What to do when the world is on fire (Charlottesville)

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First of all, let me say that I’ve been trying to write this message for days now, and it’s been hard because at first there were no words. None. What follows is my response to the events in Charlottesville over the weekend, and my suggestions for moving forward:

This week in the United States, we have seen so much shadow, right up in our faces. A very human response to hatred is to hate right back. We have been taught that if someone hits you, you need to hit back. And yet…

The only thing that can heal hatred is Love.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” It was true then, and it remains true now.

In the US, we are now seeing our collective shadow (driven underground 50 years ago by the victories of the Civil Rights movement) boil over. It’s chilling. AND, it’s also an opportunity for healing.

It’s not a coincidence that Charlottesville happened 5 days after the South Node Aquarius Lunar Eclipse.

The South Node points to the old way of doing and thinking, represents the easy, ingrained, default settings, and often calls forth shadow expressions. Find out more about last week’s Lunar Eclipse here in this no-opt-in channeling.

Next Monday’s North Node Total Solar Eclipse in Leo will be pointing us—calling us—onto the path of our highest evolutionary trajectory. And, because it will be visible across the entire continental US, this same area is where the eclipse effects will be felt the most. I trust that this will be a good thing.

As someone who regularly consults the Akashic Records on what’s going on in the world and why, I did a channeling last November about the Trump election. You can find it here.

It was about healing collective shadow and at the same time, hastening the fall of the moldy Patriarchal structures—hierarchy (there’s no supremacy without hierarchy), separation, fear of the Other–that we’ve all grown up with.

Patriarchal structures and hierarchical thinking are so much a part of the way we conceive of the very nature of human experience that most of us cannot see it at all, much like the fish who doesn’t know it’s in water simply because it cannot imagine a world without water.

In other words: at November’s election, our collective—on a soul level—chose to rip the band-aid off in one fell swoop rather than try to ease it off hair by painful hair. To concentrate the pain so that it would be over faster. Well, here we are. And damn is it painful! (Alas, I also don’t feel that it’s over.)

I’ve been saying for months that we, the Light-working community, need to take a stand FOR what we believe in. To stand up in our Light Armor as Champions of Love. To form a Wall of Light defending the ideals of Justice, Peace, Equality, and Resources for All. (Remember that post on choosing your wings?)

THIS is why I was called to bring forth the Legendary Self Exploration—set yourself on your Legendary Path in just 2 hours—and the Being Mythic program: so that we could all stop hiding, editing, or apologizing for our sacred gifts that we were BORN TO BRING to the healing of the world at this time.

This is it, Beloved. More than ever, we are the ones, and now is the moment, we’ve been waiting for.

If you want to step onto your Legendary path right now, during Eclipse Season (helping make the transition more instantaneous) I have 3 openings next week. Nadia can give you all the details.

I’ve also created (co-created really; everything I do is co-created these days because of course nothing else works!) a Legendary Self Retreat at the Equinox.

The purpose of this retreat is two-fold: to help Warriors of Light such as yourself really step into that place of knowing who you are and how to move forward, and also to offer a kind of sacred pause in which to re-source, play (in my Mythic world, play is very serious business, because it unlocks hidden wisdom and powers), get grounded, connect with a wider network of Guides, and rediscover the purity and beauty of the world in the pristine Blue Ridge mountains of North Georgia.

Come to the forest with me to play, laugh, sit in wonder, and scheme how to make the world a better place.

I’m hosting a call (no opt-in, so no charge of course) this Thursday 17 August at 3 pm Eastern, noon Pacific, 8 pm GMT all about it. Come to ask your questions, and hear why getting away–from news, social media and even our families–is so important to really honing and owning one’s Legendary or Mythic Self. Or you might find that I talk a lot about the politics of the world today. Or anything relating to the need for Legendary Heroes to take a stand for Truth, Justice, Love + Light in the world.

Join us for the live call on Thursday by dialing in to 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199#. You can also join the webcast—live or as a reply—here: https://iTeleseminar.com/100628292

My original intention for this retreat was to exclusively invite those who had completed the Legendary Self work with me, but after this past week that no longer felt right. Anyone who wants to up her game (fyi: this retreat is women-only) is invited to join us. I am the Gate Guardian for this work, but I won’t block anyone who is meant to be there. Inclusion is the name of the game.

For more information and to see some succulent photos, click here to be taken to the Retreat page:

Here’s an excerpt of my “why this retreat” from that page:


It’s been one helluva summer. Things are moving so quickly that it’s hard to keep track. It seems like everything is on fire!

Now, I’m doing as much as I can behind the scenes to shift the way consciousness is done on this planet by helping those who came here this time to stand up for Justice, Peace, Prosperity, and Right Use of Power, but sometimes you just need to



Hit the Pause Button.


For 3 days, set aside the needs of the world so that your own needs can be met and exceeded.

In order to keep doing our so-needed work in the world, we need to occasionally take a few breaths. Re-source with Nature. Listen to the wisdom of the trees and the sacred land, the whisperings of the wind.

At the High Holy Day of Equinox, call yourself back into balance. Laugh. Play. Free yourself from the judging eyes of the outside world, and simply live in flow.

This is also a chance–while the rest of the world is still on pause for you–to use the combined genius of Elizabeth and the group to re-shape the contours of your life or business.

Go to the retreat one way, and emerge changed. Evolved. Expanded. The new, more grounded, more magickal you. With new allies, new friends, new perspectives. A fresh sense of what’s possible AND how to do it.

We all need soul nourishment. Right now especially.

If you are experiencing Outrage Fatigue, I hope that–whether or not you decide to join me for this mythic reset-button–you take time away from the onslaught that the events of the world keep bringing to our doors (or inboxes) so that you are replenished enough to keep giving of your special essence to the world.”

Click here to learn more.



Finally, let me reiterate that in these moments when so much is in the balance, I encourage your sacred call to activism to be a standing FOR rather than a standing against. Standing FOR Love, FOR Justice, FOR Equality… this is the way to tip the planetary scales toward freedom and away from oppression. Answering hatred with hatred tips those scales toward more of the fearful energies: judgment, pain, greed, separation, stress, desire to control, hatred, and the closed mind/heart/fist.

And, please know that even if you pooh-pooh it, your single act of saying “hey, what’s going on here?” when you see oppression taking place makes a difference. When you take a grounded approach and sort out the truth from feelings of judgment and separation, there is always space for justice. Space for Light.

I keep having to remind myself that the haters–especially the loud and the violent ones—hate themselves most of all, and that the way to heal them—and our world, is through compassion, not judgment. We have all done things for which we judge ourselves (some of us even judge ourselves for self-judgment!), so in order to tip those planetary scales, I am calling for throwing blankets of compassion over the flames of hatred, and not more accelerant. Seeing another as less than fully human is exactly what the haters do. Please don’t let yourself or those you love be drawn into the self-begetting snare of hatred.

Yes, speak out, but speak out in favor of Right Use of Power. Stand for those who have been and continue to be oppressed. Let your voice be heard calling for Connection over separation. Build bridges instead of burning them.

I don’t even know how.

I’m hearing that you do, though. If you get still and silent enough. This is where our power lies.

When we walk through the world as peace, it ripples out.

Be a conscious transmitter of Love waves.

I’m also being told to tell you to do your best to cool off. Take a cool salt bath. Take a dip in the pool or lake or ocean if you have one nearby. Cry.

At the same time, avoid heating yourself up: avoid TV news, any social media that connect you to passionate outcries (both the ones you agree with and the ones you don’t). Even avoid family, friends, or colleagues who take a hard line one way or another until you have worked through your own feelings enough not to get defensive and lash out.

We are the leaders of the new paradigm. The time for lashing is over.

Wishing you Peace, Ease, and Compassion during these turbulent times.

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: I hope you’ll join me for Thursday’s call about the Equinox retreat. I’ll undoubtedly have more to share about why we Love Warriors need to be standing up and “mustering” right now. More than ever. We start at 3 Eastern, and though I don’t expect it to be a long call (45 minutes?) I do tend to be verbose when it comes to subjects for which I have a passion.

Join the live call by dialing in to 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199#. You can also join the webcast—live or as a replay—here: https://iTeleseminar.com/100628292