Magick Afoot: What are you bringing into form?

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I wish you a Magickal Gemini New Moon!


There is so much to be thankful for at this New Moon, I can almost not tell you quickly enough!

Gemini is ruled by Mercury/Hermes, who is the Magician and Alchemist. Of course, quicksilver (mercury) was considered an alchemical element, and the adjectives “hermetic” and “mercurial” referred to the sealed and protected nature of the alchemical secrets, and the instantaneous way matter could shift its form under this process.

What we call “Magick” is created through focused intention and belief, which results in a shift in perception. The children’s story of the little engine who could—and who made it all the way up the mountain by repeating “I think I can, I think I can!”—is a prime example of this phenomenon, simple though it is. The impossible becomes possible when you trust and focus. Henry Ford hit the nail on the head when he said that whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Leveraging the power of the stars to assist us in our magickal or alchemical processes simply empowers them more. The best time to set intentions is of course as soon as possible after the New Moon is exact.

Well, as it happens, this Magick-infused lunar cycle kicks off at 3:44 pm EDT Thursday 25 May with a Supermoon! The moon is traveling closer to the Earth today than it will at any other time this year. Even though we cannot see it in the sky, its influence on us is massive, and it will light a fire under all of the intentions that we set right now, amplifying both the “good” and the “bad.” (The conscious or the unconscious intentions, that is.) The best time for doing this is starting at the New Moon and all the way through Friday.

Speaking of fire and its ability to catalyze, we have just entered a Grand Fire Trine. Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, and the North Node in Leo are all in the final degrees of the 3 fire signs, and are lighting up our wild desires for the future with incredible support. And because this is happening at the New Moon, this entire lunation (the next 4 weeks) will be under this influence. What flaming arrow carrying your dreams would you like to shoot into the heavens?

Now is the time. It’s all lining up.

You no doubt noticed that things turned around at the end of last week. On Thursday and Friday two planets emerged from retrograde shadows—Mercury and Venus. Venus had been under its Rx shadow since the end of January!! For most of the year we’ve been working on the inside to create the perfect upgraded landing pad or nest for material comforts, but Venus Rx often feels like all the money has been sucked out of the world. This, in turn, stresses relationships and cuts down on pleasure.

Well, that’s finally over. It’s time to get out your magick wand and start creating! Use your focused intention to create what you desire. Set your intentions today and walk through the Gemini (II) portal into a new reality.

If you have big dreams but haven’t been able to achieve them yet, I can assure you that it’s all on you.

{freeze frame!} If you just experienced that statement as heavy or triggering and went into anger over it (maybe you’re looking for the unsubscribe button right now!) that means that you’re responding to the world—at least at this moment in time—as a victim.

If you just experienced that statement as liberating, congratulations: you’re living in the present moment as a divine co-creator or co-creatrix. You realize that everything that is “holding you back” is actually your own creation, and was created to keep you safe.

It’s up to you to decide if “safe” (small, unknown, creating no ripples) is the vibrational frequency you want to live in. Other options include leader, alchemist, life artist, edge-walker, planetary-consciousness-shifter, mythic being… The beauty of this system is that we get to choose!

Are you choosing consciously, or simply letting your ego resistance choose for you?

Before moving at the beginning of the year, we lived on a property with woods at the back, and only an invisible fence so as not to ruin the natural beauty of the setting. I was blessed with many deer friends (hahaha) who would come and visit me often.

My little dogs, however, didn’t like the deer to wander onto the land they were charged with guarding. They would bark, lean forward, and even strain and shake at invisible leashes that were “holding them back” even to the point of coughing sometimes. They did this because they were convinced that there was an invisible barrier (the fence) right there that they couldn’t cross.

As it happened, it was all in their minds. The energetic barrier was actually about 100 feet/30 meters away from where they thought it was, and nothing could convince them to cross the line they themselves had invented.

Where have you decided your nec plus ultra invisible fence line is located? Are you sure there’s really one there?

You may honestly believe that there is a firm obstacle in your path, but that huge, impossible-to-circumvent-looking boulder is either pure illusion or one you made out of convincingly realistic papier-mâché. Just like the dogs and their “fence.”

In what ways would your life be different if your genius, your unique and sacred gifts, were no longer contained and hidden, like a genie in a bottle? In what ways would the world be a better place? Is it really fair to deprive the rest of us of your brilliance?

At the Gemini New Moon, isn’t it about time to bite the heads off of your excuses?

Isn’t it time to alchemize your leaden fears and limiting beliefs into the gold of connection, abundance, and the satisfaction that comes from being a true gift to humanity?

If you agree, let’s do some serious magick together. Just reply here with what the fiery arrow of your wildest dreams looks like–what you are calling into form–and let’s get cooking.

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: About a year ago, a young man who had heard about my work from one of my dearest and most consistent patrons asked me in an awed voice (it was so adorable): “Are you a MAGICK coach?” I hadn’t been promoting myself that way, but the label seemed to fit.

I’m assisting my private “Being Mythic” evolutionaries to do some pretty amazing things in the world—stepping through all of the obstacles that they have carefully and lovingly placed in their way, into a new dimension where life is more vivid and everything is easier and more fun. Even the Legendary Self Exploration participants drop their jaws at the ease with which the shifts occur, and that’s just a one-off. If you want a taste of some of this magick, let’s find a time to talk.