New Moon)

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Happy New Moon in Taurus!

Happy Taurus New Moon! I am aware that the last time that I wrote to the larger group, it was at the Aries New Moon. It’s never my intention to go so long without touching in and offering useful or thought-provoking stories or information, and….

Well, that’s just the kind of month it’s been—so full of script-flipping and de-storying and laughing at old patterns, even as I feel myself squeezed by them that there simply wasn’t time (or maybe it was inadequate focus) in between all the new iterations of me to get my arms around who I was and what I wanted to share with you before the next shift was underway. We’re talking a year’s worth of growth in 4 weeks. Maybe 3 years’.

And honestly, if it weren’t for today’s compelling New Moon, I probably would let myself bounce along, like a helium balloon on the ceiling, for another few weeks. Because right on time, today’s New Moon is a reset button for me: at 6 degrees of Taurus, it’s squarely on top of my natal 4th house Taurus Moon.

If you’re reading this, you can know that (hooray!) I managed to write and post before my world was made anew. I appreciate your patience and presume—since we are walking this path together—that you are feeling it “massaging” your own life as well. If this is so, I want to hear back from you. Doctorate in narrative literature = I loves me some stories! What are you celebrating, or looking forward to celebrating?

Me, I’ve been working a lot with Saturn this month, because the last New Moon was right on top of my natal Saturn, so my relationship with this planet was allowed to shift considerably.

I used to be afraid of Saturn (this makes me cringe) because this planet represents authority, boundaries, limits, and all kinds of NO! energy. Now, if you’ve been watching this program for a while, you know that I’m on a multi-year (multi-lifetime?) exploration of Sovereignty. Here’s what I’ve discovered in the past month about Saturn + Sovereignty:

They are not at odds!!

My Saturn re-set button helped me to realize that healthy boundaries are the sine qua non of Sovereignty: without the ones, the other doesn’t exist. Moreover, I was always seeing Saturn as an authority outside of myself, an entity that might want to limit me or take my power away.

But guess what? Just by flipping the script and looking at it in a different way, I discovered that Saturn (mastery, authority, the final word) wasn’t outside of me somewhere, but inside!! Now, I know I’m the authority in my own business, but I’ve lived in a pattern of falling down a lot and giving my power away in my family life. This was a HUGE paradigm shift!

These days, those rings around the planet no longer suggest limitations. They now are evocative of expansion! Rippling out into the cosmos. WOW. Could you use some of that medicine? Take it if it’s yours, beloved.

The window that opened me to this new possibility was the Venus/Inanna story. On Sunday Venus had her first conjunction with the Crescent Moon, which is associated with the first gate of her descent into the Underworld.

This is the Gate of Authority, where the beautiful Goddess-Queen of Sumeria, gives up her beautiful crown. And this gate is associated with the 7th (crown) chakra as well as Saturn, as this is the 7th (and final, until the relatively recent development of powerful telescopes) planet in our solar system.

And here’s another fun fact, since I seem to be full of them today. Inanna’s Babylonian counterpart—also the Goddess of fertility, beauty, and war—was Ishtar, which is the origin of the world Easter. Yes, those bunnies and eggs are all about fertility, not so much about Jesus’s re-birth, though that cycle of birth, death, rebirth is certainly evident in both traditions.

Today’s New Moon (exact at 8:16 am EDT on 26 May) is ruled by Venus, so look for venusian themes: pleasure, material comforts, money/abundance, pleasure, beauty, art, sensuality, pleasure, relationships, the physical senses (touch, smell, sound, taste, as well as sight), pleasure…

Did I mention that pleasure might be coming into play here? Very Venusian.

Taurus is the embodiment of nature and springtime. We cannot help but to use our senses to experience the abundance of nature: See the spring flowers blooming on the trees, inhale the heady scent of cherry blossoms, hear the birds chirping and the creek burbling. Smell the loamy scent of the earth after a rain as the soles of your feet experience the velvet of grass for the first time in months… Relish it!

Venus, incidentally, emerged as the Morning Star (this is her Warrior aspect) a few weeks ago, at the beginning of a 19-month synodic cycle in Aries. This means that for the next 7 months or so, she is doubly fierce: the Warrior Goddess, the Solar Androgyne, mixing her Feminine (beauty, sensuality, money) with the Masculine of Aries, the God of War, representing protection, fierceness, and outward expression. Then there’s an Underworld period, at the end of which she’ll re-emerge as the Evening Star (her Lover aspect).

(My heart simultaneously melts and expands at how the Universe has literally aligned the stars to marshal forces of love, inner strength and fierce protection in the face of egregious power-grabbing and fear-mongering by the new US administration, and other leaders around the world. So perfect, and in the works for millennia!)

Venus’s retrograde cycle officially ended when she stationed direct on 15 April, but we still have 3 more weeks of Rx shadow, so this is THE time par excellence to process/integrate all you learned in your inward journey around the themes of love + money, and to start taking action on what you gleaned from this period of introspection. How have you grown in these areas? What have you healed? In other words, what have you loved back into wholeness?

Of course, we’re in a big ole retrograde period right now: Venus is still in the Rx shadow, but Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde right now as well. So consider “re-“ words if you’re feeling frustrated or confused. Re-work, re-wind, re-consider, re-imagine, re-connect, re-check, re-emerge, re-solve. This springtime is surely a time of re-newal.

But even with the retrogrades (NB: they can be very positive if you choose to see them as such; like anything else), this Taurus New Moon is super-potent for manifestation. Taurus is all about abundance, after all: if you’re in doubt and in the Northern Hemisphere, just look out the window to see the life force leaping out of every branch and from every parcel of earth in great joyful plumes.

The promise of the season is fulfilled everywhere you look. There is SO much energy available to bring momentum to your intentions, and only harmonious aspects to the Sun-and-Moon pairing: a trine (the yummiest!) to the North Node, which is your/humanity’s evolutionary edge. Been thinking about taking a risk, maybe showing up as more authentically who you are, or stepping into a (bigger) spotlight? Now’s the time: there’s so much cosmic support for this right now. Green light all the way!

But it’s not a race, so allow yourself to be deliberate in your actions and communications.

Scarcity, including scarcity of time, is merely an illusion: that is the lesson of Taurus. Choose to live abundantly, instead.

And if you want to play even more deeply in the rich pools of manifestation, I invite you to join Alara Canfield’s Awaken to Happiness Now series tomorrow/Thursday at 3 pm ET. My talk this time is entitled “Dragons and Mermaids and Elves, Oh My! Joining Forces with the Fae to Foster True Prosperity.”

Yep, we’re a-gonna have us some FUN on this call! We’ll do an exercise connecting you first to your Legendary Self, then to your Mythic Companion. I love to see what comes through for people; it’s always so powerful.

This is my third appearance on Awaken to Happiness Now, and I have to say that I love participating. For one thing, because Alara’s energy is simultaneously so loving and so grounded—wow, is she ever great at her job! (I want to be like her when I grow up, truly: masterful, highly conscious AND grounded, while sharing the amazing gifts of other spiritual rock-stars in the world.)

Another reason is that she collects very interesting and powerful people around her (there are some 3 dozen experts this season), and always opens the calls up to questions. I love the audience participation, and the fact that I’m not the one who has to handle the mechanics of opening the line and masterfully reigning in questions that go on too long delights me.

If you signed up before, you’re likely already getting email announcements, but if not, I invite you to sign up here. All of the speakers have included free gifts, and they’re all unique and useful. If not, simply click here to register at no charge.

This year’s theme is living a prosperous life, and at this New Moon in Taurus, the combination couldn’t be more aligned. I hope to hear what came through for you live on the call, but if you’re busy at that hour, you’ll get access to the replay within an hour or so after the call is over.

Wishing you SO much joy, beauty, abundance, and pleasure at this very special New Moon which is so potent for planting the seeds of your desires. The very best time for setting intentions is as soon as possible after the New Moon (in other words right now) through Friday night except for about 20 minutes between 9 and 10 pm ET on Thursday.

What seeds of intention are YOU planting? I want to know! I haven’t got all mine finalized yet, but they have to do with a new way of living in ease-ful prosperity and re-setting the energy around my home and family life so that it is also full of joy and ease.

Own Your Magick,



P.S.: Enjoy this rich, nourishing energy! And Happy Beltane (more fertility festivals–yay) on Monday! Blessed Be.