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Oh my gosh, there’s so much to talk about going on in the world right now, but I am consumed with Dragons. It feels like I’ve been elected a Dragon Spokesperson on Earth, and they’ve got a lot to say, so my own agenda be damned. I’ve actually been trying to write to you all for the last 10 days about other things, but they wouldn’t let anything else through. Blew up my hard drive again when I got close, even. So I surrender to their greater wisdom.

Why Partner with Dragons?

With any partnership, there is an exchange: one party brings something to the table that the other party doesn’t have, and as a result, both can move forward together whereas before the partnership, forward motion was impossible.

So why partner with dragons? Wisdom. Magick. Interdimensionality. Speedy Manifestaion. Freedom. Treasure-hunting. Alignment. Clarity. Easily getting what you want. These are just the top-of-my-head reasons. Helping Gaia to birth a new paradigm onto the planet and seeing the end of oppressive patriarchal structures are valid reasons too. Read on to see more.

Dragons are Masters of Alignment, Time-Lords, and Wisdom-keepers. They can see through masks (never be betrayed again), bring you what you want (clients, ideas, partnerships, healing, opportunities), and be a powerful force for personal freedom.

So, all this sounds great and very appealing, but why do dragons want to partner with US? If they’re so powerful, what can we—mere humans—bring to the table?

For one thing, we’re here, and as lightworkers, we have more power than the think. Dragons originally withdrew from Planet Earth because the Roman Church associated them (and all feminine mystery and magick) with Hell, and set well-meaning but completely misguided knights on quests to slay dragons..

This is one element of Dragon-kind’s “Bone to Pick”* with the Patriarchy. Others include the ways patriarchal structures have brought Planet Earth to be brink of destruction by taking her self-regulating systems offline (clear-cutting rainforests and treating oceans as garbage dumps), and creating oppressive systems throughout the planet which are even more out of alignment today than they were 2000 years ago when the dragons started to withdraw.

[*The dragons are emphasizing the expression “bone to pick” here. They are masters of wit and word-play, and so are asking you to consider all possible meanings of this expression in order to give you an Impression of how much they revile patriarchal systems and what they’d like to do with the founders, given the chance. The image I keep getting is using bones as a toothpick with relish after finishing off an opponent.]

In a word, Dragons want to come back to Planet Earth. They love her mountains and forests, lakes and oceans, caves, volcanoes, and crystals. They’re looking to partner with specific humans now because they’ve perceived a chink in the Patriarchal armor, and think it’s the perfect time to take action.

Who specifically do Dragons want to partner with? Check out their Want Ad:


Motivated Light-Worker who can flow easily between intuition and intellect, skilled at processing own emotions, good communicator, desiring personal and planetary evolution, bold, trusting, and surrendered, for team leadership position. Prefer applicants with a history of “disability” or other physical or emotional challenge, a quick wit, and desire to deepen alchemically. Elemental adepts particularly encouraged to apply. Rewards go beyond riches, and are re-negotiable as work progresses.

Those who are compelled purely by personal gain need not apply, unless they want to be our lunch.”


If this feels like YOU, then let’s talk. There are also a few live calls you can listen to, but Dragons are all about speedy manifestation, so you can listen to those once you’ve claimed a time on my scheduler. Let me reiterate that the urgency I’m feeling comes directly from the Dragons who want to start working with the right people yesterday.

The calls to listen to again—if you’re feeling more tepid than the Dragonfire heat that some are—can be found here and here. There’s no charge to attend, and you can download and listen as often as you like.

You’ll be hearing from me again soon, as I’m being hosted to Luci McMonagle’s Wealthy Wednesday show on the 15ht of November, and the links go live at noon Pacific. I’ll be sharing about tapping into your Mythic Self. We also talk about—what else?—partnering with Dragons, of course! Stay tuned!!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Email me here or simply find a time to talk on my calendar.


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