Rethinking Leadership at the Total Solar Eclipse

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Happy Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse!

I am aware that I am far from the only person writing about this eclipse, and that your inbox is likely full of a dozen or more emails about it. Even those who are NOT on a New-Moon, Full-Moon rhythm, or those who never write about the Moon’s influence on us, are talking about this eclipse, and for good reason.

This eclipse has the power to change our lives. And this power is amplified if you live in the area of the world where the eclipse is visible, which is to say the Continental US.

Indeed, the Tibetans say that Lunar Eclipses (like the one we had 2 weeks ago) amplify intentions by 750 times; Solar Eclipses—like today’s—amplify intentions a million-fold.

So, what if you’re not intentionally (haha) setting intentions? No matter. With this degree of amplification, every thought you have is like a prayer sent to the heavens to be answered. I suggest lots of gratitude + laughter in your heart all day. Focus on what you Love. Focus on wholeness. Focus on peace + harmony.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Law of Attraction (where your thoughts have a profound effect on your reality), today is a good day to notice when you’re running stories about what you don’t want, and then cancel them, with gusto. Those can definitely be interpreted as intentions! Use today’s magickal magnification powers to bring in what you DO desire, not what you don’t.

There’s so much more to say about this Eclipse, but I’ll keep it to a minimum.

Eclipses are about shadow and Light. As a Lightworker (Love Warrior), I have spent many years ashamed of my shadow aspects. The more I thought they were getting in the way of who I truy was, the stronger they became! My last two years of intense priestess training have changed that. Now I know that loving the parts of me that I naturally want to hide (which then become unconscious) and deliberately making a place for them at what one could call my Wholeness Council table makes all the difference. Because this is where the gifts and treasures lay.

So in “light” of today’s magnification of intention, you might also want to consider the parts of you that you’d rather no one see (ironically, this is what people see first if you’re really keen no one know). Spend some time in stillness—make sure you’re in your body! It’s so easy to slip out when dealing with the less-than-pretty parts, as I well know—and let the part of you that you prefer to hide float to the surface. If you’re in resistance, simply allow yourself to truly feel that resistance, and it will melt away. Then welcome them with Love and invite them to spend some time in the Light.

In the interest of full disclosure, and so you know I’m playing fair, I’ll tell you that I have shadow around acknowledgment, which leads to the desire to please and is born from a sense of not-enoughness. You may have noticed that I encourage you to reply to my emails, right?

Also, as a smart person and a humdinger of an intuitive, I’m almost always right, even in my day-to-day life. I can tell you where the car keys are, or where the honey is in the kitchen if you can’t find them. I can correctly intuit consequences, and give impeccable advice. People pay me lots of money for this in a work context, so why not offer it at home?

Frankly, I’ve found that people hate this, even when they ask for my help. I want them to say “Yay! You’re right 99% of the time! How awesome is that for you and for me!” Instead I often get begrudging thanks if any at all, possibly because the people I’m close to secretly want me to be wrong a lot often more than I am. And so the cycle continues: I want to please, and they are less pleased because I’m such a good pleaser.

It’s hilarious! I used to find it tragic. Hooray for bringing shadow to light!

Today, I encourage you to do some work on bringing your own shadow to light, and loving it as if it were a hurt child. Offer it compassion. Kiss its boo-boos. Take it in your arms and give it the biggest hug ever.

That’s where some of your biggest gifts will lie—right in your shadow/blind spot.

Because of today’s Total Solar Eclipse, when even just a few of us start loving ourselves into wholeness, it will have a MASSIVE positive impact on the world at large. This kind of thing ripples out.

Just sayin’.

Eclipse season is also a portal—a wormhole—to a new you.

Enter it one way, and come out vastly different. This month it’s a portal to a new shiny authentic leader-self. Why not combine the transformational power of Eclipse season with the potency of my Legendary Self work? On its own, the Legendary Self Exploration brings your hidden powers to light, and reframes how you think you’ve been operating in the world, typically from a place of less-than, to a frequency of deep empowerment for yourself and the planet. Heal some of your most deeply-seated wounds in one fell swoop.

Amplify the return on investment by scheduling your session during Eclipse season. There are a few spots left. If you have questions to help your discern whether or not this is for you, please reply here. If you know you’re a yes (especially if you’ve worked with me before) you can go directly to Nadia, who will take care of getting you signed up and scheduled whether or not you talk to me first.

Yesterday I did a quick live channeling on today’s Total Solar Eclipse and Eclipse season in general. It’s shorter than most (about 30 minutes), as many of the season’s details were discussed in the Lunar Eclipse transmission available here.

*Please note that as I was channeling the Keepers yesterday, the human part of me wanted to soften a part about eclipse season being a time when more humans choose to transition from life to death than usual. I was aware, is it was coming out of my mouth, that it sounded kind of cold, even technical; heartless. For better or for worse, I cannot change the message, or even how it’s delivered. I heard from one of the live callers later that she was feeling very tender and upside-down because of what the Keepers had said. For those Light Beings, death seen as any kind of true ending is really just an illusion, like the end of a chapter in a book: the next chapter starts right away. If you are tender-hearted because of a loved one’s passing, you might consider skipping over the part where they speak of death and dying, at least for now.

Yesterday’s call’s big surprise for me was the discussion shifting the chakra system, specifically of moving your heart chakra “over” your solar plexus—a personal metaphor for the solar eclipse—in order to infuse all your action and willpower with Love. Find out more here. There’s no opt-in; this is just my gift. Please share it with your friends. Thank you.

This action of intentionally moving the heart (Divine Feminine) over the masculine so that they dance together is a perfect metaphor for what’s happening both in the heavens and on the planet right now. As above, so below.

This eclipse is an opportunity to quickly bring an end to move beyond the patriarchal culture we live in, the most extreme expression of which was the hatred and violence of the white supremacists in Charlottesville a week ago.

Total Solar Eclipses historically carry the meaning “The King Must Die,” because if the gods were so angry at a people that they would blot the Sun out of the sky entirely, they needed to make a sacrifice, and their representative was the king. If course, I am not at all suggesting that anyone assassinate world leaders (I shudder to think of all the blood already shed this week), but I am saying that our notion of absolute power, and who holds it, needs to be eclipsed.

We need to start thinking differently of who “gets to be” a leader. Under old (patriarchal) structures, leaders were chosen by other leaders, or possibly God, in the case of absolute monarchs ruling “by divine right.”

In this new age, we don’t have to wait passively to be tapped for leadership positions by other humans in positions of power. We get to choose to be leaders in our own right. Indeed, we ARE leaders when we act and speak in alignment with our authentic selves.

This is precisely what our second Leo New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse is asking of us. In what ways can we step into being okay with others watching and emulating us?

The eclipse is happening at 28 degrees of Leo (the King or Sovereign). Just a few short years ago, the fixed star Regulus—“the Heart of the Lion” because located at the center of the Leo constellation—moved from 29 Leo to zero Virgo. The eclipse taking place right on top of Regulus brings extra power and significance to this star.

Now, Regulus takes approximately one human lifetime to move a single degree. It requires over 2100 years to move through a single sign, and nearly 26 THOUSAND years to move through the entire zodiac. From our perspective here on Earth, Regulus moved into Leo before the time of Jesus. In fact, it’s what’s known as an Age.

As the heart of the Lion, Regulus governs sovereignty and leadership. In the age which is now drawing to a close—Regulus in Leo—a warped version of the masculine and what it meant to be a leader was in place. This patriarchal form of leadership was based on a hierarchical system in which those “above” had the right, and possibly even thought they had the duty, to oppress those “below” them.

Now Regulus has entered the one sign of the zodiac explicitly associated with women: Virgo. It did so in late November 2012, just a few weeks before the recognized turning of the Age on 12/21/12. I wrote a post about Regulus in Virgo and the rise of the Solar Feminine (masculine and feminine together as one) two years ago when Venus really activated Regulus. You can read that here

Remember: we’ll be feeling the effects of this eclipse for the next 6 months, and also the next 19 years. Make it a good one!

I’m off now to set my amplified intentions and be in ritual and meditation during the eclipse. My family is now in South Carolina to experience totality (they left at 5 this morning to avoid traffic for the record books.) Here in Atlanta we’re at 97% totality, so I’ll experience most of the shadow.

Wishing you all the magick and blessings of today and the months and years to come!

P.S.: If you missed the call on the Fall Equinox retreat last week, the replay is available here: Then, click here to be taken to the Retreat information page.

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