The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity + dissonant details awaiting harmonious resolution

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Happy Gemini Full Moon!

This is a Supermoon (the first of 3 which will culminate in a lunar eclipse/blue moon in late January) and the December Full Moon is traditionally called the Cold Moon, the Long-Night Moon, or the Moon Before Yule.

Here we are in the last month of the most amazing and perplexing year, 2017.

Honestly, though I often see things coming, I was taken aback by the intensity of this year. From the deft, Orwellian turning inside out of Truth (calling real news fake news and fake news real news) to the relentless onslaught of Earth events (wildfire after wildfire, hurricane after hurricane, earthquake after earthquake) to the ongoing fallout of the #metoo movement which has seen the fall from grace of many (formerly) well-loved public figures because of sexual harassment allegations, this year has felt like about 3 years all mashed into one.

We are the vanguard. We are the map-makers for those who come after us.

Today is the Gemini Full Moon, and, as unlikely as it feels to me, anyway, this is the final Full Moon of 2017. Yes, the next Full Moon will occur on New Year’s Day!

Right now, today, this weekend, is the perfect time to start reviewing this incredible and bewildering year. Digression alert!

(Word nerd interjection: I’m loving the word bewildering in describing 2017. The etymology is this: be- as a prefix means utterly or thoroughly, as in bedazzle or bedeck; and -wilder is likely a back-formation from wilderness, meaning to be led astray or lured into the wilds where you are completely lost.)

It’s true that where we are now and where we’re going, there are no signposts. We are the pioneers, fraying a new trail every day. We are now outside all known territories, and have to grow comfortable with discomfort in order to survive and thrive.

We are the vanguard. We are the map-makers for those who come after us.

Like those American “Manifest Destiny” pioneers in the 19th century crawling West in their Conestogas, we are heading into a period of deciding day by day what to keep and what to let go of. Pioneers of old had to make heartbreaking choices, like leaving an heirloom piano trail-side because its weight is overtaxing the oxen, or having to chase off the beloved family pet because there’s no food for the children. We’re not there yet—it’s still early days—but the sooner we can let go of the heirloom pianos in our lives, the better chance we’ll have of never having to make the really tough choices.

So, why is today the perfect time to start reviewing this year and sorting through what to keep and what to let go of? There is a handful of aligned-star reasons, and of course everyone on the planet experiences their influence to one degree or another.

Just before the Full Moon, Mercury stationed retrograde for the next 3 weeks, meaning that it looks to us Earthlings as though it stood still in the sky before moving backwards. The weeks of a Mercury Rx period are always a good time to apply the re- words like review, revise, reflect, reconsider, reconfirm, retool, rewind, revamp, repose, regroup, recycle, retrace, rekindle, readjust, resurrect, and retrofit.

Mercury retrograde periods are a time to slow way down and when moving forward, to do so carefully (applying those re-words).

Because Mercury Rx periods tend to be marked by miscommunication, tech failures and travel snafus, it’s easy to fall into thinking “oh, no! I have to travel for the holidays and have tons of important projects and communications to complete at my work before the end of the year!” but nothing in the multiverse can make you a victim unless you choose to be.

I will be choosing to see the next 3 weeks as a time of respite, to rest, to restructure, to reconsider how I’ll be moving forward in the new year, and to revisit how my life and business (same same) have been since mid-2014.

Why 2014? It’s a Saturn thing. Saturn happened to be at the exact spot in the sky where Mercury “stood still” a few days ago, and it will station direct (the official end of Merc Rx) as Saturn is moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn

This is a Big Deal, both because Saturn has been in Sag since mid-September of 2014—rather a long time in our human lives, on the whole—and because Capricorn is Saturn’s home sign, where it will be particularly strong.

It’s been a quarter century since Saturn has been home, so get ready for some serious manifestation magic starting at the Solstice later this month!

So, Mercury is going retrograde right at a period of time when it benefits us to do some reflecting. Yay! I love noticing how things always work out for the best when you take the time to look.

Here’s a lovely quote from quantum physicist and string theorist Brian Greene that completely applies to the times we are in right now:

“The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity is what inspires otherwise ordinary men and women to extraordinary feats of ingenuity and creativity; nothing quite focuses the mind like dissonant details awaiting harmonious resolution.”

I love the natural assumption that dissonant details are looking for a way to reach harmonious resolution!

The discomfort that we are currently sitting in will help us to come to clarity about what to manifest while Saturn travels through its home sign for the next 3 years.

If you’re staring down some dissonant details right now, I have something brand new to offer you: I’m calling them the “Get Out of Your Own Way” Clearing/Reconnecting sessions, because of course all blocks we perceive in our lives are actually old boundaries we set up to protect ourselves as kids.

We are all divine Beings of Light who are unconditionally loved by that Multiverse Mr. Greene teaches about, but in our human experience we tend to forget that we are loved beyond measure. The other side of that coin–being powerful beyond measure—is what inspired us to set up those protective boundaries as wise Young Ones.

“Ack! What if people find out about the potency of my divine gifts?! I’ll never be able to hide and relax then. What if people discover that I’m a natural-born leader? No more Saturdays to myself if that happens! I’d better put up these boundaries around me to keep me safe and hidden.”

Except that now, as a wise Mature One, you’re feeling these walls, erected to protect you from having to deal with the outside world, are now preventing you from being of service to the outside world! Oops.

That’s where I come in. Just set up a short session and we’ll work to re-frame (and thus dissolve) whatever areas of discomfort you’re currently experiencing. And of course, this comes with the territory of not knowing the territory!

We are the vanguard. We are the map-makers for those who come after us.

You can review the details and reflect on whether this is for you here. It is a most potent exercise to experience during a Mercury Retrograde period, but my plan is to keep this offer available for the long term. Because we’re the map-makers, and there’s unlikely to be a comfortable destination any time soon.

So let’s enjoy the journey and leave those heavy things we inherited and have been dragging around with us by the trail-side early. We’ll let those who come behind discover these lovely pianos and delight in making their own music with them as they stop to rest before continuing on to the New Consciousness. (Manifest Destiny!)

If you’re feeling the discomforts of perplexity or dissonant details, let’s put our heads together and see if we can find a harmonious resolution! Go here to check our my reconnecting your to your truth and the bounty of Source session, OR, if that’s not for you, let’s set up a time to talk.

Gemini Full Moon blessings upon you!

Always remember to Own Your Magick,

P.S.: If you’re a long-term follower, you may have been surprised that I didn’t send out anything to acknowledge Gratitude (a favorite subject and TOOL for instantaneously pulling me out of victim energy) at the US Thanksgiving 10 days ago. That’s because my 11-year-old was having an emergency appendectomy at right about dinner time on Thanksgiving Day.

Talk about discomforts of perplexity—the doctors kept waffling about whether or not it was actually her appendix (she had pain everywhere BUT the appendix area) and after several tests the jury was still out. When they finally did the surgery “just in case” they discovered her appendix was gangrenous!

These were truly “dissonant details awaiting harmonious resolution.” She’s all better now and reported that the stitches on one of her 3 small incisions dissolved yesterday as she as attending the Holiday Parade here in Atlanta.

Thank you again if you were one of those on FB wishing her well and sending healing vibes. I’ve been giving thanks since Thanksgiving for her narrowly-averted brush with death.

P.P.S.: Don’t forget to check out my brand new bite-sized offering and to reach out if you’re in need of assistance.

I always love hearing from you! Xoxo