This Most Mighty of Thresholds (Solstice)

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Just a quick message to wish you a most Glorious and Peaceful Solstice

This is a High Holy Day celebrating a kind of acupressure point in the Wheel of the Year. In the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the still point, a pause between the previous cycle and the new one. In spite of the busyness of the season, my wish for you is that you may experience the stillness and let it be a space of respite.

Today we celebrate the Return of the Light, as until the Summer Solstice, each day the Sun will be showering us with its blessings more and more each day.

Winter Solstice is also a time to set intentions for the coming year; it’s the “New Moon” of the year.

Today’s Solstice is considerably more potent even than in most years, thanks to Monday’s New Moon in Sag conjunct Venus, Saturn, and the Galactic Center of our Milky Way, a huge black hole constantly creating and uncreating our corner of space. AND because earlier today, Saturn moved FROM Sagittarius into its home sign of Capricorn, where it will be for the next three years. As you’re setting your intentions from now until the Winter Solstice of 2018, you can also add some regarding the 3-year tour of Saturn in Capricorn. (Psst–Capricorn is all about your business or professional life.)

If you missed it, I did a no-charge, no-opt-in transmission on this yesterday and WOW! I got a lot of responses. People loved the idea that this transit will “blow up” what got initiated during late 2009-2012, meaning both that these things could either get much bigger in a next-level kind of way, or (if no longer aligned) simply implode so that something more suited to you can come in. People also loved the emphasis on freedom that the Keepers mentioned this transit heralds, because we can build what we desire.

In fact, these next 3 years will be years of pure creation, and everything we choose (whether or not we realize we’re choosing) will be dropped into the cement mixer that our chosen reality comes from.

Yes, there was an emphasis placed on the fact that in every moment we are free to choose, and even if we stubbornly (or out of distraction or resistance) refuse to choose, that too is a choice! (And not the most empowered one in most cases, though I’m hearing as I write this that on occasion, not letting your ego choose does leave room for your intuition and guidance team to take over.)

Saturn is associated with the Crown Chakra, and so these next three years are our opportunity to claim our Sovereign crowns—to be the authority (or the authors) of our own lives.

Finally, in answer to a question about how Saturn might be different this time around, and I was noting that we probably don’t know what a Post-Patriarchal Saturn looks like (there was some fogginess there for a moment) the Keepers broke in and said “actually, we CAN tell you!” So—yay! It felt super-yummy, so you’ll definitely want to listen and share. Click here to be taken straight to the downloadable replay:

Listen in for best practices for the next 3 years. They could be painful or not—it’s up to you. It’s all about staying present, centered in your Truth (following your rules) and making soul-aligned choices in every moment, including with your thoughts, words, and feelings in addition to actual actions.

I always hearing back from listeners what their take-aways were. So please don’t be shy about replying to this email.

At this most mighty of thresholds—New Moon, new annual cycle, new expression and ultimate rebirth of Saturn, and shortly, new calendar year—my wish for you and for us all is that the coming days, months, and years are filled with Peace, Understanding, Beauty, Justice, Love, and a good dear of Humor!

Own Your Magick as you Celebrate!

P.S.: This is the perfect time to discover and work with your Legendary Self—to re-write the story of who you are, not as you’ve experienced yourself up to now, but as a true and rare gift to your community and the world at large. If you want to hear more about how we could work together to bring that about, simply set up an appointment here and claim your wings.

P.P.S.: If you’re finding this missive a little too Northern-Hemisphere-centric, please note that while you’re experiencing the full heat (in all senses) and illumination of the Summer Solstice below the Equator, you’re still at 3 out of 4 of these thresholds. You’re definitely not being left out. Enjoy the snowy scene above—of my backyard in rarely-snow “Hotlanta” two weeks ago—and may it cool you off and remind you that you can always find a still point inside you if you so choose.