Tips for Shining Brightly at the Solstice

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I wish you a Brilliant Solstice, be it Summer or Winter in your neck of the world!

In the northern hemisphere tomorrow (tonight in some regions) is the Summer Solstice. This is like the Full Moon of the year: brightest illumination and maximum manifestation powers.

(If you live on the other side of the equator from me, this is like your New Moon, the perfect time for planting seeds for the coming cycle; the following information is useful for you as well, as you consider the intentions you want to empower this year.)

If you’re following me, I know you’ll want to take full advantage of this High Holy Day.

Here are some suggestions for you at the Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice see below):

  • Let people SEE you! Not in your every-day disguise, but as you truly are! On this Full Illumination day, I encourage you to forget all of the self-editing strategies that we all use every day to avoid being judged by others, and just Be Who You Are.
  • Have FUN! In our current calendars, the Summer Solstice is considered the first day summer, but a few hundred years ago, this was Mid-Summer. Time to frolic. This is peak pleasure time, whatever that means for you.
  • Go outside and greet the world with wonder and gratitude. Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair (I just heard “mane” for all you horse/unicorn/Pegasus types out there), the grass under your feet and celebrate life!

If today/tomorrow is your Winter Solstice:

  • Feel into who you are becoming, and consciously let go of who you have been but no longer want to be. This is THE time to release any victim consciousness that may have been lurking in the corners; also any limiting beliefs, habits, relationships that you’ve outgrown. This is important: the Universe cannot bring you what you desire until you clear space for it in your field!
  • Get cozy. This time of year was created for rest and nourishment, to gather resources for the next cycle. There is no such thing as “laziness” right now. Take a cue from our cousins the bears and allow yourself to snuggle in for a long winter’s nap.
  • Take time to take stock of the past year and celebrate all that you have accomplished, then celebrate the beginning of the new cycle born on this day. I suggest a simple ritual (light a candle to set sacred space) to seal in the gratitude and set in motion greater gifts in the coming cycle.


Whether you are at Summer or Winter Solstice, because we are all moving into Cancer (Sun at the Solstice, Mercury a few hours later, plus the Cancer New Moon is Friday), why not take full advantage of this energy and take a salt bath or swim in the ocean if you’re lucky enough to be by a beach. Release, release, release the emotions that have been weighing heavily for the past few months into the salty water…

Another thing I’d like to invite you to do is to join me for a lively call on how to awaken (to) your Legendary Self. It’s happening at 1 pm ET (10 am Pacific, 6 pm GMT) on Wednesday the Solstice and there’s no charge to attend. Just sign up here. And share this page with your friends:

Special thanks to all those who have already signed up!

I was recently asked what lights me up in my work. Helping clients to see how they are looking at themselves from the wrong side of the telescope (i.e., seeing themselves as smaller/less worthy than they actually are) and fixing that turns me on.

I love connecting people to their multi-dimensional Legendary Selves, that part of them that is not affected by any notions of “I can’t because …”

For some people the story is “because I don’t have the money.” (This is an easy out the ego chooses a lot. Believe me; I see it at least once per week. A similar one is “I don’t have the time,” though time and attention flows to what is most important to you. If you’re called to a Sacred Mission, can you allow yourself this excuse?)

For others, it’s “because people will judge me and then I’ll be alone and friendless. Everyone I love will turn their backs on me.” Powerful, and yet, typically not true, or at least not 100% true. Some people undoubtedly will judge you if you start creating a life for yourself that they’re envious of, but that’s more about them than it is about you.

For still others, it’s “no one will pay me if I charge what my magickal gifts are really worth.” My experience after working with hundreds of clients over the years is that when you’re good at what you do, the clients who really value you will still be happy (sometimes relieved) to pay you twice or more what you were charging before. The cheapskates will leave, of course, but if you can make as much income working half as long with fully aligned clients, isn’t that better than making yourself sick and tired for people who are taking advantage of you? It’s an alignment piece.

You see, all stories of not-enoughness are really stories of too-muchness. We learned to hide our greatest gifts and essential selves in order to be loved + accepted when we were little. Our Legendary Selves are waking up right now because the world needs some kick-ass Guardians of Light these days.

If anything you just read pinged, tickled, goosebumped you, poked you in the eye or piqued your interest, I hope you’ll join me for tomorrow’s call.

If you’re live on the line you can deepen with your questions. If you can’t be there synchronously but have questions, sign up now, before the live call, and send in your questions in reply to your registration confirmation. Easy-peasy.

We’ll even do a short meditation to connect you to your Legendary Self in a group setting, so even if you feel bound by your stories, this can act as a sharp edge to help you cut through your bindings. And there are special savings available for those who want to do the potent one-on-one work.

Finally, consider this. Diana of Themyscira (aka Wonder Woman) knew she was an Amazon Princess. That’s pretty bleeping amazing all by itself. But she didn’t know, until she really challenged herself, that she had awesome superpowers with which to save the world. Are you willing to let your latent superpowers—that precise thing that might save your slice of the world—lie dormant and undiscovered? Just sayin’.

Own Your Magick!

P.S.: It’s the Solstice, a moment in the year held as holy since time immemorial. How are you going to celebrate? I, for one, hope that you’ll join me on my special call about awakening (to) your Legendary Self. Hey, even Wonder Woman didn’t know she had superpowers at the beginning. She had to be pressured and challenged to bring them out.

Are you willing to let your superpowers lie dormant when the world so desperately needs them? I’m not charging a penny for this powerful call on a powerful day. Join me?

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