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Leo New Moon + Eclipse Season Blessings!

If you feel it’s been a while since you heard from me, you’re right! This summer has been so full of joy, learning, and magick that I have not taken the time to reach out in this way for a month! Rest assured, you’ve been in my heart this whole time.

Since my last missive at the Solstice, we’ve had a powerful New Moon in Cancer that brought so much juice to my intentions, about which I’ll share more below.

Then there was a truly potent Capricorn Full Moon that was conjunct Pluto while the Sun (always opposite the Moon when it is Full, of course) was conjunct Mars. That’s a lot of death-and-rebirth energy, even before you add the expansion fueled by Jupiter in Libra squaring all those planets. Whew!

I was away at my first Being Mythic retreat at the time. It was powerful to be held in all these energies by the mountains (we were nestled in a mini-valley), all the trees, the creek at the bottom of the hill, the ancestors (this was Cherokee land), and all of the woodland creatures, both mundane and multidimensional.

I’d love to hear back from you how you experienced that Moon. I’m betting there were significant steps taken in your spiritual leadership, and along the way you let go of old ideas that were no longer serving you. Am I right?

I’m writing to you today because spreading gratitude wider into the world feels like the appropriate thing to do at this juncture, AND because I am compelled to tell you that Eclipse Season starts today! Only such a potent set of events could pull me out of my Joy-Bubble and everything that is blossoming and buzzing internally.

Let me remind you that eclipse season starts with a New Moon and lasts 6 weeks, sometimes longer on those occasions where there are 3 eclipses in a row. This year it starts on the first of 2 Leo New Moons in the early morning of the 23rd, and includes an Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and the Great American Eclipse (total solar eclipse, and the only one in our LIFETIMES which will be visible from many places in the US) on the 21st. That Solar Eclipse is also the second of the Leo New Moons.

Eclipse season is a time of rapid-fire growth opportunities.

Think of each of the eclipses as a portal to a New You. Are you going to step through it, or turn away?

This set of eclipses is on the Aquarius-Leo axis, which is the Axis of LOVE. Aquarius (the humanitarian) gives Love, and Leo (the person in the spotlight) receives it.

As we enter eclipse season this weekend, I invite you to think about all the ways in which you give + receive Love. Are there places where you could open up more? This is where your personal energetic upgrade will occur if you do open up.

Also, since everything is energy and all energy is ultimately LOVE, I propose that these eclipse portals are about giving and receiving. Period.

I invite you to consider these questions:

Where do you have appropriate boundaries? In what circumstances do you allow yourself to be over-run? (Personally, I had to stop using Whatsapp because it was too distracting and made me feel like I had been run over.)

Where do you close yourself off? Do you allow yourself to adore but not BE adored? Is it hard for you to receive? Compliments paid and monetary payments in your business are energetically the same. Remember, you get to choose.

To what extent do you give yourself the nourishment that you need? Does your giving heart only extend to others and not include yourself?

Feel free to do some journaling on these questions over the next few days, and don’t forget to set some clear—and maybe even uncomfortably expansive or edgy—intentions for this first Leo New Moon on Sunday (today).

What can you allow yourself to create during this potent time? Be bold like the lion. There is so much fiery energy afoot that if you set aligned intentions, take some action and then trust (key final step), there is almost nothing that you cannot create right now. We’re talking “wildest dreams” material.

The best time to ritualize your intention-setting starts at the New Moon: 5:46 am EDT on Sunday the 23rd, all the way through into the early hours of the 25th in that time zone.

You can bet that my intentions are going to be of the quantum-leap variety, as befits the eclipse-season energy. And also because for the last 2 months my intention-magick has been on fire!!

The Balsamic Moon (the day or 2 before the New Moon) is the perfect time to digest the previous lunation’s gifts with gratitude before planting the seeds of intention for the next cycle beginning at the dark of the moon. Here are the things that I’m grateful for.

In June I stepped into a new way of doing business: one of even deeper trust in my guidance, and not letting the objections or resistance from my logic-brain get in the way. Ka-BOOM! What a crazy level of magnetism has that brought!

It all has to do with following the intuitive advice I got about opening a Rainbow Alchemy Circle. The last time I dragged my feet about following intuitive business advice—about birthing the Being Mythic program in November—I got into a massive accident wherein my car was totaled and my back was seriously messed up, so I wasn’t about to do that again. This time I knew better.

I allowed all the information—sometimes channeled via mentors and colleagues, sometimes coming through my Faerie Tree or landing as brilliant thought-forms—to be whole and unadulterated by my mind. I was told when to start (within a few weeks, which seemed an impossibly short amount of time) how many women (7 + me), how long (9 months—too long, I thought) and how much to charge (seriously about 3 to 4 times as much as I was thinking might be possible). My Faerie Tree gave me the names of those to invite, and despite my resistance to a lot of those names, I did. Within a week of getting over my resistance and inviting people, I had filled it.

The point of the Circle was to decisively activate one’s personal Magick, in the alchemical context of the group. Our first ritual involved setting intentions for the 9-month journey, and I have to say that so many of mine have already manifested, in just the first month!

These include: finally getting a car to replace the one that was destroyed in November. This is huge! I thought I was still a few months out. The freedom it supplies is delectable.

Seeing more friends in person more often. A week after setting this intention I was able to buy a ticket to BeaverCon in Canada, hosted by great friends of mine + where I got to meet new amazing friends.

Doing more retreats. My first Being Mythic retreat was already on the books for early July, but I hadn’t done any since 2013. At BeaverCon I was told to do more, because of the way I create a kind of alternate Universe for my clients, especially suited to retreats and big shifts.

The day after I got back from the first retreat, I was inspired to look for a château for a Legendary Women: Joan of Arc and Eleanor of Aquitaine trip in France in the spring and I found the perfect one!! Getting that on the books right now. And if you’ve done the Legendary Self Exploration, be on the lookout for an email invitation to join us in September in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a Legendary Evolution retreat, exclusively available to those who have done the Legendary Self.

Helping more people step into their Legendary Selves, for the betterment of the world and their own lives. BeaverCon to the rescue: there I reconnected with Dr. Nadia Brown, and I hired her as my Director of Client Relations. In case you don’t know (!) I’m a totally non-linear thinker. This is my brilliance! And also my downfall, as I can easily let things fall through the cracks as I go off flying loop-de-loops on ethereal star-power.

Nadia’s eagle eye will make sure all the dots and crosses happen where and when they should. If you’ve done private work with me or participated in any of my programs, you’ll likely be hearing from her soon. If you can’t wait, you can reach her at . Hooray for Nadia, receiving help, and getting things done!

Relaxing into intimacy was another of my 9-month intentions, and that’s already underway. I’m surprised it happened right in the middle of an intense rape-anniversary period. Wow.

Publishing more books was another seed I planted at the opening of the Rainbow Alchemy Circle. (Actually, I had forgotten about this one until I just checked my journal to make sure I had everything, and found this.) Seemingly out of the blue, someone now living at my old Kansas address asked if I had ordered a textbook and had it sent to the wrong address.

I couldn’t think of what it was, until I recalled that close to a year ago, I gave permission to republish an article I wrote nearly 18 years ago in a volume of Twentieth Century Literary Criticism. It turns out they sent it to the old address! I received the book last week.

So, there it is. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I trust that my filling in details of the magick I’ve been able to create lately will inspire you to set some rockstar intentions for yourself at this so-potent New Moon.

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: I always do want to hear back from you. Let me know what heights the Solstice took you to (or what seeds you planted if in the Southern Hemisphere). How did you experience that whopper of a Full Moon? What kinds of intentions are you setting at the start of this eclipse season?

If you’re ready to grow your wings back and FLY this eclipse season, you can reply here or reach straight out to Nadia and we’ll get you sorted.