The Money + Power Issue: Scorpio Full Moon

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Happy Scorpio Full Moon!

This energy was exact yesterday evening on the East Coast of the US, but it was so VERY intense that I was unable to get this update out to you!

I’ve been hearing from lots of people that issues of personal power—and how that entangles with money—is very much in the air these days. Guess what? I’m feeling it too. {Snort—that feels like the understatement of the year…}

Bear with me as I get political for a moment; I tend not to speak out on such matters, but when I do, I’m not prone to mincing words. Here goes:

On the socio-political plane, we’re seeing lots of shenanigans from King Donald, who seems to think that his firing of FBI Chief Comey at a time when Comey was asking for more resources to investigate Russian meddling in the election which brought Trump to power will go unnoticed, or at least that no one should call him on that vendetta-esque decision. This is such an outrageous abuse of power that even conservatives in the Congress are having a hard time overlooking it.

What does this have to do with money? Ummm… everything. In our patriarchal and capitalistic world—the one cannot exist without the other—we have seen over and over again that it is those with means (meaning plenty of cash on hand) that can buy influence in our political and justice systems.

Of course, I’m speaking here specifically of the United States, but it is more or less extrapolatable to some other countries as well.

The bright spot politically in the past week has been the election of Emmanuel Macron to the French presidency. At least this time, the nationalists (supported by Putin) did not win, and that’s a good thing for the harmony of the planet.

Of course, as with any election, not everyone is happy, but Macron’s emphasis on youthful renewal and maintaining ties with Europe is a refreshing gap in what had started to appear as a cascade of reactionary isolationism and hatred of outsiders after Brexit and the US election in 2016. Maybe humanity has been shaken up enough?? I somehow doubt it; still, a little break in the kneecapping is a relief.

I’m betting that you’re feeling the money-and-power thing personally, not just when you connect with news outlets. I’ll try to nutshell if for you here:

The Taurus New Moon of two weeks ago and yesterday’s Scorpio Full Moon have both been money oriented. Taurus is the second house of the zodiac, and rules personal resources, skills, and livelihood. It’s all about the money we make ourselves, and the comfort and stability we create for ourselves with it. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, and is ruled by Venus.

Scorpio is the eighth house of the zodiac and, like all signs in the second half of the astro year, is more focused on the collective. The intense energy of this Full Moon is about shared resources and power.

Scorpio is fixed water, traditionally ruled by Mars the warrior, and in modern times is ruled by Pluto: the omnipotent king/queen of the Underworld. Some say—and they’re not joking—that this sign rules the things we go into therapy over: sex and intimacy, death, taxes, feeling like a victim. On the plus side: Scorpio rules rebirth and MAGICK.

Scorpio is both emotional rigidity/hypersensitivity/stuckness AND the solution to that stuckness through hitting that death-and-rebirth reset button. The path to transformation lies in letting go, in surrendering to the emotions and to the forces that be.

If Taurus’ signifier is the contented bull lying in the shade wearing a crown of spring flowers, Scorpio has 3 different animal aspects. The first is the eponymous scorpion, whose lethal stinger can exact revenge when it is challenged (gee, I wonder why Trump fired Comey this week?).

At a higher level of evolution is the eagle who, unlike the earth-bound scorpion, soars over the landscape and sees the bigger picture. The highest level of Scorpio energy is represented by the Phoenix, that mythical creature who repeats the cycle of death-and-rebirth again and again, bursting into flames at the end of a term, to be born anew from its own ashes.

As you experience this Full Moon’s energy, which one of Scorpio’s aspects are you living out?

To be honest, yesterday morning I was fully in the pissed-off scorpion space, and yes, it was around money and power; it took me several hours to get more perspective. Since being angry is not how I typically show up, those around me who were part of the issue sat up and took notice. I didn’t actually use my stinger. No one died or got fired. However, I got it out to show a boundary they were about to cross.

Now, if you’re truly intent on shifting your relationship to personal power, I’d love to talk to you about my Legendary Self work.

I’ve always considered my work to be very powerful, but this is not even in the same league. That Phoenix thing? This is it.

If this is piquing your interest, and you’ve loved the posts on choosing your wings and other ways to step into your Mythic Self, I invite you to reach out. Just reply here.

I’ve had a lot of people say “Hell yeah!” recently when I asked if they wanted to get into alignment with their personal power.

And when it came right down to doing the work, for some of them that exuberant yes turned into an “actually, no, not at all.” That’s okay. I’m not attached to the outcome. There’s gold when we dig into why we were gung-ho all the way, and then suddenly retreat.

This work is life-changing, and it simply might not be the perfect time to do it.

But if it is—in other words, if you KNOW that you’re ready for a shift in how others see you and in how you see yourself, one that will change the way you operate in the world—I would love to support you.

One of my Legendary Self clients who went on to do the intensive “Being Mythic” program said that it felt to her as if she had never really breathed before doing this work. That’s the kind of magickal, profound coming-home-to-your-true-self process this is.

If you’re still reading, and if you think you’re ready to face what has kept you from being mythic so far in this lifetime, I invite you to sit down with me to discover together whether now is your time to be reborn as your Legendary Self, phoenix-style.

On a related note: I’m organizing a retreat in the North Georgia woods for June where we’ll be doing Mythic Self embodiment practice.

Picture yourself communing with the woodland spirits, playing a LOT (dressing up, doing finger and grown-up painting, puppets, storytelling), venturing out to find crystals at the local gold mine, and participating in daily mastermind-style group meetings where everyone gets a spotlight + we all have equal expert status in the room.

Would you like to do ritual together, eat and drink yummy things, take hikes, play in the water, and more?

If so, you know what to do.

Finally, here’s another opportunity for you to hear more about my Mythic work: an amazing interview with my good friend and colleague, Kerri Hummingbird, on her series called Soul Nectar. (Oh, doesn’t that just say it all? She had me at the series title!) It comes out live on Mother’s Day (this Sunday, y’all!) so sign up now if you’d like to join us. There’s no charge, and if you’re on the list by Sunday morning, she’ll send you a link to listen at your convenience.

Kerri’s team has put together a video preview which you can watch here: and then register at no cost to see the entire interview at

I hope you will let me know what you think! I always answer back, though it may be in timelessness. As a star seed, time doesn’t always seem relevant, though I do try to conform to human expectations.

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: Please register to watch the “Legendary Heroes and the Turning of the Ages” interview on the Soul Nectar show, and then, if it feels right, reach out for a conversation with me. I cannot wait to support you in spinning your not-enough story into gold: the stuff of legend!